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Top & Best Eyelash glue Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Eyelash glue: All about the best of 2022

Your company is always good news. Today’s topic will please lovers of the makeup universe, as we will talk about eyelash glue.

In case you don’t know, false eyelashes are glued with a specific and very delicate glue, whose formula is composed of substances that do not irritate the skin.

The eyelash application process is super easy and you just need to acquire the glue to make it at home. In today’s Guide we will explain all the advantages of this product, in addition to showing you how to apply your false eyelashes.

First, the most important

  • Eyelash glue, as the name implies, serves to fix false eyelashes on the eyelids, thus giving a final touch to makeup.
  • It resembles a lot with a normal glue, but does not pose risks to the skin and is dermatologically tested.
  • The ideal is that you prioritize the glue for eyelashes that are more resistant and firm, as these can withstand many hours with the lashes stuck.

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Ranking: The 3 best eyelash glue options

Eyelash glue is essential for those who like to apply this extra to make up, and to help you choose the perfect option, we have selected the best glues on the market.


Buying Guide

If you still don’t know the advantages of eyelash glue very well but are interested in understanding a little better about it, then our Guide was made for you.

Below, we will introduce you to all the advantages of the product and also explain better about its operation.

What is eyelash glue?

Eyelash glue is a glue used to fix false eyelashes at the base of the eyelid. It is a product used in makeup, with the aim of enhancing and giving volume to natural lashes.

It does not pose a risk to the skin, but it should not have contact with the eyes as it can cause irritation. It is a light product, relatively inexpensive, and simple to apply.

What are the advantages of eyelash glue?

Many people are afraid to venture into the universe of false eyelashes because they have the impression that it is a seven-headed bug. Well, it is not.

Adhering to this type of eyelashes guarantees a fuller, flashy and intense look, giving the final touch to the production.

However, it is not enough that you only have lashes at your disposal, you also need the eyelash glue, necessary to fix them.

This glue is liquid, and does not harm your health when used correctly, indicated on the packaging. It has the advantage of drying quickly and fixing the lashes for many hours without it weighing your eyes.

Usually, it is a comfortable and colorless product, which does not interfere with anything in other aspects of your make up, such as the combination of eyeshadows and eyeliner.

Most eyelash glues are tested not only dermatologically but also ophthalmologically, however, it is always a good idea to prioritize good quality products.

Some glues are more resistant than others and, in these cases, the best way out is to prefer those that are very resistant, as it can be quite annoying that the sides of your false eyelashes are loosening.

In addition, it is a product of simple application, easy to be used and collaborates for an excellent result in the final production.



  • Fix false eyelashes with ease
  • They are colorless and do not disturb the make
  • They are usually resistant
  • Most are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested


  • Some may be poorly resistant
  • It is important to choose a good quality product for your eye health

How to apply eyelash glue?

If you have never glued false eyelashes before, you may have some doubts or difficulties on your first attempt, but in fact, it is a very simple process.

First of all, you should choose the false eyelashes that you like best and measure them in your eyes. If you feel they are much bigger than your eyelid, use scissors to cut them.

Now that they are already the ideal size, it’s time to use eyelash glue.

  1. Carefully apply the product all over the base of the false eyelashes and wait from 30 seconds to one minute – the exact time will be written on the packaging.
  2. With the glue partially dry, apply the false eyelashes at the base of the eyelid, adjusting firmly and keeping your eyes closed and immobile. If necessary, use tweezers to finish the application.
  3. After about two minutes, you can open your eyes and observe the result.
  4. If you feel the need, do some touch-up with eyeliner or eyeshadow, and it will be ready!



How much?

In general, eyelash glue is not an expensive product, in addition to offering good performance. There are few brands that deviate from the standard with respect to price.

On average, a good eyelash glue should cost you between R $ 12 and R $ 30, with a few brands, the most professional, selling the product for approximately R $ 50.

Where to buy?

Eyelash glue ends up being part of the makeup, so it is in stores that sell items from this niche that you will find it.

In the case of cosmetics and beauty stores we can refer you, The Beauty Box. There you will find a good amount of options.

If you prefer to opt for department stores  has a specific part for beauty products, and some pharmacies of larger chains also sell the product.

But if your business is online shopping, in addition to the brands’ own websites, you can buy your dream primer at Amazon, at Beauty.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Eyelash Glue Models

The ideal eyelash glue is one that guarantees good results and, above all, does not harm your health. To guarantee both factors, there are a few points to note when purchasing:

  • Fixation
  • Safety
  • Yield
  • Brand

Below, we will explain in detail the importance of each of these points.


The main thing about eyelash glue is its fixation. It is extremely important that it is very firm and resistant, holding the false eyelashes for a long time, without detaching the sides.



Eyelash glue is a cosmetic that has direct contact with the skin and is still applied in the eye region, that is, its use needs to be careful.

Before making your choice, make sure you are choosing an option with good quality, tested ophthalmologically and hypoallergenic.

It is important that your experience with eyelash glue is comfortable, and above all, safe.


Normally, eyelash glue is between 5 and 7 g, which, although it may seem little, is sufficient, since it does not take much for them to achieve their goal.

Therefore, try to opt for glues that are within this average and that, obviously, have good cost benefit.


The number of marks is enormous. So don’t forget that we are talking about your eyes, an extremely sensitive area of ​​your face. Therefore, always choose trusted and renowned brands.

The models in our ranking can be used safely. Run away from models that are too cheap, they can cause allergic reactions. And of course, always check if the product is expired.


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