Top & Best Tanquinho Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tanquinho: How to choose the best model in 2022

Those who live in a small place, usually wash a few clothes or have a limited budget, may prefer to buy a six pack instead of a conventional washing machine.

The semiautomatic washer performs heavy cleaning, including the washing of bed, table and bath linen, saving water, energy and washing powder. Are you interested in buying a six pack? Continue reading and learn more about this appliance.

First, the most important

  • The six pack is considered a semi-automatic washing machine, because although it cleans clothes, it cannot perform all the washing steps of an automatic washer.
  • The market offers a wide variety of tank models designed to reduce or even eliminate the need for manual effort. For example, some models have an integrated centrifuge.
  • The six pack can also be used to pre-wash the parts that go to the washing machine. This is because the device has a system called “whirlwind” that consists of a swirl of water that triggers clothes.
  • The price of a six pack is related to a number of factors, such as drum capacity, washer functionality and additional features. You find models of the brands Colormaq, Newmaq, Suggar, Arno, Praxis, Mueller etc.

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The best six pack: Our recommendations

Do you know the best six pack options available on the market? Then check out the selection below. Among the options, you will find models with different capacities, features and prices.

  • A six pack with washing programs
  • A six pack with centrifuge
  • A six pack easy to set up
  • An option for those who live alone

Buying Guide

Depending on the needs of each person, a six pack may be the best option for washing clothes and shoes. But before buying one of these, get to know the characteristics, features and way of using the six pack in this Buying Guide.

What is a six pack?

The six pack is a semi-automatic washer that uses a mechanized stirring process to move a mixture of water with soap and to sanitize clothes and shoes without having to rub the parts to remove dirt and stains.

In short, the six pack performs the washing and rinsing of the pieces, but does not perform the centrifugation and drying of the garments, that is, it will be necessary to twist the clothes manually and wait a longer drying time – twisting the clothes in hand is not as effective as centrifugation on the machine.

To balance the absence of some of the washing processes, six pack is cheaper than a washing machine. You can find options starting at R $ 300, a very low price when compared to a washing machine.

Who should buy a six pack?

The six pack may be the best option for your laundry if you are looking for an affordable appliance with more basic functions.

The reduction in the consumption of washing powder, fabric softener, water and electricity make tanquinho a very economical option in the medium and long term. The coolest thing is that the water used when washing the pieces can be reused to flush or wash the yard.

However, most six pack models do not twist or spin clothes, so you will have to do the work manually. In addition, it is important that you have a well-ventilated and sunny area, as clothes take time to dry.

But don’t think that six pack will not make it easier to wash your clothes and shoes, as the machine has some very interesting features. Know some advantages of six pack:

    • In the six pack, the process of washing the clothes is longer and more varied , which allows the clothes to receive deep and efficient cleaning.
    • Most models offer different washing programs .
    • You can find models with powder or liquid soap compartment and fabric softener.
    • You find smaller and larger models . Larger tanks even contain bedding and curtains.


Still unsure whether six pack is the best option for you and your family? Then review the table of advantages and disadvantages of this equipment below:

How to wash clothes in six pack?

Before starting the washing, separate the pieces by shade – white, black or colored clothes – and wash them separately. This care will prevent clothes from spilling ink or staining each other.

Select the water level compatible with the volume of parts in the six-pack drum, add washing powder and fabric softener, turn on the machine and wait for the washing process, which can be repeated if necessary.

Release all the soapy water and softener from the six pack and refill it with running water to rinse the pieces – the six pack has a hose with support, which allows you to dispose of the water in a drain, in a tank or store it in buckets for reuse .

Then wring out the clothes to remove excess water and hang them on the clothesline. Some models have a centrifuge function or even a coupled centrifuge, but they are more difficult to find and more expensive.

What are the differences between a six pack and a washing machine?

Are you furnishing your home and are unsure whether to invest in a six pack or a washing machine?

In order not to make mistakes at the time of purchase, you should know that when compared to a washing machine, six pack is a good option for those who can find time to take care of clothes.

Also the best option for those who want to save money, as it has a lower cost, consumes less electricity, water and soap, when compared to an automatic washer and facilitates the reuse of water used during washing.

Although the washing process is very similar, a six pack does not perform some important steps such as twisting or centrifuging the pieces, so it delivers soaked clothes, not wet clothes.

But the six pack also offers customizable washing processes according to the fabric, the tone of the pieces – colored clothes and shoes must be washed away from the white or black pieces – and the level of dirt. The result is an efficient wash without the risk of damaging your parts.

But the main difference between a six pack and a washing machine, without a doubt, is the price of the equipment. You should invest at least R $ 900 in a washing machine, three times more than the average price of a six pack.

Still unsure about which equipment to choose to clean your clothes? To help you make the best decision, we have prepared a comparative table with the main positive and negative points of both equipment.

Our recommendation is that those who are on a tight budget should invest in a six pack. Otherwise, the washing machine is still the best option, because despite not performing deep cleaning, it performs all the washing steps.

Some people invest in both equipment, restricting the washing machine to items for daily use and the six pack for dish towels, floor cloths, rugs, among other items. Some use the six pack to pre-wash the clothes that will go to the washing machine later.


Purchasing criteria: How to choose the best six pack for washing clothes

The market offers a wide variety of tank models with different capacities, features, prices and brands. But so many options can generate doubts at the time of purchase.

With that in mind, we will list and describe what features you should analyze and compare at the time of purchase to find a six pack that meets your needs. Know:

  • Six pack capacity
  • Functionalities
  • With or without centrifuge
  • Scrubber inside the six pack

We will detail each of the topics throughout this section. Be sure to share this content with your family and friends.

Six pack capacity

One of the most important features in a washer – whether automatic or semi-automatic – is the capacity of the drum. You will find six pack models with a minimum capacity of 1 kg and a maximum of 16 kg.

To find the ideal model, consider the volume of clothes you wash and the number of times you wash clothes during the week. We recommend that you buy a six pack that can wash the desired volume of clothing in just one or two weekly washings, thereby saving resources.


At the time of purchase, assess whether the desired six pack has different washing programs, which will add even more versatility and usability to your washer. Most models offer 5 to 10 special programs.

Other functions present in some models are
automatic rinsing and draining – automatic rinsing and water drainage after the end of the washing cycle – indispensable resources for those seeking practicality and agility.

Some models also offer automatic shutdown, so you don’t have to follow the wash until the end of the cycle. In addition to consuming less electricity, the appliance offers more convenience.

Other interesting features are the reservoirs for washing powder or liquid and fabric softener. These containers have markings that indicate how much soap and fabric softener to put according to the volume of clothes in the basket.

Some models also have a bar soap dispenser and lint filter, ideal for keeping the machine always clean, and essential for those who have pets at home. You also find six pack with timer and automatic shutdown.

With or without centrifuge

As mentioned earlier, most semiautomatic washer models do not perform the parts centrifugation step. However, some six pack models perform this step.

Other models are two in one, that is, they have a centrifuge attached and are very similar to a conventional washing machine.

Whoever wants to invest in a six pack with a centrifuge should keep in mind that the device costs up to three times more than a conventional model, but the investment is worth it. Tip: Find a six pack with centrifuge in our ranking with the best products.

Scrubber inside the six pack

One of the traditional characteristics of a six pack is the scrubber inside the drum, which is used to rub the pieces before soaking them and proceeding with the stirring.

A few years ago, all six pack models had a scrubber inside, however, the more modern models are more like a washing machine than a tank, that is, they do not have this feature.


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