Top & Best Electrostimulation Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electrostimulation: How to choose the best model in 2022

The electrostimulator acts directly on the focus of muscle, arterial, bone or chronic disease pain, as it emits electrical pulses that block the sensation of pain, stimulate the release of endorphins and promote the sensation of relaxation.

By using an electrostimulator, you fight pain and discomfort without having to resort to the use of medications. Just select the desired stimulus and intensity. Are you interested? Read on and learn more about this accessory.

First, the most important

  • Through the electrode (s), the electrostimulator emits electrical pulses responsible for the contraction and relaxation of muscles, a movement that promotes cellular oxygenation, activation of blood circulation, release of toxins and pain relief.
  • Contrary to what many people think, the electrostimulator does not cause discomfort or leave spots on the body. This is not an invasive treatment and has no side effects, however, not everyone can use an electrostimulator.
  • The electrostimulator is a compact, lightweight and portable device. The settings include different stimuli and intensity levels. The device can offer one to four electrodes.

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The best electrostimulators: The experts’ recommendations

Many people live with muscle, bone, joint and chronic pain on a daily basis. To relieve discomfort and pain, you can use an electrostimulator. Meet some of the best models for sale in the ranking below:

  • The most complete electrostimulator
  • The best electrostimulator for athletes
  • A multifunctional electrostimulator
  • The best electrostimulator for professional use


Buying Guide

Many people resort to the use of medications and long-term medical treatments to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, as they do not know the benefits of the electrostimulator.

Before enjoying the benefits of the electrostimulator, learn more about the technology, mode of operation, indications and contraindications of the device in this Purchase Guide. Good reading!

What is an electrostimulator?

Electrotherapy consists of treating injuries and pain – muscle, bone, joint or chronic – by releasing a low intensity electrical current emitted by one or more electrodes.

Over the years, the electrostimulator was handled only by physical therapists in their offices and clinics. Nowadays, you find the electrostimulator for personal use, the ideal equipment for those who seek health, quality of life and want to prevent or treat all types of pain.



To take advantage of the benefits of the electrostimulator, it is necessary to carry out sessions of 20 to 50 minutes in duration with periodicity defined by your physiotherapist – treatment can be medium to long term.

The device can be easily configured and handled by the user, just follow the tips and recommendations that we will present throughout this Purchase Guide.

What are the benefits of the electrostimulator?

The electrostimulator uses Pain Relief technology that consists of releasing electrical pulses that interrupt the sending of pain messages to the brain, stimulating the body to relax and releasing endorphins, resulting in the relief of pain and tension.



Did you know that the electrostimulator releases an electric current in the painful area? Electric pulses act in muscle contraction and relaxation, stimulate blood circulation, cellular oxygenation and more.


The benefits include the muscles, joints, back, pelvic region affected by pain related to diseases or postpartum, regions affected by inflammatory diseases.

To enjoy the benefits of the electrostimulator, simply configure the device and attach the electrode (s) to the painful region. Find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the electrostimulator in the table below:


  • Relieves discomfort and pain from different sources
  • Adjustable settings according to the type and intensity of pain
  • This accessory is compact, extremely light
  • Has a rechargeable battery via USB cable
  • It is a relatively inexpensive device


  • Numerous contraindications
  • Should not be used by children
  • It is just a complement to medical treatment

How to use an electrostimulator?

Using an electrostimulator is quite simple. First, choose an anatomical or physiologically related area to the source of the pain.

Place the adhesive conductive gel on the electrodes after removing the film that accompanies the product. Attach the electrodes to the desired location, ensuring complete adhesion to the skin that must be clean and dry.

Press the on / off button, select the desired stimulation and adjust the rate – it varies according to the intensity of the pain. Choose from 10 to 15 levels of intensity and among the five available modes and take advantage of the positive effects of the treatment:


What pains are treated by the electrostimulator?

The electrostimulator can be used to combat various pains, such as those listed below:

    • Joint pain.
    • Muscle aches.
    • Headaches, face and ATM .
    • Pelvic pains such as menstrual cramps, endometriosis and postpartum discomfort.
    • Spine pains – including cervical and lumbar spine.
    • Pain related to fibromyalgia .
    • Post-operative pain.
    • Pain related to repetitive movements.
    • Tendonitis.
    • Bursites.


These are the main causes of pain treated by the electrostimulator. However, the equipment assists in the treatment and recovery of pain and discomfort related to other diseases and complications.

What are the aesthetic benefits related to the use of the electrostimulator?

