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Top & Best Taiff Dryer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Taiff Dryer: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the Taiff dryer, one of the appliances sold by the leading brand in the hair care equipment segment.

You find models of Taiff dryer for personal or professional use, these devices treat the hair while drying and styling the locks. Do you want to know the differentials of the best Taiff dryer models? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • You can find models of Taiff dryer with different powers. For personal use, we recommend models with 1700 or 1900W. For professional use, there are models with 2000 to 2600W.
  • Taiff dryers treat hair while drying and styling, as they feature the following technologies: Negative and positive ions, tourmaline and ceramic.
  • One of the differentials of the Taiff dryer is the design of the appliance. In addition to the variety of colors and premium finish, these devices are light, compact and ergonomic.

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The best Taiff dryer models: The newsroom favorites

A differential of Taiff is to offer a wide variety of dryer models, for personal and professional use. To help you find the ideal equipment for your profile, we have prepared some purchase suggestions below:

  • The ideal option for delicate hair
  • high-tech model
  • The choice of professionals


Buying Guide

If you need to buy a hairdryer because the old one has stopped working, because you need a spare device to leave at your boyfriend’s house or because you need powerful equipment for the beauty salon, you’ve come to the right place.

In this Buying Guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Taiff dryer: What are the differentials of the brand’s appliances, technological resources, best models for personal and professional use and much more.

What are the differentials of a Taiff dryer?

Whoever has a Taiff dryer at home or at the beauty salon knows the difference the equipment makes when drying and shaping the wires. However, who has never had one of these, does not know its differentials, that’s why we prepared this section.

Each of the Taiff dryer models combines characteristics that make them unique and special. The devices are tailored to meet the different needs of the consumer.


One of the differentials of the Taiff dryer is the design.

One of the differentials is the design. We are not just referring to the aesthetic aspect – the Taiff dryer models have a modern design and premium finish – but aspects such as ergonomics, dimensions and weight.

When using a Taiff dryer, you will get healthy looking hair provided by a appliance that offers natural drying and salon finish.

All models have two temperature options, two speeds and a cold air jet that allow up to five combinations.


“The jet of cold air serves to shape the threads. We use the thermal shock technique, we throw the cold air to fix the effect that we want to give to the hairstyle and the modeling.”

You will find hair dryer models for personal and professional use. Approved by the best hairdressers, the Taiff dryer models facilitate the professional’s work and provide incredible results.

What are the technological features of a Taiff dryer?

Taiff is a pioneer in technological development for hair dryers. The brand’s appliances treat hair while drying and styling. The main technologies are:

    • Negative ions : Seal the cuticles of the strands, providing a soft, silky and shiny hair. In addition, negative ions neutralize the static electricity in the hair, eliminating frizz.
    • Tourmaline : When heated, this gemstone releases negative ions that enhance the action of a dryer with this technology.
    • Ceramics : When heated, the ceramic emits infrared rays that have the ability to hydrate the wires while drying them. The hair looks natural and healthy.


Which Taiff dryer models are suitable for personal use?

Those looking for a hairdryer to style their hair at home and achieve salon results, can invest in one of the personal use Taiff dryer models.

These devices are lightweight, quiet and easy to handle. They have two temperature options, two cold air jet speeds, which allow five combinations.

Regarding power, you will find options with 1700W – New Smart, Easy (the only model for personal use offering a professional AC motor) and Barber Style . This power is ideal for those who want to dry their hair quickly and keep the strands hydrated, soft, shiny and without frizz.



Did you know that Taiff launched an exclusive hairdryer for men? The appliance can be used to dry and style hair or beard. The appliance can be used at home or in the barbershop – get ready to praise the exclusive chrome finish.


Anyone who needs a slightly more powerful device should choose one of the 1900W models, such as Red Ion, New Black and Turbo Ion . These models stand out for the technologies offered.

New Black has ceramic coating, which provides hydrated and healthy looking hair. This model also has a safety thermostat, which turns the device off if there is a ventilation block.

Red Ion combines the technologies of negative ions and infrared, to provide hydrated, soft, shiny hair and less frizz, as if it had dried naturally.


  • The Taiff dryer treats hair while drying and styling
  • Models for personal and professional use
  • Devices with different powers (from 1700 to 2600W)
  • The cable can measure 1.8 or 3m in length
  • All models come with a six-month warranty


  • High cost devices

What are the best Taiff dryer models for professional use?

