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Top & Best Portable dryer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Portable dryer: What’s the best of 2022?

Anyone who uses a hairdryer from time to time or always knows and those who have never used it need to know: The portable hairdryer is an indispensable, practical and very functional accessory.

Whether for drying your bangs, traveling for leisure or work, or even sleeping at a friend’s house, there are countless situations in which the portable dryer can be useful. But do you know which is the best portable dryer? We tell you.

First, the most important

  • The portable dryer is small in size to easily fit in your purse, backpack or suitcase, so it is indispensable when traveling.
  • This type of dryer is also lighter, but has the disadvantage of being less powerful than a traditional hairdryer.
  • When comparing the various portable dryer models, analyze the power, shape and accessories that come with it.

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Buying Guide

Anyone who has ever needed to buy a hairdryer knows that it is not an easy task. This is because the ideal dryer needs to be powerful for your type of hair and your purpose, as well as comfortable to hold and with a suitable size for transportation.

With the portable dryer these and other issues must also be considered. For this reason, we have created this Buying Guide with questions and answers that will help you choose the best portable dryer.

Is the portable dryer good?

Yes, the portable dryer is good. So much so that experts recommend that you always have a portable dryer with you.

But it does not replace the traditional dryer, much less the professional dryer. The ideal is that the portable dryer is always an extra accessory that you have at home so you can take it wherever you want.

The fact is that the portable dryer has as its main feature its small size. Therefore, it is also called a travel dryer. Some models are so small that they can even fit in the palm of your hand, and are called mini hair dryers.


Because of its size, the portable dryer has numerous advantages and some disadvantages. But the main thing is that he is a wild card since he easily fits in his purse, backpack and suitcase.

So much so that another characteristic of a portable dryer is that, generally, this type of dryer is foldable, light and does not tire your arm or hand when using it.

In what situations can I use the portable dryer?

The portable dryer is in fact widely used when traveling, whether for business or pleasure. Especially because, if you stay in a hotel, you cannot trust the dryers that some of them offer since they are usually very weak.

In addition, as it fits in the bag and does not weigh, the portable dryer can be very useful on a busy day, when you need to go straight from work to an event or party, for example, and do not have time to return home.

And, precisely because it is a light and small dryer, it is ideal to take to clubs and gyms too.



The portable dryer is for traveling, drying the fringe and drying faster. (Source: McGuire: 4614 / Pixabay.com)

However, if your goal is to dry your hair in order to smooth your hair, the portable dryer will not be the best option. This is because, this type of hair dryer usually has a lower power compared to larger dryers.

This is also why the portable dryer is not suitable for professional use. On a daily basis, the portable dryer is for emergencies, faster drying and when you are in a hurry to leave the house and need to dry your wet hair.

Precisely for this reason, you will benefit from using the portable dryer even at home. Below, we summarize for you the main situations in which the portable dryer can be useful:

  • Travel ;
  • Gym ;
  • Clubs ;
  • Quick drying.

What is the power and speed of a portable dryer?

As we have seen, one of the negative points of a portable travel dryer is that it usually has a reduced power. And this, in fact, interferes with the efficiency of the dryer.

After all, the more powerful a dryer is, the hotter and stronger the air jet will be and, consequently, the faster the wires will become dry and smoother.

For those who have curly and curly hair, the portable dryer may also not be the most efficient, as it does not usually last long on.



Did you know that constant use of the dryer can damage your hair strands?

The dryer helps to smooth, make it more wavy, bulky, with different hairstyles. But overuse can dry out the hair.

To protect your hair from excess heat, experts recommend the use of thermal protector, which protects the cuticles and prevents the wear of the strands.

However, as not all hair should or can receive such hot jets from the larger dryers, the notebook can be a hand on the wheel.

In this regard, when choosing the best portable dryer, you will find options whose power varies between 1200 W and 1800 W.

Regarding speed, it is worth noting the amount present in the device. The most common is to find the portable dryer with one or two speeds only. The same goes for the temperature of the jets, which is usually at most two: hot and cold.

Is it worth investing in a portable dryer?

As we’ve seen so far, there are pros and cons when it comes to a portable dryer. Even so, we consider that the advantages of having a small dryer are much greater than its disadvantages.

With the portable dryer, you guarantee that you can dry the wires whenever and wherever you want. That’s because this type of dryer is specially designed to fit in your purse, backpack and travel bag.

In addition, the portable hairdryer is also useful in everyday life and at home, whether for fast drying your hair or shaping your bangs.

Another advantage of having a portable dryer is that it is usually less noisy than traditional models.


It is also worth remembering that the travel dryer is light and does not tire the arm. It is also usually cheap.

On the other hand, if you have long, curly or curly hair and want to dry completely and straighten your hair, the portable dryer will not be your best option, as it has a lower power compared to larger dryers.

In addition, this type of dryer does not always support long hours on. Still, you can have a traditional and larger dryer for the moments when you want to straighten your hair and the portable dryer for quick and punctual drying.

To summarize the pros and cons of a portable dryer, we created the following table:


  • Easy to use and carry
  • Ideal for travel, quick drying and fringe shaping
  • It’s less noisy
  • It is cheaper


  • Low power
  • Not suitable for straightening or drying long hair

How much does it cost and where to buy a portable dryer?

The price of a portable dryer will depend on the brand, the power and the features it has. Therefore, you will find models that cost between R $ 60 and R $ 400.

The lowest prices and the biggest variety of models you find in internet stores like Amazon. Not to mention that when you buy online, you still do it without leaving your home.

But you can also find the portable dryer in department stores and large supermarket chains like and Carrefour.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Portable Dryers

So far, you can understand how a portable dryer works and what it is for. But when you go to the practical part, you will notice that there are several models for sale.

To ensure that you will invest your money in the best portable dryer, we recommend that you compare the following factors:

  • Voltage and consumption
  • With or without diffuser
  • With or without short board
  • Handle, mouthpiece and handle
  • Warranty

Below, you can see how to take each of these topics into consideration.

Voltage and consumption

The first factor that you should note when choosing your portable dryer is the voltage of the appliance.

The voltage of the dryer can be 110 V or 220 V. The choice will depend on where you live, there is a great variation.

But if the idea is also to be able to take your portable dryer on trips, the ideal is that you give preference to models that are bivolts.

The device’s energy consumption must also be considered, as it directly impacts the electricity bill at the end of the month.

To know the consumption of your portable dryer, check the product specifications for the category A seal, which is the most economical option of all.

With or without diffuser

If you do not need to use the diffuser, which is ideal for drying the roots or shaping the curls, be aware that some types of portable dryer come in a kit in which the diffuser is included.

Otherwise, double your attention and check that the nozzle of the portable dryer is compatible with your diffuser.

With or without short board

In addition to the diffuser, it is very common to find the kit that comes with the portable dryer and the short board to smooth the hair strands.

In this case, the board is also designed in a reduced size, which is ideal for carrying in the bag and on trips.

Handle, mouthpiece and handle

Another important criterion that you should check is the shape and accessories of the portable dryer. In this regard, take into account the cable, the nozzle and the existence or not of a hanging loop.

The cable of the portable dryer may or may not be foldable.

The cable of the portable dryer may or may not be foldable.

But, as we saw, the folding is more practical when you need to store the dryer in the bag.

The nozzle is the part that directs the air flow, facilitating the drying and styling of the hair. Finally, see if the portable dryer has a handle for hanging. This makes it much easier to store the device.


Before closing the purchase, we recommend that you check if the portable dryer has the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is important because, often, this type of dryer has some flaw or problem. In general, the best brands offer 1 year warranty.



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