The electrostimulator can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Among the main benefits, we can highlight muscle toning due to the movement of muscle contraction and relaxation that increases blood circulation.

The movement also helps to eliminate toxins and release fluid retention – eliminating localized fat and swelling. As a result, you see a reduction in cellulite and sagging.

To take advantage of these benefits, you must maintain a healthy diet, daily exercise routine and resort to complementary aesthetic treatments. We selected some articles related to the subject in the links below:


Are there any contraindications to the use of the electrostimulator?

Not everyone can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the electrostimulator. The device should never be used by people with severe heart disease, hypertension or pregnant women.

It should also not be used on open wounds, areas with diaper rash, swelling, redness, infection, inflammation or rash. This recommendation also applies to cancerous lesions.


Never place the electrostimulator over the carotid artery.

Ah, never place the electrostimulator on the carotid artery – the lateral region of the neck – as serious muscle spasms can occur that can result in the closing of the airways, changes in the heart rhythm or changes in blood pressure.

We also advise against using the electrostimulator on the chest, as the introduction of electrical current can cause disturbances in the heart rhythm, which can be fatal in some cases.

Never use the electrostimulator if you have a cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator or other electronic or metallic device implanted, as there is a risk of electrical interference, shock, burn or death.

It is important to note that electrostimulator therapy should not replace any medical or physical therapy treatment or be used to treat more serious injuries. The electrostimulator should be used as a complement to these treatments.

Other important recommendations:

  • Do not apply on the forehead .
  • Do not apply on the breasts .
  • Do not use the appliance while in the shower or bath.
  • Do not use while sleeping .
  • Do not use the electrostimulator in children , only with the release of the pediatrician.


Purchasing criteria: How to choose the best electrostimulator

Buying an electrostimulator is one of the smartest investments of the moment, as it promotes health, well-being and quality of life.

To make a conscious purchase, you must seek information on the subject, thinking about it, we select which characteristics you should analyze and compare to choose an electro stimulator compatible with your needs:

  • Electric current
  • Purpose of use
  • Brand
  • Anvisa and Inmetro approval

We will detail each of the topics mentioned above throughout this section. Any questions, leave a comment.

Electric current

The electrostimulator promotes sensory stimulation due to the release of electric waves through the electrode (s) connected to the equipment.

The Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro Stimulation (TENS) current consists of low-permanence electrical impulses, indicated to instigate nerve fibers and fight pain through sensory stimulation.

It is ideal for the symptomatic relief of pain from injuries or from chronic processes. The device is responsible for analgesia – pain relief – and stimulation of blood circulation.

It is indicated for muscle pain, contusions, pain caused by inflammatory or joint diseases, headaches, face, teeth and TMJ, post-operative discomfort, back, cervical, lumbar and chest pains.

The Functional Electrical Stimulation Current (FES) uses low frequency electrical impulses to cause a series of functional oscillations that fight musculoskeletal injuries.

This type of electric current acts to strengthen muscles, gain and maintain joint amplitude, fight contractures and soft tissues and control spasticity.

Although less common, you also find the electrostimulator that releases ultrasound waves. Ultrasound has a thermal and mechanical effect and acts in the healing and repair of injuries. A similar effect is promoted by the short wave electrostimulator.

Purpose of use

When used in the field of physiotherapy, the electrostimulator acts in strengthening and muscle recovery. It is also ideal for treating pain related to bones and joints, related or not to pathologies.

In aesthetic treatments, the electrostimulator serves to tone the muscles, reduce sagging, eliminate cellulite and localized fat. It is important to mention that these benefits are achieved along with a balanced diet and the practice of physical activity, the electrostimulator is just a complement.


You can find options for electrostimulators of different brands. The highlight is Compex , which has a line with eight models divided into two categories: Gama Sport and Gama Fitness.

Another option is the Omron electrotherapy massager . The equipment has five modes, 10 intensity levels and two electrodes and can be used in the treatment or massage modes.

The G-Tech electrostimulator has five modes, 15 intensity levels and a pair of interconnected conducting gels. This model is very similar to the Tenlax electrostimulator .

Anvisa and Inmetro approval

The electrostimulator is an accessory for therapeutic use, used as a complement in medical and physiotherapeutic treatments such as acupuncture, RPG, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Therefore, it is essential that the product is regulated by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA).

It is also important to check the release of the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO), which guarantees that the equipment is safe to use.

With Inmetro and Anvisa seals, check the factory warranty of at least 12 months – some brands even offer a two-year warranty.


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