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Top & Best Female hair trimmer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Female hair trimmer: Find the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the female hair trimmer, the best solution for those who have skin irritation. This device is used to trim, shave and shape your hair. With it, making the bikini line will be much easier.

The female hair trimmer can be used on dry or wet skin. Want to know more about the accessory that is conquering the ladies? Then continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • The female hair trimmer is used to trim, shave or shape hair and can be used with dry or wet skin.
  • The equipment is an alternative to the use of a razor blade or depilatory cream and a complement to waxing or using an electric epilator.
  • You can find models of female hair trimmers for facial, body and mixed use. Pay attention to the indication of use at the time of purchase.

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The best female hair trimmers: Our recommendations

You may find it difficult to choose a female hair trimmer, as there are products intended for body, facial and mixed use, but some consumers cannot distinguish these differences. With that in mind, we have prepared a ranking with the best hair trimmers according to the indication of use.

  • The best female hair trimmer
  • A female hair trimmer for the entire body
  • A hair trimmer with two blade options
  • The best facial hair trimmer


Buying Guide

The secret to a good hair removal starts with choosing a good female hair trimmer, because even if you frequent the epilator, it will be necessary to trim the hair when it starts to grow.

And although they have the same purpose, the differences between the features and accessories of the female hair trimmer models can provide a completely different result. Learn more about it in this Buying Guide.

What is a female hair trimmer and what are its advantages?

When it comes to hair removal, women have several possibilities: waxing, razor blade, electric epilator or female hair trimmer. The latter is the most practical and the one that causes the least discomfort.

Developed for female epilation, the hair trimmer allows the hair to be cut close to the skin, leaving the skin soft and free of hair.

    • Safety and efficiency : The hair trimmer has a compact, rounded and ergonomic epilating head that trims the hair very carefully, leaving the skin smooth and protected.
    • Versatility of use : You can use the female hair trimmer with dry or wet skin – even during the bath, for an even more comfortable epilation.
    • Intelligent design : The female hair trimmer fits perfectly in your hand, to simplify handling. Small and light, the accessory fits in the case, bag or backpack.
    • Power supply : The hair trimmer can be powered by a battery or rechargeable battery. In both cases, you can transport it wherever you want.


The female hair trimmer does not have the deserved recognition, as many people do not know the product or confuse it with the electric epilator. Find out more benefits of this accessory below:


  • Trims, shaves and shapes hair
  • Body, facial or mixed use options
  • Wireless device – battery powered or rechargeable battery
  • Easy to handle
  • Works on dry or wet skin
  • Small and light, fits in the case and bag
  • Comes with interchangeable accessories
  • Low price
  • One to three years warranty


  • Removes only the hair length
  • Apparently fragile
  • Battery-powered models offer less battery life

How to use a female hair trimmer?

Before using a female hair trimmer, clean the area – if possible, use a scrub to shed ingrown hairs – then stretch the skin well and trim first in the direction of hair growth and then in the opposite direction.


Do not pass the trimmer in the same area often.

Avoid sensitive areas and with small injuries and do not pass through the same area many times, as this increases the risk of skin irritation and encourages the development of ingrown hairs.

Make smooth and short movements – don’t be in a hurry to trim your hair, this can cause accidents. Then, rinse with warm water, dry with a soft towel and apply an unscented moisturizing lotion.

Clean the device thoroughly before and after use and never keep it damp or wet, to avoid the oxidation of the blade and the proliferation of bacteria.

What is the difference between a female hair trimmer and a razor blade?

Just like a razor blade, the female hair trimmer only shaves, trims or shapes the strands. But there are some differences between these methods of hair removal.

Firstly, when using a hair trimmer the skin does not come into direct contact with the blade, minimizing irritation and ingrown hairs. For this reason it is possible to use the hair trimmer every day.

Another advantage is that the hair trimmer is electric, so just touch it to the skin and move it in the direction of hair growth.


Female hair trimmer or electric epilator: Which one is best for you?

The possibility of epilation at home can be an advantage. Among the options for removing hair, we can mention the hair trimmer and the electric epilator.

The similar design of the two devices creates confusion among women. The big difference is that the female hair trimmer trims, shaves or shapes the hair, while the electric epilator pulls the hair out by the root.

We suggest that you buy an electric epilator to do the complete epilation and use the hair trimmer to do the maintenance. We compare the two options in the table below:



Purchase criteria: How to choose the best female hair trimmer

The female hair trimmer is a simple piece of equipment, but there are some characteristics that make all the difference in your experience with the product. Learn more about each of these aspects below:

  • Cutting needs
  • Power supply
  • Water resistance
  • Accessories
  • Weight

We hope this shopping guide will help you choose the best female hair trimmer. Share this article with your friends.

Cutting needs

Assess your cutting needs to choose a compatible hair trimmer. Some models have a wider head and are ideal for shaving hair from larger areas of the body such as legs, armpits, groin and arms.

Models with a compact head are perfect for trimming, shaving and shaving hair from the most difficult regions, such as a bikini line. You can also find your own models for trimming facial hair – eyebrows, fluff and glabella.

Power supply

As mentioned earlier, the hair trimmer can be powered by a rechargeable battery or AA type battery.

A battery-powered female hair trimmer has less battery life, as the batteries last less. While the rechargeable battery powered models run for up to 90 minutes of continuous use.

When buying a rechargeable female hair trimmer, two points must be analyzed: the equipment’s autonomy time and how much time is needed for recharging.

The models powered by a rechargeable battery also work with the cord, just plug it in and plug it in. This is advantageous for people who take longer to trim their hair.

Water resistance

Some female hair trimmer models are water resistant and can be used on both dry and wet skin.

Using the sideboard in the bath brings comfort.

Those with sensitive skin will benefit from a waterproof hair trimmer for women, as the possibility of using the trimmer during the bath brings much more comfort to epilation.

Another advantage of buying a water resistant female hair trimmer is that the washable blades are easier to clean. However, a waterproof hair trimmer is more expensive.


Assess whether the female hair trimmer you intend to buy offers accessories such as different types of blades, combs in different sizes, cleaning brush, protective cover for the blade and carrying case.

If the trimmer is powered by batteries, make sure that the battery comes with the equipment. If the battery is moved, make sure that a USB cable is included.


The weight of the appliance can directly influence the usability of the female hair trimmer.

We recommend that you choose a model that weighs up to 150g, as it is easier to handle. With a light hair trimmer it will be easier to do the complete epilation at once.

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