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Top & Best Professional hairdryer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Professional hairdryer: How to choose the best in 2022

If you are a hairdresser, you know the importance of investing in a professional hairdryer, don’t you? Choosing the right equipment will optimize the performance of your work.

But even if you are not a beauty professional, you can also invest in a professional hairdryer, as the equipment will help you achieve good results in considerably less time.

But before buying a professional model, you need to understand a little more about what you are buying. With that in mind, we have prepared this article with all the information you need to know about the product. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The professional hairdryer can feature the following technologies: ceramic, tourmaline, negative ions, infrared waves, LED and titanium / silver nanotechnology.
  • To be classified as a professional hair dryer, the equipment must have 2000 to 2600 watts of power. The device must also have temperature and speed control.
  • The professional hair dryer has a professional AC motor, which lasts up to 10 times longer than the DC motor of a personal dryer.

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Best professional hairdryers: Our favorites

To help you find a professional hairdryer, we have prepared a list of the best models for sale. We take into account the technical specifications of the equipment and the evaluations made by beauty professionals.

All the dryers presented below are well evaluated on the main websites and virtual search engines, they are products of national brands and imported in different price ranges.

  • Titanium Colors Taiff Dryer
  • Lumina Nano Tourmaline Ga.Ma Italy Dryer
  • Professional dryer 3800 Parlux
  • VIS Unique Taiff professional hairdryer


Buying Guide

If you are looking for a professional hairdryer, you must have noticed that there are numerous options available, with different technologies and features, responsible for the performance of the equipment.

But with so much variety, choosing the ideal model is more difficult. With this in mind, we have prepared this Buying Guide with relevant information about the professional hairdryer.

What are the characteristics of a professional hairdryer?

The professional hairdryer is manufactured with excellent quality materials, has a professional AC motor – which lasts up to 10 times longer than the motor of a common dryer – and high power.

High power promotes efficiency and halves the time spent drying or styling the wires. If you like to keep your hair always brushed, a professional hairdryer is an excellent investment.

Generally, the professional hair dryer has different styling nozzles (two concentrators in different sizes and a diffuser), which guarantee versatility to the equipment.

Professional hairdryer: What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Power: With power from 2000 to 2600W, the professional hair dryer reaches a high temperature that facilitates the execution of the styling brush and reduces the time of this procedure.

Temperature control: The professional hairdryer has temperature control, with three to six options suitable for different situations:

    • Cold air: Helps close cuticles, helps reduce frizz, promotes shine and softness. It also serves to finish brushes and hairstyles, as it helps to fix the shape acquired by the hair.
    • Warm air: Ideal for those who just want to dry their hair, because when the strands are wet they keep the cuticles open and excessive heat can damage the internal structure.
    • Hot air: This option is suitable for styling the hair, as the intense heat leaves the keratin molecules malleable allowing you to model the strands in different ways, just use a brush .
    • Extra hot air: The maximum heat level is indicated for those with thick, full strands. Use to style dry hair at least 10cm away from the lock.


Motor: Unlike ordinary models, the professional hair dryer has a professional AC motor with up to 10 times the durability of the DC motor of an ordinary dryer.

Build quality: The plastics used in manufacturing equipment are of excellent quality. Highlight for the material used in the coating of the handrest, which has thermal insulation.

Ease of cleaning: Another advantage of the professional hairdryer is the ease of cleaning, thanks to the removable back cover. Although it is a simple feature, the removable cover provides greater durability to the device.



Electric voltage (voltage): Because of the higher power, the professional hairdryer is monovolt, that is, it is sold in versions 110 or 220V, there is no bivolt option.

Cable: The handle of a professional hairdryer is thick, flat, with a swiveling tip and a length of up to three meters, which allows you to travel longer distances without having to change plugs or use extensions.


  • Professional AC motor lasts up to 10 times longer than an ordinary dryer motor
  • Power ranges from 2000 to 2600W
  • Quickly dries and shapes hair
  • Treat hair while drying
  • Comes with some accessories like nozzles (in two sizes) and diffuser
  • It has robust structure and sophisticated design


  • It’s more expensive
  • There is no “pocket” version
  • It is usually monovolt
  • It’s heavier

What technologies are used in a professional hairdryer?

Did you know that the professional hair dryer offers treatment while drying and shaping the strands? In this section we will talk about each of the technologies used in the highest quality models.


When the professional hairdryer with Tourmaline Tecnology is turned on, it charges the hair with negative charges that divide large drops of water into smaller molecules that evaporate immediately.

