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Top & Best Dryer with diffuser Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dryer with diffuser: How to choose the best in 2022

The diffuser dryer is not new on the market, as the accessory has been used for many years by the best hairdressers. Still, this tool is a bet on daily care, as the diffuser serves to dry, style, curl or texturize the hair, depending on the model chosen.

The accessory is ideal for women with wavy, curly or curly hair, but those with straight hair can also use it. Want to know more information about the tool that will serve as an ally in finishing hairstyles? Stay with us.

First, the most important

  • The dryer with diffuser is indicated for those who have wavy, curly or curly hair, no matter the length of the locks. The accessory can also be used to guarantee volume to straight and fine hair.
  • Depending on how it is used, the hair diffuser can leave hair with natural waves or perfect curls. To make your hair even more beautiful, use cosmetics to prepare or finish your hairstyle.
  • The diffuser is a hair dryer accessory, so it must be used in conjunction with this heat tool. The curl diffuser can be placed and removed whenever you want.

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The best diffuser dryers: Our buying suggestions

The hairdryer with diffuser is an essential tool for those who have wavy, curly or curly hair, as it helps to dry and shape the locks while preserving the health of fragile hair. We selected the best models of dryer with diffuser of the moment below:

  • The dryer with multifunctional diffuser
  • The best dryer with diffuser for personal use
  • The best dryer with diffuser for perfect curls
  • An ultramodern model


Buying Guide

Those who do not dispense with the use of the hairdryer to keep their hair tidy, cannot fail to visit the dryer with a diffuser. The accessory serves to dry and shape the locks easily.

Whether to reduce or increase the volume of locks, model straight, wavy, curly or curly hair, the dryer with diffuser takes care of the hair, as it preserves moisture, shine and softness. Want to know more about the tool? Read this Buying Guide.

What is a diffuser dryer and what are the advantages of this accessory?

The diffuser is a tool fitted to the air outlet of the hair dryer. The piece has a concave shape and some teeth that serve to hold the locks.

The diffuser serves to diffuse the jet of the dryer between the strands of hair, distribute the heat evenly and protect the locks from damage caused by the excess heat of the dryer. When using a curl diffuser, the wires will not come into direct contact with the hot jet of the appliance.

In addition, the dryer with diffuser provides quick drying and assists in finishing the hairstyle. You can curl, curl or texturize hair, depending on the curl diffuser model chosen.

The result is healthy hair, natural looking and less likely to fall apart. To know more advantages – and some disadvantages – of the dryer with diffuser, analyze the table below:



  • Protects locks from damage caused by the heat of the dryer
  • Helps to style hair
  • Increases the softness and shine of the hair
  • Reduces dryness and frizz
  • Provides natural result
  • Three types of cluster diffusers


  • Not all dryer models come with a diffuser
  • It takes practice to achieve good results

What are the types of curl diffuser?

Many women do not know, but there are different models of diffuser curls and each of them provides a different result.

The traditional curl diffuser is a compact model, simple to handle and that allows the drying and styling of hair strand by strand. This model values ​​the waves, defines the curls in different curves and texture the curly, no matter if the hair is short, medium or long.

The large curl diffuser is the best alternative for those who want to dry their hair quickly, as it allows a greater amount of hair to be placed inside it. It can be used by women with hair in different lengths, especially by those with short curls. It does not offer the same precision as the previous model.

Some models of hair diffuser resemble a comb and have tips in different sizes and thicknesses that serve to separate the strands of hair and provide even more volume. The larger the size of the pins, the less heat reaches the root and length of the wires.


“There are shallower diffusers and others with a deeper concavity and larger teeth. This allows you to dry and style more hair at a time, which speeds up the process without leaving efficiency aside.”

Finally, the curl diffuser “handy” has an unusual shape that simulates a hand “kneading” the curls. As the ends are thinner and the air flow is 360º, this diffuser allows the hair to dry from root to tip, either from top to bottom or from bottom to top. It is ideal for those who want more open and natural curls.

How to use the dryer with diffuser?

After washing, remove excess water from the hair with a towel. Untangle the locks with a wide-toothed comb or a racket brush and apply the thermal protector – never use the curl diffuser with tangled hair, as the strands can get caught in the accessory.

