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Top & Best Hair dryer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hair dryer: Which one is the best for you in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a darling item among many people and, especially, hairdressers: the hair dryer. This product is essential in the lives of many who do not leave the house with wet hair or love to do hairstyles.

There are several models and brands of hair dryer available on the market, with different speeds and temperatures. There are also several new technologies available to offer your hair perfect drying and styling.

If you are in doubt about which hair dryer model to buy, we will help you. In this article, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of dryers, best models and important features to consider before making a purchase.

First, the most important

  • Each person has a different hair type. So it is essential that you purchase a hairdryer that meets the needs of your type. We will talk about this later.
  • A hairdryer can have many more advantages than disadvantages. To prevent it from damaging your hair and scalp, there are several steps you can take.
  • Professional hair dryer models cost much more, but they also provide much higher power! If you use it a lot to do hairstyles, it can be worth it. There are also hair dryers for home use. They are usually super cheap and offer excellent value for money.

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Best hair dryers: Our favorites

Whether for domestic use, or in the beauty salon, the hair dryer is an indispensable tool especially for women. Thinking about it, we selected the best hair dryer models to help you with this purchase. Check out:

  • Philco PH3600 Hair Dryer
  • Hair dryer Gold Gold Multilaser
  • Classic Style Cadence Hair Dryer


Buying Guide

That story of a mother who sleep with wet hair is bad is pure reality. In addition to breaking the threads, the wet, hot and humid environment becomes the ideal place for fungi. So having a hair dryer at home is essential.

If you are looking to understand more about this tool, we will talk about them throughout this Guide. Follow with us!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the hair dryer?

A hairdryer is essential for two types of people: those who work with hair and those who love styling and drying the hair. They allow you not to leave the house with wet hair and also help in styling different hairstyles.

it is common to wash our hair frequently, because of the sun and high temperatures, which generate sweat and leave oily threads. Therefore, a hair dryer can be very useful so you don’t have to let your hair dry naturally.

For those who like to take good care of the hair and use products during the bath, the hairdryer is essential. When going out with wet hair, the winds and high temperatures can end the benefits of the products used in the hair.


In addition, many hair dryer models now offer very beneficial technologies for hair health. Some of them are: the use of negative ion, infrared and silver microparticles.

Dryers also tend to offer great value for money, as most good quality semi-professional models are inexpensive and last for a long time.

Among the possible disadvantages, we can list the misuse of the dryer. If you subject your hair to intense heat for long periods of time, it can affect the health of the hair. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to avoid prolonged use and to use the dryer together with repair products.


  • Great value for money
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Dry the wires
  • Extends the effect of products used on hair
  • Helps when making hairstyles


  • Can damage the health of the hair if used in excess

How to use the hair dryer correctly?

To ensure that your hair dryer will not damage your hair, care must be taken. These tips can guarantee the health of your hair, and increase the life of the product, so make a note of everything.

    • Usage time : The first one is to ensure that you remove all excess water from the wires before starting your dryer. Thus, you will need to use the product for less time and still save energy.
    • Temperature : It is also an essential factor that must be controlled when taking care of your hair. Never leave a hot jet for too long in a single location, as it can burn your hair and scalp.
    • Distance : In addition, always maintain a distance of at least 15 cm between the dryer and the hair.
    • Protection : Try to protect your hair using thermoactive products, which protect your hair from exposure to high temperatures. This will prevent them from being damaged easily with constant use of the hair dryer.


If you use your hair dryer correctly, it will last much longer and will not damage your hair. Always prefer models that offer extra benefits to help your hair health.

What is the best dryer for my hair?

There are several types of hair: oily, mixed and dry. Frizzy, curly, wavy and straight. With volume and without volume. Frizzados and behaved. Fringed or without. Each type of hair has a different need and needs a different type of dryer.

We will help you decide the model of your hair dryer according to your main needs!



More hydrated hair

For those looking for hydrated and healthy hair, it is recommended to use hair dryers with ceramic coating on the nozzle, which dry the hair without removing its natural moisture, ensuring more shine.

The model with infrared rays are also indicated, as they hydrate the hair naturally, acting from the inside out, and also provide faster drying.

Frizz-free hair

Frizz is a concern for many people, but it can be mitigated by using a specific type of dryer: which emits negative ions.

This technology neutralizes static and closes the cuticles of the strands, providing hair with less frizz. It is a great option for those who have this type of hair.

Cleaner and healthier hair

Avoiding the proliferation of bacteria and fungi is essential for those who have allergies, suffer from hair loss or have a sensitive scalp.