A device with this technology dries hair faster, preventing damage such as dryness, opacity and breakage and helping to maintain the natural moisture and shine of the locks.





A professional ceramic hairdryer helps to distribute heat evenly, preventing overheating in some area of ​​hair during drying. Another benefit is the reduction of frizz.

The ceramic can be used in the body of the hair dryer, in the heater or in the coating of internal parts.


The professional ionic hair dryer dries hair faster as it releases negative ions that neutralize positive charges in the hair, sealing cuticles.

When sealing cuticles, moisture is preserved within the strands, this helps to reduce the static electricity of the strands and reduce the appearance of frizz. With regular use, you will notice your hair healthier.

Infrared Rays

There is also the professional hairdryer with infrared rays, which penetrate the hair quickly, drying it faster and leaving hair looking healthy.

This model is an excellent option for those who brush more than three times a week, as infrared rays reduce drying time and damage caused by high temperatures.


Nanotechnology, applied by means of silver or titanium microparticles, makes the air jet coming out of the hair dryer cleaner, which reduces the action of fungi and bacteria and results in hygienic drying.


Did you know that some professional hair dryer models emit blue LED light that when it comes in contact with the hair, purifies and revitalizes the hair?


Professional or personal hairdryer: Which one to choose?

The professional hairdryer offers more features than a personal dryer, such as advanced technology and greater power, essential to reduce the time spent on drying and brushing.

But the professional hairdryer is indicated for beauty professionals or people who usually make a lot of brush at home, if it is not your case, investment in this equipment is not necessary.


How much?

Just like any equipment, there are hair dryers in all price ranges. For professionals, the most affordable prices are in the range of R $ 250, but most equipment costs around R $ 500. The most expensive can cost R $ 1,000.

Where to buy?

You can find the professional hairdryer in the best perfumeries, and in electronic appliance stores such as and Fast Shop.

If you prefer, you can buy the product online, at perfumeries like on the Web and electronic stores. Another excellent option is Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Professional Hair Dryers

Buying a professional hairdryer is not so simple given the variety of models available. However, it is easier if you know which characteristics to analyze and compare.

  • Wattage
  • Voltage and consumption
  • Ergonomics
  • Weight
  • Brand
  • Accessories
  • Design

We will explain each of the criteria throughout this section.


One of the main criteria for purchasing a professional hairdryer is the engine power. The greater the power, the greater the amount of hot air to be released and, consequently, the faster it will be for drying and styling your hair.

Models from 2000 to 2100W reach 160ºC. Ideal for those with thick, short or medium hair. Models with 2400W reach 180ºC. Ideal for thick, voluminous and long hair.

Voltage and consumption

At the time of purchase, analyze the voltage of the equipment, it can be 110 or 220V (it is rare to find bivolt models) and choose one that is compatible with the electrical voltage of the place where you live.

Consumption in kW / h must also be taken seriously, as it impacts the electricity bill at the end of the month. Models with the ENCE seal in category A are the most economical.


It is also important to analyze the device’s ergonomics. This characteristic is related to the fitting of the dryer in the hand and adherence to the fingers. It is important that the equipment allows the movements to be carried out in a comfortable way.


Another important point to note at the time of purchase is the weight of the dryer, because the heavier the tool, the more tired your shoulders and arms become during drying.

This fatigue can hinder the finalization of the brush and affect the result of your work. The best professional dryers tend to be lighter, somewhere around 500g.


If you are buying a professional hairdryer, choose a model of reliable brand. Taiff is a reference in equipment for beauty professionals, so much so that it dominates the segment.

The Italian Parlux is a world reference in technology and manufacture of professional hairdryers. Parlux combines technology, high performance and durability. Also Italian, Ga.Ma Italy manufactures models for all tastes and pockets.


Generally, the professional hairdryer comes with some accessories that help when drying and shaping the locks, such as concentrators (in two sizes), diffuser and carrying case.

The concentrator directs the air from the dryer. It is available in two sizes: The narrow spout is ideal for making detailed work such as shaping bangs and tufts. The wide beak is used to brush people with bulky hair.

The diffuser helps to lift and separate wavy and curly hair, accentuating curls, giving softness and reducing frizz.


Although it does not influence the functionality of the equipment, it is worth choosing a model with sophisticated design, especially if you are going to use the hairdryer in the beauty salon.

Some models have colorful details, while others are entirely colored. This can help you differentiate your dryer from the rest in a beauty salon.


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