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Top & Best Cycling shorts Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Cycling shorts: What’s the best in 2022?

If you practice cycling, regardless of the category, you know that one of the most important accessories is shorts. The cycling shorts, besides being responsible for offering more comfort, avoid problems such as diaper rash and blisters.

But if you are in doubt as to how to choose the best cyclist shorts, we will show you which are the best on the market and what to take into account to buy the ideal one for you.

First, the most important

  • Cycling shorts play an important role in the athlete’s comfort and protection.
  • This piece prevents from sunburn to friction injuries.
  • To ensure the efficiency of cycling shorts, you need to buy the right size and length, in addition to choosing the lining well.

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Buying Guide

Whether you are an amateur or professional cyclist, shorts designed specifically for this type of sport are an indispensable accessory.

But as there are different brands and models, you need to understand how cyclist shorts work and can help you with short, medium or long distances. And that is what we are going to deal with in this Buying Guide.


What are the characteristics of cycling shorts?

Cyclists spend hours on the bike, whether in amateur, speed or mountain biking. So it is normal for them to feel pain and even get hurt.

This is mainly due to the constant contact between the rider’s buttocks and legs with the bike’s saddle.

Therefore, the main protection between the cyclist and the bicycle seat is cycling shorts. This piece is the one that has more specific details both to protect the rider, and to generate more comfort when cycling.



Cycling shorts usually have special lining and fabrics, which offer cushioning, elasticity, comfort and an anatomically perfect fit.

In addition, some models have technology that protects from sunlight and the proliferation of bacteria.

What is the importance of shorts for cycling?

According to the experts, it is practically impossible to practice intense cycling without the use of cycling shorts.

The fact is that, when well chosen, cycling shorts help improve blood circulation and the sensation of numbness in the athlete.


Cycling shorts improve cyclist performance.

In addition, this garment reduces muscle fatigue. Consequently, the cycling shorts improves the cyclist’s performance.

Due to its characteristics, the cycling shorts also allows for the elimination of sweat and a quick drying, which is necessary mainly for long rides and in the hot sun.

Not to mention that the shorts are able to absorb the impacts that occur to the cyclist on the saddle and this helps to reduce pain and bigger problems.

But for you to understand more deeply the importance of shorts for cyclists, we highlight the following 3 reasons for you to buy yours today:

  • Absorbs impacts : While gloves and sneakers protect hands and feet, the lining of the shorts will absorb impacts in the gluteal region;
  • Prevents diaper rash : The fabric of cycling shorts adapts to the body and does not slide, thus preventing diaper rash;
  • Eliminates moisture : In general, the fabric of cycling shorts has technology that prevents the lining from being soaked by sweat.

Should cycling shorts be worn by professionals only?

In fact, cycling shorts are indispensable for professional athletes. But, because of its effects on the health and safety of those on the bike, it can and should be used by other types of cyclists.

In general, cycling shorts are recommended for all cyclists who cycle frequently, whether on short, medium or long distances.

What is the difference between cycling shorts and bretelle?

If you’re looking for a cycling shorts, you’ve come across bretelle. Both are pieces created to favor the rider’s performance and generate the necessary comfort.

But the common points stop there. The bretelle has the design of a jumpsuit and, therefore, has straps that wrap around the shoulders. Because of this, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of bretelle is that the handles give more firmness to the piece, which adjusts to the body. With that, the lining that protects the glutes remains in place throughout the ride.



Did you know that in addition to choosing the right bike and the ideal cycling shorts, there are other essential accessories for cycling?

Cycling has specific accessories that help in the comfort, protection and performance of the athlete. They are: Pants, shorts, T-shirt, sock, sneaker, helmet, gloves and glasses.

In general, bretelle is indicated for high performance cyclists. However, it is common sense that putting on and taking off bretelle is more difficult compared to shorts, especially when going to the bathroom, and even more so if you are sweaty, due to the handles.

Cycling shorts, on the other hand, are practical and easy to put on and take off, since they do not have handles. But there are those who consider the shorts more glued and tightened to the body, which could cause discomfort in some people.