Divide the hair into strands and place each one inside the diffuser, use the appliance from the bottom up, that is, start drying the ends and go up to the hair root. Repeat the process until the hair is completely dry.

Remember to adjust the temperature and speed of the jet, as desired effect. We suggest the average temperature and speed.

Avoid leaving the appliance standing for too long in the same position or lock of hair so as not to dry it out or burn the locks. Finish with a cool spray to reduce frizz and provide intense shine.


Who should buy a dryer with diffuser?

Whoever has wavy, curly (regardless of curvature) or curly hair, should invest in a dryer with diffuser. Those who have very straight hair can also buy a dryer with diffuser to provide volume to the locks.

Regardless of the hair texture, bet on cosmetics that facilitate the modeling of hair such as ointment, mousse or curl activator (the product must be heat activated). Finish with a fixative spray or shine spray.


Does every hair dryer come with a curl diffuser?

No. A few years ago, most dryers – for domestic or professional use – came with a pair of nozzles and a pair of diffusers – in different sizes and shapes.

Currently, most devices come with only a directing nozzle, and it is necessary to buy the diffuser of curls separately. If you want to buy a dryer with diffuser, take a look at the ranking of best products at the beginning of the text.

Can the hair diffuser be purchased separately?

When purchasing a hairdryer you should receive a set with different nozzles as a diffuser for curls and nozzles in two sizes. If you do not find the complete set, you can purchase the hair diffuser separately.

At the time of purchase, observe the model, material, size and pattern. The diffuser can be suitable for a specific model and brand of dryer or of the “universal” type, that is, it can be used for any dryer device – as long as the dryer has a “universal” nozzle as well.



Purchase criteria: How to find the best dryer with diffuser of the moment

That the dryer with diffuser helps to dry and shape the curls, you already know. But why are there so many models available? And how to choose the ideal diffuser for your locks? Just follow some purchase criteria as described below:

  • Dryer specifications
  • Diffuser model
  • Diffuser characteristics
  • Material
  • Fitting

We will detail each of these criteria throughout the section. Questions or suggestions? Leave a comment below.

Dryer specifications

Those who want to vary their hairstyles should prioritize temperature regulation. While the warm jet helps to dry the hair without damaging it, the hot jet helps to style the locks and the cold jet helps to finish the hairstyle.

The power of the dryer also influences the styling result. You can find models with 1000W to 2500W. Although more powerful dryers are faster, you should take the thickness of the wire into account.

Those with thin hair should bet on a less powerful dryer and those with thick hair should bet on a more powerful dryer.

Some dryer models offer interesting technological features. Negative ions neutralize static electricity and close the hair cuticles. While the infrared rays hydrate and protect the wires from the inside out.

The ceramic coating on the dryer nozzle helps to dry the hair without removing its natural moisture. While the tourmaline coating gives shine to dull hair. The titanium coating helps eliminate bacteria and fungi, while preserving the health of the scalp.

Diffuser model

As mentioned in the section “What are the types of diffuser of curls”, you will find three models with different shapes, sizes and proposals. Compare them in the table below:

Diffuser characteristics

When purchasing a dryer with diffuser, you should note the following characteristics that change from one model to the other of curl diffuser:

  • Size and depth : Some models have a shell shape and others have a straight base. They can be small, medium or large.
  • Pins : Used to hold the locks. Some models have pins, others do not. The number of pins can be larger or smaller and these pins can be in different sizes and thicknesses.
  • Air outlet : Can be centralized or decentralized (consists of holes throughout the length of the part). Some models release steam.


You find the hair diffuser made of plastic, acrylic or silicone in different shades.

It is important to make sure that the hair diffuser is made of material of maximum quality, resistance and durability. The part must withstand high temperatures and residues of cosmetic products.


In addition to looking for the perfect hair diffuser for your locks, it is necessary to analyze an important detail, the fit in the nozzle of the dryer. You can find universal models, which can be connected to any device and others specific to certain models.

We recommend that you buy a hairdryer with a universal diffuser, so that you can use the accessory in the dryer at the gym, at the club, at the boyfriend’s house and during trips.



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