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Top & Best Intimate soap Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Intimate soap: Discover the best of 2022

your internet review site. To ensure the well-being of such a delicate region, it is essential to choose an intimate soap of quality, of your trust and that brings benefits to your health.

Developed to help prevent irritation caused by constant contact with tissues and to provide effective hygiene that ensures the balance of vaginal flora, intimate soaps are becoming increasingly popular with women.

If this is your first purchase or if you have questions about which is the best intimate soap for you, check out our article to understand a little better about the product and its benefits.

First, the most important

  • Before buying an intimate soap, consult the professional help of a gynecologist for the indication of the ideal product for you.
  • It is important to find an intimate soap that balances your natural pH level.
  • Avoid formulas that contain alcohol, as over time you can develop allergies.

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Buying Guide

Intimate soaps are becoming more and more popular among women as they meet a need that other conventional soaps do not offer, such as vaginal pH control.

They also offer more comfort and refreshment, even after hours during the bath, ensuring that there is less risk of allergies. However, it is important to find which model is right for you. Check our buying guide to understand a little better about the product.

What is an intimate soap?

Developed to meet the special care of women’s private parts, intimate soaps help to balance the natural pH, avoid irritations and allergies due to direct contact with fabrics.

They are also very suitable during the period of menstruation, where it is important to perform more careful hygiene, also helping to prevent malaise and odors throughout the day.



What are the differences between the main products of women’s intimate health?

Today it is possible to find different types of soaps and intimate care for women. The most common are still the traditional soaps used during the bath, but they are not specific and do not offer an ideal treatment to balance the pH.

Cleaning wipes are a quick option for women who need to work all day, but intimate soaps are still the best option for more specific care.

To understand a little better about the difference of each one and its benefits, see our comparative table below.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of intimate soap?

Intimate soaps offer unique qualities when it comes to the intimate care of women, as it helps to regulate the natural pH, offers fragrances that help to avoid unwanted odors and have formulas that help to fight allergies and irritations.

But there are also some disadvantages, as they can alter the natural pH in a harmful way, some women may be allergic to its components and it can be difficult to use by women who spend a long time away from home.

Check the table below to understand a little better about the main advantages and disadvantages of the product.



  • Intimate soaps help control the natural pH of the intimate region
  • Its fragrances help to avoid unwanted odors
  • They are more delicate than ordinary soaps, helping to prevent allergies and irritations


  • Many gynecologists do not recommend the use of this type of product because it changes the natural pH of the region
  • Some women may be allergic to certain fragrances or compounds from intimate soaps
  • It can be difficult to transport while traveling as it is not recommended to change packaging

What are the recommendations for use?

Intimate soaps are indicated for daily use during baths, but it is important to note that use is not recommended more than three times a day, as they may end up deregulating the pH of the vagina.

They are recommended especially for menstrual periods, as it helps to prevent odors, irritations and allergies by contact with tissues or pads.

For use during the bath, put some of the product on your fingers and massage the outer tissues of the vagina for no more than three minutes and then rinse. It is not recommended for indoor use.

How much?

The price of intimate soaps may vary according to the brand and the benefits offered, but the most common models for daily use can be found in a range of R $ 5 to R $ 30.

All models shown in this review can be found in a range of R $ 4.50 to R $ 40.



Where to buy?

You can find intimate soaps in pharmacies, drugstores and large supermarket chains that have shelves of personal care products.

You can also find them on the online commerce sites of major drugstores or specialized in women’s health. All products shown in this review can be found on Amazon.





Purchasing criteria: Factors to consider when buying an intimate soap

The intimate area of ​​women requires specialized and more careful care, so it is important to find an intimate soap formula that is ideal for avoiding problems.

Just as women are not the same, intimate soaps also have differentiation in their formulas to meet different needs. Therefore, it is important to check some criteria before making your purchase.

  • Fragrances
  • Benefits
  • Care in use

Before taking the first intimate soap you saw available on a market or drugstore shelf, carefully review the points below to choose the product that best meets your needs.


To offer more refreshment during the post-bath, intimate soaps have special fragrances that protect the woman’s intimate region and prevent the formation of odors.

Today it is already possible to find intimate soaps with natural fragrances, but a good part of commercial products still use fragrances obtained from artificial formulas.

In such cases, it is very important to choose not only a fragrance that you like, but whose specifications will not damage your health, such as allergies and irritations.


The main benefit of intimate soaps is to help regulate the natural pH of a woman’s intimate region, especially during periods of menstruation, as it also helps to prevent unwanted odors.

Look for soaps that are hypoallergenic, as they are developed with formulas that help prevent allergies and skin irritations by direct contact with tissues.

Fragrance is also an important factor, especially if it is developed with natural products, as this prevents you from having allergic reactions while ensuring greater freshness during and after the shower.

Care in use

As it is a very sensitive region, before starting any use of intimate soaps, it is very important to consult a gynecologist so that he can indicate a specific product for your needs.

The excessive use of intimate soaps, instead of helping, can end up deregulating the natural pH, so it is necessary to find a balance so that it does not end up harming your health.

It is also very important to observe the product specifications, as certain fragrances or properties of the formula can cause unwanted irritations or allergies.


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