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Top & Best Facial tonic Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Facial tonic: How to choose the best cosmetic in 2022

In today’s article we will talk about facial tonic, a product that cannot be left out of your face care routine, especially if you want healthier skin.

Facial tonic has numerous benefits, but many people avoid cosmetics, not knowing that when skipping toning, other care steps are impaired. If you want to understand the importance of facial tonic and learn how to use it, read on.

First, the most important

  • The facial tonic should be used after washing with facial soap and before applying moisturizer and sunscreen. The facial tonic is capable of enhancing the action of other products.
  • In addition to deep cleansing, the facial tonic activates blood microcirculation, unclogs pores, helps to eliminate toxins and free radicals and helps to rebalance the pH.
  • The facial tonic can be used by men and women with different skin types: normal, dry, oily, mixed, acne, sensitive and mature.

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Buying Guide

Often, people stop using some cosmetics because they are unaware of their characteristics, benefits and ways of using, as a consequence they lose all the benefits that the product could offer.

One of these cosmetics is the facial tonic, essential in the skin care routine, but which is no longer used because people consider it unnecessary. If you want to know more about this product and complete your care routine, continue reading this Buying Guide.


What is facial tonic?

Do you clean your skin with just a facial soap? So know that you are doing the hygiene in an incomplete way.

When cleaning the skin is not done properly, there is an accumulation of dirt and residues that cause clogging of the pores causing irritations, infections, the appearance of acne, expression lines and wrinkles.


The facial tonic removes residues that the soap cannot eliminate.

After washing your face with soap, it is important to apply a facial tonic, responsible for removing residues that the soap cannot remove, unclogging the pores and preparing the skin for the products that will be applied in sequence.

Facial tonic is a water-based product, so it cleans evenly without stimulating sebum production.

What are the benefits of facial tonic?

Surely you’ve heard that you need to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin, correct? Facial tonic should be used in the second treatment step. Know the product benefits below.

    • Deep cleansing: The facial tonic complements the cleansing performed by the soap. Due to its deep action, the cosmetic can completely remove product residues and impurities from the skin.
    • Rebalances the skin’s pH: Daily, we are exposed to harmful agents that can unbalance the skin’s pH. The facial tonic is able to rebalance the acidity level and normalize the pH. The product also helps to eliminate toxins.
    • Prepares the skin: With unobstructed pores, the skin is able to more easily absorb the nutrients of the facial moisturizer and obtain the maximum benefits from the cosmetic.
    • Personalized action: Each type of skin requires different care. For this reason, you can find facial tonic options with different proposals. See more benefits of this product in the table below:



  • Cleans deeply
  • Prepares the skin for the action of other cosmetics
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Stimulates blood microcirculation
  • You find options for all skin types
  • There are options for all tastes and pockets


  • Products with alcohol in the composition can irritate sensitive skin
  • The product does not replace the action of other cosmetics

How to use facial tonic?

Now that you know the importance of facial tonic, learn how to include the toning step in your skin care routine:

If you are wearing makeup, remove the products with the help of makeup remover or micellar water. Then, clean with a soap suitable for your skin type.

TO FIN To remove any residues and prepare the skin to receive hydration, apply facial tonic all over the face with the aid of a cotton pad or with your fingertips – perform gentle movements or tap lightly.




Wait for the skin to dry or use a face towel. Then apply a moisturizer. Finally, use facial sunscreen, the dermocosmetic inhibits premature aging, skin cancer, expression lines and wrinkles. The minimum protection factor is 30.

It is important to use cosmetics from the same line and brand, as the products are complementary.

Facial tonic or micellar water: What is the best cosmetic for your skin?

After washing their face with soap, cleansing foam or facial scrub, many people are unsure which product to use, a facial tonic or micellar water.

Micellar water combines thermal water with micelles, a set of molecules that attract impurities. The product is multifunctional, as it serves to make up, clean, tone and moisturize the skin.

Find out more differences between the products in the video below, produced by Letícia Menezes:







Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Facial Tonic Options

You find different options of facial tonic. Each product meets a specific skin type and care needs, for this reason, at the time of purchase it is essential to evaluate some characteristics:

  • Skin type
  • Types of tonics
  • Common tonic or astringent?
  • With or without alcohol?

We will detail each of the criteria listed above throughout this section. With these tips, you will find a product suitable for your skin.

Skin type

You can find facial tonic options for different skin types: normal, dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive and mature. Each product has characteristics and components suitable for the particularities of the skin.

The facial tonic for acneic skin controls oiliness and speeds up the acne healing process, as it has a drying and anti-inflammatory action. Who has oily skin should opt for a product that regulates the production of sebum and has a matifying effect.

Those with sensitive skin should opt for a soothing and alcohol-free facial tonic. The sensation of freshness promoted by the dermocosmetic ensures relief and comfort in the most irritated areas.

Who has mature skin should invest in a product with antioxidant and revitalizing action, to ensure even more firmness and luminosity to the skin. The product combats the damage caused by free radicals, such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.



Types of tonics

The choice of facial tonic should also be based on the composition of the product, which can have a refreshing, calming, moisturizing, antiseptic or astringent action, depending on the synergy of components used in the product formula. See the options in the table below:


Common tonic or astringent?

The common tonic can be used for all types of skin, but it is not as effective
on mixed or oily skin, as it offers gentle cleansing and moisturizing effect. In this case, it is worth investing in an astringent tonic, which offers deep cleansing, oil control and reduction of blackheads and pimples.


Did you know that the term Astringent refers to a specification of the facial tonic and not to a particular product? This name refers to the product’s ability to constrict (close) the pores of the face.


With or without alcohol?

Many people do not use facial tonic, as most products contain alcohol in the composition, a component that can cause skin sensitivity – although the concentration is reduced.

However, alcohol is antiseptic, refreshing and regulates the oiliness of the skin, therefore, the presence of this component in adequate concentration does not mean that the product will harm the skin, on the contrary, the product can be very efficient in what it proposes to do.



The component should be avoided by those who are hypersensitive to alcohol – although, in some cases, the component is present in the formula of products developed especially for sensitive skin.


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