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Top & Best Facial steamer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Facial steamer: Which are the best models of 2022

Carrying out a skin care routine is essential to keep it always beautiful and healthy. For this there are several products such as creams, laser and facial vaporizer, device that we will talk about here today.

Being a relatively new product, the facial vaporizer since its launch has been widely used to promote an improvement in the skin of the face. It acts in aesthetic beauty, but also in health, since it provides a deep cleansing and combats several problems such as acne, for example.

And for those who like to perform these procedures it is worth knowing that the facial vaporizer can also be used at home and in this text we will talk about it even more so that at the end of the reading you will know everything.

First, the most important

  • The facial vaporizer is simple to use, but care must always be taken that it does not cause damage instead of taking care of the skin.
  • There are facial vaporizers for home and professional use, the difference between both is in size and power.
  • If compared to the value of other types of aesthetic tools, the vaporizer does not have a very high price and the simplest ones can be found starting at R $ 35.

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Ranking: The 3 best facial vaporizer models

Any product that is used on our body must be of high quality so that no problems occur. With the facial vaporizer this is no different. Knowing this, we went in search of the best models on the market and brought them all together in this Ranking.


Buying Guide

Created to promote an improvement in the skin, acting on hydration, circulation and combating acne, the facial vaporizer is widely used for the most diverse purposes and has a simple, yet very efficient operation.

This product is widely applied both in aesthetic treatments and by those who want to perform a deeper skin cleansing at home. Thanks to this there are professional models and for home use. And if you are interested in one of these just read this Buying Guide to know everything.

What is a facial vaporizer?

The facial vaporizer is a tool widely used in cosmetic clinics for the most diverse types of treatment. It has the differential of using ozone vapor and thanks to this it is able to combine a series of benefits for the skin, both dermatological and aesthetic.

This is a simple device, which exists in several sizes. The most common models have a reservoir, a spray tube and an emitting tip, which will be responsible for releasing the steam. In addition, it can be found in professional models and for home use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the facial vaporizer?

In the hall of aesthetic treatments, the facial vaporizer proves to be very advantageous and this is not for nothing. This product with simple operation and use provides a series of benefits for the skin, such as rejuvenation, improved blood circulation and stimulated metabolism.

With it it is possible to perform a more thorough cleaning and the ozone vapor, when applied to the dermis, helps in its restoration, detoxifying the organism. It has a bactericidal effect, not to mention that its droplets provide greater hydration.

Another positive aspect of the facial vaporizer is that it promotes a good response in lightening skin blemishes and combating acne. In addition, it helps in the process of removing blackheads, making the treatment less invasive.

There is also the advantage that it promotes better absorption of cosmetics, since it causes a dilation of the pores and thus generates a greater response and action of them.

The only point of attention is that the facial vaporizer should be used with caution, as otherwise it can be harmful. Thus, especially those who use it at home need to be careful, talk to a professional in the field and read the manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve the desired effects.



  • Acts in skin rejuvenation, improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism
  • Performs a deeper skin cleansing
  • Enhances the action of dermocosmetics
  • Fights acne and skin blemishes
  • Helps in the removal of blackheads


  • Must be used with caution not to cause damage to the skin

What precautions to take when using the facial vaporizer?

The use of the facial vaporizer can be very beneficial for the skin, but in order to achieve the desired results it is important to exercise caution during its use.

Thus, before purchasing one of these, it is important to consult a dermatologist so that he can carry out guidelines on its use and say whether the product will be efficient or not for the purpose it seeks to achieve.

It is also important to pay attention to the time of use of the facial vaporizer and the distance it should be from the face. Both of these factors are determined according to your skin type and the power of the product, so it is important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How to include the facial vaporizer in the skin care routine?

The frequency with which the vaporizer should be used at home can be defined by a professional in the field, and overuse can end up becoming bad for the skin.

Based on this determination, the process can be started with a cleansing of the face, using a facial soap. Once this is done, fill the vaporizer reservoir and turn it on, and depending on the appliance, it may take about 5 minutes for the steam to start flowing.

Then just aim the mouthpiece at the face, always taking care of the recommended distance and time. After finishing the vaporization, the skin is dried and you can use a cream for wrinkles , cream for dark circles , moisturizing cream , and which one to choose depends on your need.


How much?

The facial vaporizer can be found in several models and what will vary its price most is whether it is for professional or domestic use, its power and also size.

Thus, it is possible to find simpler vaporizers for an initial price of R $ 35, these being the smallest and simplest, up to about R $ 650, for the most professional.

Where to buy?

The facial vaporizer can be found in stores that specialize in the sale of skin care products and also in those that target items used in cosmetic clinics.

On the internet, it is even easier to find them, since several websites sell this product and it is possible to choose from many model options. With that, some online stores where you can buy a facial vaporizer are:

    • Amazon
    • American
    • Free market
    • Shoptime




Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing facial vaporizer options

If you want to enhance your skin care routine using the facial vaporizer know that there are some criteria that must be taken into account in order to choose the ideal model and we show them all to you below:

  • Type of use
  • Vaporizer size
  • Wattage
  • Ease of use

Now we will detail each one of them so that you do not make mistakes when buying.

Type of use

The first point to be analyzed is whether you will only use the vaporizer for personal use or if you work in the field of aesthetics and want to offer this type of treatment to your customers.

This is important because domestic models do not support a lot of use and have less power, which would not be very efficient for more professional use.

With this, even if the investment has to be greater, it is important to choose carefully whether the purchase is for a simpler or professional model, aiming at better results.

Vaporizer size

Another issue to be analyzed is regarding the size of the vaporizer. In this sense, regardless of the form of use, it is worth knowing that there are very compact models and others slightly larger.

Thanks to this, if you have little space, that is, you need to take the device to different places, you can buy the smaller ones. That way the product will not get in the way of everyday life.

Those who will drop you off at the clinic or have more space do not have to worry about this feature, so it is easier to find a good model.


Thinking about a greater efficiency of the facial vaporizer it is important to analyze the potency of the product that you want to acquire. The power is related to the amount and speed of steam that will come out of the appliance during use.

It is essential especially for those who will use the vaporizer in a professional manner, since it guarantees a stronger jet of steam and thus decreases the time needed for the treatment to be carried out.

Ease of use

For both professional and home use, it is important that the facial vaporizer is easy to use. In this regard, the smallest and simplest win, due to the fact that many times just press a button to make them work.

However, regarding professional models, it is worth analyzing that many vaporizers have articulated arms and tips. Some rotate up to 360 degrees, thanks to which it can be easier to move and place on the customer’s face.


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