To do this, prefer titanium-coated dryers, which emit air jets with fewer microorganisms. This will ensure more health for the hair and prevent possible allergies.

Hair with long hairstyles

The right hairdryer can ensure your hairstyle lasts much longer. If you like to always try new hairstyles, choose a hair dryer that has good temperature regulation.

Choose a model that has a jet of cold air, which helps in the finalization and helps to close the scales of the wires, avoiding dryness.

Hair with professional results

Professional hairdryers may even cost more, but they are much more powerful and guarantee even faster drying.

As they provide high temperatures, they help to shape the wires better, either for straight or curly types. If you are looking for professional results, invest in a better dryer model.

More flexible hair

Some people have more resistant hair and, therefore, find it difficult to change their appearance frequently. If you are looking for more flexible hair, look for a hair dryer model that has a variety of accessories.

The air diffuser, for example, can add more volume to straight hair. Dryers with nozzles of different sizes are recommended for those with fringes.


How much?

The price of hair dryers can vary widely according to the type, size, power and technologies involved. However, in general, most models are affordable and offer great value for money.

Good dryers for home use can be found from R $ 100. With a disbursement of up to R $ 300, you will find a great hair dryer model for your own use.

Professional models, on the other hand, cost much more, so they are recommended for those who really use the product constantly. It is possible to find kits with several dryers for around R $ 5,000. Loose products can also be expensive, going up to R $ 4,500.

Where to buy?

This type of product is easily found in major appliance stores. Some examples of places where you can buy your model are among others.

If you decide to buy yours at an online store, it will be even easier to find the right model for you. In addition to having several dryer options on physical store websites, you can also find them on Amazon. Buying online you don’t even need to leave the house and receive the product at the door.


Purchase criteria: Main factors for evaluating a hair dryer

As there are several types of hair dryer available on the market, it is necessary to evaluate which model is best for you. These are some characteristics that must be taken into account before you make the purchase:

  • Weight and size
  • Wattage
  • Voltage
  • Consumption
  • Speeds and temperatures
  • Technology

We will explain one by one for you to choose your hair dryer model with confidence!

Weight and size

Different hair dryer models also have different weights and sizes. Before choosing yours, it is necessary to take into account your main needs with the dryer.

For those who use the product for professional purposes, for example, the choice of heavy models is not ideal. Too heavy dryers can cause your arms to get tired at the end of the day. Always prefer the lighter ones.

If you travel frequently and like to carry a hair dryer with you at all times, the ideal is to choose compact models, as large dryers are more difficult to transport.

For those who use the dryer sporadically and only at home, there is no problem in choosing a heavier and larger size model, if this type meets your hair needs.



The greater the power of a dryer, the stronger it releases the jet of hot air, providing faster drying and greater ease in styling curly and wavy hair.

If you have straight hair, you probably don’t need that high power. If your hair is curly and voluminous and you like to do hairstyles, the ideal is to choose models with power of 2000W or more.

For people with thin, straight and short hair, a higher power of 1600W is enough to make great brushes and hairstyles.


Hair dryer models are usually available in three voltages: 110V, 220V or bivolt.

To choose your own, you need to check your home sockets. For those who travel frequently and like to take their hair dryer, the ideal is to opt for a bivolt model, which can work in any state or country.


Avoiding wasted electricity consumption is always good for the environment and for bills at the end of the month. So make sure the model of hair dryer you want consumes little energy, especially if you use it frequently.

A small dryer consumes an average of 3.60 kW / h. At the time of purchase, prefer products with the National Energy Conservation Label (ENCE) in category A. Thus, you save your money.

Speeds and temperatures

Most home hair dryer models offer 2 different speeds and 3 different temperatures. This is also an important factor when making your purchase.

If you have voluminous and curly hair, the ideal is to select a model that provides higher temperatures. On the other hand, if you do a lot of hairstyles, it is necessary to check if the device has the option of cold spray, which helps in the finalization.


Each year technologies evolve and this is also reflected in hair dryer models. Nowadays, it is possible to find several products that minimize damage and meet all your needs. These are some of the technologies you can find:

  • Tourmaline : dryers with this technology use tourmaline powder to release negative ions, which ensure more shiny and silky hair.
  • Ceramics : Some dryer models come with a ceramic nozzle, which allows the wires to dry naturally, leaving them more hydrated and healthier.
  • Infrared : Infrared rays enhance the dryer and penetrate the wires from the inside out. This makes the process more agile and less aggressive to the strands, in addition to drying hair much faster.
  • Silver microparticles : This type of dryer has bactericidal and fungicidal action, protecting your hair leather from microorganisms and increasing the hygiene of the wires.


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