The line of professional dryers is very wide. You can find options of models with 2000, 2100, 2200, 2400 and 2600W. Most models have a professional AC motor.

Those looking for a model with 2000W, can choose between the following options: Tourmaline, Fox Ion, RS5, Black Ion and Style. The differences between these devices are the features that each offers:

    • Tourmaline : Combines negative ion, tourmaline and ceramic technologies for an impeccable result.
    • Fox Ion and Black Ion : Negative ion technology.
    • Style and RS5 : Professional AC motor.


It is not advisable to buy a personal dryer with a power above 2000W. Whoever wants to use a more powerful device should keep a distance of 30cm from the hair, so as not to damage the hair fiber.

Another option is to invest in a dryer with 2100W, the options are: Fox Ion S, Titanium, Eco and Kompress . All models release negative ions and have a ceramic-coated grid (except Fox Ion S).

The brand offers a model with a power of 2200W: Fox Ion 3 , which has negative ions, ceramic coating and is available in three color options: Soft Gold, Soft Rose and Soft Black.

Want a 2400W dryer? Invest in Vulcan or Vulcan Kompress. Both offer high speed V12 engine and higher air flow, ideal for brushing. These dryers release negative ions and have a ceramic coating.

Both models are indicated for professional use only, as it is necessary to know how to deal with equipment that reaches 250ºC. Speaking of which, do you know the difference between a personal and professional dryer? If the answer is no, check the table below:

A novelty launched this year is the Vis Unique dryer , which offers 2600W power – it is the most powerful model on the market! Ideal for styling hair and chemical processes, such as a progressive brush. The device releases negative ions.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Taiff dryer models

If after reading this Buying Guide you feel like buying a Taiff dryer, but you don’t know which one is right for you, evaluate and compare the features listed below:

  • Power in Watts
  • Cable length
  • Design
  • Technological resources

We will explain each of the criteria throughout this section.

Power in Watts

When buying a Taiff dryer, assess the power of the equipment. The more powerful, the faster you will be able to dry, style or straighten your hair. The brand offers equipment with varying powers – from 1700 to 2600W:

  • 1700W : Barber Style, Easy and New Smart
  • 1900W : Red Ion, New Black and Turbo Ion
  • 2000W : Tourmaline Ion, Fox Ion, RS5, Black Ion and Style
  • 2100W : Fox Ion S, Titanium, Eco and Kompress
  • 2200W : Fox Ion 3
  • 2400W : Vulcan and Vulcan Kompress
  • 2600W : VIS Unique

The choice of the power of the dryer is also related to the texture of the wires. Those who have thin hair should bet on equipment between 1700 and 1900W, after all, the wires dry quickly. 1800W is the ideal power for curly hair.


Douglas MouraHairstylist

“When choosing a hairdryer for African hair, always think that the greater the power, the greater the chance of this hair becoming frizzy.”

Women with damaged or dried hair due to chemical procedures, should bet on a Taiff dryer with 1900 to 2000W. In addition, it is worth investing in technological equipment to treat the wires during drying.

Those with thick hair should resort to a device with power between 2100 and 2400W, as locks with this texture take longer to dry.

Cable length

You can find models of Taiff dryer 1.8m or 3m long, for personal and professional use, respectively.

All personal use models (except Barber Style and Turbo Ion) have a 1.80 m long cable, ideal for use in smaller spaces, ensuring practicality when drying and shaping the wires.

Most professional use models have a 3m long cable, which provides more freedom for the professional to move around the salon. But there are exceptions: Black Ion, Style, Fox Ion.


Technological resources

If you are looking for a hairdryer that will treat your hair while drying and styling locks, look for appliances with negative ions, tourmaline and ceramic plate.

Negative ions seal the cuticles.

You can also invest in a Taiff dryer with ion selection, which allows you to switch between positive ions – which open the hair cuticles, preparing them for treatment – and negative ions to seal the cuticle.

One device with this feature is the Energy dryer, which has a signal LED. When the light is green, positive ions are being released, when the light is blue, negative ions are in action.


Another important point is the design of the equipment. The brand offers models in different shades and finishes, which bring even more personality to your beauty salon.


There are several color options: Black, silver, red, gold, pink, orange, green, white, blue or chrome. The finish can be varnish, matte or a combination of the two options.



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