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Top & Best Curling iron Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Curling iron: Discover the best babyliss of 2022

your internet review site. To get curly hair without having to go to a salon, a curling iron can be of great help.

Practical and easy to use, the curlers heat the threads, allowing you to make different types of curls, depending on the thickness of the product.

Full of specific features and own technologies, it is natural to feel a little lost when choosing which babyliss model is right for your locks. To understand more about them, check out our review.

First, the most important

  • Experts recommend that there is an interval of at least a week between uses to prevent damage to hair.
  • Check the maximum temperature of the product, as it is recommended that it does not exceed 200 ºC to avoid burning the wires.
  • If the product is not protected, care must be taken in handling it so as not to cause scalp burns.

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Ranking: The 4 best curlers in the market

To get natural curls at home, much faster and whenever you need, check out our Ranking with some of the best babyliss models available on the market.


Buying Guide

With everyday life increasingly busy, it can sometimes be difficult to find some time to go to the salon. And when you have an unexpected appointment, it can be even more complicated.

Fortunately, with hair curlers you can achieve professional effects without leaving home, much more quickly and conveniently. Check out our Buying Guide to choose the best model and get amazing curls.

What is a curling iron?

The styler consists of a tube or board that heats up, allowing you to achieve curls, curls or even straighten your hair.

Although they have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the development of new technologies and the incorporation of new materials, such as ceramics, the first modern curling iron was invented in 1890, by Marcel Grateau.

Today you can find different types of curlers, which allow you to achieve specific effects and various curl thicknesses. They are also increasingly safe, preventing the risk of burns.

What are the different types of curling iron?

There are different types of curling iron. The most traditional are the manuals, which are cheaper and where you use a rotating movement to obtain curls.



You can find them in stores specializing in beauty articles, in department stores and even in hypermarket chains with sectors of electronic products.

But if you prefer to receive the product in the comfort of your home, you can also find them available on the internet. All models shown in this review can be found on Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider before buying a curling iron

To achieve beautiful and uniform curls with natural effect, the curling iron offers a series of benefits, as it is very practical and easy to use.

However, before choosing which model is right for you, it is necessary to observe some important criteria. In this section we have separated some topics that you should consider before making the purchase.

  • Modeling tube thickness
  • Temperature control
  • Conductive material
  • Voltage
  • Accessories

Carefully analyze each of these factors to change your look whenever you want without damaging your hair or risking burns to your scalp.

Modeling tube thickness

One of the main specifications that you should consider is the thickness of the styling tube, as it is responsible for the size of the curls you will get in your hair.

The tubes are measured in millimeters, and the smaller the thickness, the smaller and more closed the curls obtained will be. For a more natural and wavy effect, the tubes should be thicker.

Temperature control

Most modelers have different temperature levels and can be regulated through controls on the product cable, so you can achieve different effects.

In the case of models that do not have this control, it is important to observe the maximum temperature that it reaches. At temperatures above 200 ºC, the wires can end up being damaged and brittle.

Conductive material

To obtain the heat necessary to curl your hair, stylers are made using different types of conductive materials. The most common are metal or ceramic, which heat up quickly and maintain a constant temperature.

To offer even more protection and avoid damage to the wires, today it is also possible to find models that use teflon, tourmaline and even titanium, which make them much more resistant.


Curl shapers need energy conduction to warm up, so they need to be connected to an electrical network through an outlet. They can be found in 110 or 220 V models.

Currently, most modelers already have the natural bivolt function, which means that it works with both voltage networks without you having to configure it before use.



Some babyliss models have extra accessories, such as brushes that can be fitted to achieve more natural curly or wavy effects.

It is also possible to find models that have different types of tubes that can be attached to the base so that you can get more than one type of hairstyle.

To avoid burns during the process, some also come with specific gloves to protect their hands during use.


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