To summarize, we show below the main differences between cycling shorts and bretelle:

  Bermuda Bretelle
Benefits Easy to put on and take off The waist does not move during pedaling
Disadvantages Tightens more at the waist It takes time to put on and take off, and the handles can be annoying

Cycling shorts: What precautions should you take?

Because it is a special piece of clothing, with specific fabrics and technologies, cycling shorts require some care, both to use and to wash.

Next, we have selected the three main precautions you should take with your cycling shorts. Check out:

    • Underwear : Experts recommend that you do not wear either panties or underwear under your shorts. This is because sweat and rubbing of the pieces can accumulate bacteria harmful to the skin, in addition to causing diaper rash;
    • Wash : To wash the padded part of the cycling shorts, turn it inside out. If washing in the machine, choose the delicate mode;
    • Wear : It is natural for fabric and foam to wear out over time. When the fabric of the shorts is thin and the foam is breaking down, it’s another to buy a new cycling shorts.


How much does it cost and where to buy a cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts are on sale in sports, department stores and even hypermarkets, such as Lojas Americanas and Extra.

But the best brands and the widest range of prices will certainly be found in online stores like Amazon Brazil.

The price varies according to the brand, the type of fabric, lining and the technologies applied to the piece. Therefore, you will be able to choose cycling shorts that cost between R $ 50 and R $ 400.


Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Cycling Shorts

To choose and buy the best cycling shorts you need to evaluate some aspects that differentiate one model from another. Are they:

  • Female or male
  • Fabric
  • Gel or foam
  • Size and length
  • Seam

Next, you’ll find out how to take each of these criteria into account.

Female or male

The first step when buying cycling shorts is to know that there are male and female models.

The biggest difference between them is that the female cyclist’s shorts have an anatomy that benefits the woman’s body. The same goes for men’s cycling shorts.

For example, the padded part of women’s bike shorts is usually shorter in length and wider at the back.


Also take into account the fabric of the cycling shorts. The vast majority of cycling shorts are made with a combination of polyamide and elastane.

Together, these fabrics allow ideal compression and adjustment of the shorts on the rider’s body, in addition to helping in the exchange of heat with the environment.


In addition, not infrequently, the fabrics of cycling shorts have sun protection and even antibacterial treatments.

This type of treatment is ideal for those who perform a longer pedal, since they will stay with their clothes hot and humid for longer.

But you will also find cycling shorts made of lycra, polyester and non-slip fabrics. Therefore, it is important to note two aspects regarding the fabric of the cycling shorts:

  • Compression : Bermuda shorts with 20% or more of elastane in the composition favor blood circulation and help to reduce muscle fatigue;
  • Climate : Polyester is ideal for cycling in cold places, as it avoids the body’s thermal exchange with the environment. Polyamide is more suitable for hot environments, because it helps in the evaporation of sweat.

Gel or foam

Also note the type of lining of the cycling shorts, which is responsible for reducing the impact between your hips and the bike. You will find the lining of the shorts made of foam, gel or a mixture of the two materials.

According to the experts, the choice of material for the lining of the bike shorts will be defined according to the distance you travel with the bike.

The denser the lining material, the greater the impact absorption.

This is because the denser the lining material, the greater the impact absorption.

And this is ideal for those who train on long and intense courses. In this case, therefore, opt for cycling shorts with gel lining.

The foam lining is recommended for shorts used in less intense rides and with shorter routes.

Size and length

It is also important to consider the size of the cycling shorts, as a higher or lower number can cause diaper rash or discomfort.

In addition, the length of the shorts must also be considered. Choose the length taking into account your leg size.

Keep in mind that shorter length cycling shorts cause your legs to touch the saddle, which can cause skin irritation depending on your training time.


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March 18, 2022


Another important aspect that you must analyze when buying the best cycling shorts is the stitching of the piece.

Ideally, the seam should be placed side by side and not overlapping. In this way, the shorts will in fact prevent diaper rash in longer workouts and under strong sunlight.

Also, check the stitching that connects the quilting to the shorts. Consider whether they are thin or thick, and whether there are folds in the fabric that can become uncomfortable.



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