Top & Best Floss Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Floss: Learn how to choose the best type in 2022

Oral health is a serious and very important matter. We must always be attentive to the care of our teeth. It is not enough to just brush, we also have to do a good cleaning with dental floss.

In today’s article, we will talk about this item that should not be missing in the bathroom of your home, in the necessaire that you leave at work or in your bag. The dental floss must always be ready to go into action along with that good brushing.

It is a great ally in preventing cavities, plaque, tartar and periodontal diseases. Yes, a “simple” thread can do a lot for your health. Interestingly, there are several types of dental floss. Did you know that? Come with us and we’ll explain.

First, the most important

  • Among the main benefits that daily flossing provides are a significant reduction in the number of bacteria that cause periodontal diseases, prevention of gingivitis and fewer cavities.
  • To choose the one that best suits you, try different types, from the simplest to the most elaborate, such as, for example, dental floss with a rod. Your dentist can help you on this mission too. Talk to him.
  • Along with the toothbrush, flossing considerably reduces the number of species of microorganisms present in the mouth. The use of mouthwash comes to complete and bring more effectiveness to this partnership.

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Buying Guide

You don’t have to invest a lot to get a good dental floss. The best is the one that you adapt to the most. As already said, the vast majority do their job very well: cleaning their teeth. However, we need to be aware of some details, which we will present below in this Buying Guide.



What are the benefits of dental floss?

Just like a friend who gives you a hand when you need it, dental floss helps you look more carefully and carefully at your teeth and gums and notice more quickly the onset of any oral problem.

Among the main benefits that daily flossing provides are a significant reduction in the number of bacteria that cause periodontal diseases, prevention of gingivitis and fewer cavities.

Along with the toothbrush, flossing considerably reduces the number of microorganism species present in the mouth. The use of mouthwash in conjunction with the brush and the wire contributes to an even better health for your teeth.

Not to mention that good feeling of a clean mouth. To lick your teeth and feel them smooth, knowing that they are well taken care of, is a delight. In addition, with a healthy mouth, it makes you want to smile more.

It is important to note that the dental floss should not cause discomfort during use. If this is happening, you are probably not using it correctly. Another important point is not to use it hard, it can damage your gums.

To keep the floss longer, do not leave the packaging in the sink. Water can enter and contribute to the proliferation of bacteria. Keep it well stored and preferably in an airy place.



  • Better oral hygiene
  • Its daily use facilitates the quick detection of oral problems
  • Reduces the number of bacteria causing periodontal disease
  • Prevents gingivitis and reduces cavities
  • Clean mouth feeling for longer.


  • It is necessary to be careful when using it so as not to hurt your mouth.

How to floss?

It is recommended that dental floss be used daily, at least once a day, preferably before going to sleep, since at night we are more susceptible to bacterial proliferation, due to less salivation.



Rosane FariaDentist

“Whenever you are in doubt, it is the dentist’s role to explain and teach about the correct application of dental floss, as well as the benefit that the practice brings to oral health.”

Here’s how to floss:

  • Remove a piece of about 40 centimeters of dental floss;
  • Wrap around the ends of the fingers , leaving about 10 cm free for use;
  • With your index and thumb fingers, slide the wire gently between your teeth;
  • Do not use the same space on more than one tooth , this only helps the bacteria to change places;
  • Do not force the wire against the gum so as not to hurt it;
  • After use, rinse with water to completely remove food residues from the mouth.

To choose the thread that best suits you, try different types, from the simplest to the most elaborate, such as, for example, dental floss with a rod. Ask more about to your dentist.

What symptoms does dental floss help you notice?

Flossing every day helps you notice oral changes early. Regardless of the chosen dental floss, if you notice any of the symptoms below, schedule an appointment with your dentist:

    • Red, painful or inflamed gums;
    • Greater sensitivity in teeth or gums;
    • Gums that bleed easily when brushing or flossing;
    • Secretions around the tooth;
    • Looser teeth;
    • Bad breath;
    • Changes in tooth alignment;
    • Retraction of the gum from the teeth.


A survey conducted by DataFolha attested that only 57% of the  population uses dental floss daily. The study was done by order of the CFO (Federal Council of Dentistry). Don’t be part of that statistic. Buy the best dental floss for you and take care of your oral health!

How much?

Floss is usually a relatively inexpensive item. There are options in the market, of less popular brands, that cost from two reais. That is, with less than five reais you can give that treatment in the teeth.

On the other hand, there are models, such as the wire, for example, that can reach up to around 40 reais.

However, the average price of a good dental floss varies between R $ 5 and R $ 10. It is worth mentioning that the most important thing before investing in dental floss is to check if that type is suitable for your needs.

Where to buy?

Buying dental floss is simple. With a quick search on the internet you will find several options. There is dental floss on the Amazon.

The large chains of pharmacies also provide dental floss for all tastes and pockets both in physical stores and online.

You know that little market and pharmacy on the corner of your house? There, of course, also has dental floss. Maybe less options, but without taking care of your teeth, you definitely don’t stay.





Purchasing criteria: Factors to assess floss types

Before buying a dental floss it is interesting to pay attention to some details. Choosing the yarn according to your needs ensures the product’s effectiveness. The main features you should take into account are:

  • Type
  • Flavor
  • Facility
  • Size

Below, we will detail each one for you to make the best choice.


There is a wide variety of dental floss on the market. What works well for you may not work as well for your friend. To know which one is ideal for your needs, know all types:

Monofilament dental floss

This type is formed by a single filament. It is less likely to fray or break due to this characteristic. It is usually indicated for people with teeth closer together.

Multifilament dental floss

It consists of several nylon fibers that have the ability to open to achieve the largest possible cleaning area. Despite this super differential, it is easier to unravel. Ideal for people with more space between teeth.

Super floss floss

Indicated for those who use orthodontic braces and who have crowns, bridges or implants. It promotes more precise cleaning. The super floss floss consists of three parts: a rigid end, a network of spongy fibers and the regular floss.

This differentiated composition is important to reach that corner of difficult access.

Floss with rod

It consists of a plastic rod with a curved end with a wire attached. This model is ideal for a deeper cleaning of the teeth. Great for removing all molar residues.


Another option for those with orthodontic appliances. Made of plastic, the thread passer is shaped like a needle and is very malleable, serving to help the entry of dental floss into the fixed appliance.

To use it is simple, just put the dental floss in the dowel hole, as if you were putting a thread on a needle. Then just go through the wire and clean the tooth.

Dental floss with whitening action

This type of dental floss has a silica coating that glides on easier and helps to remove those superficial stains between the teeth. In addition, it has a technology that promotes whitening.


Did you know that dental floss turns 200 in 2019? The first person to recommend it was Levi Spear Parmly in 1819.



If you like that feeling of a clean mouth for longer, flavored dental floss is a great option. The mint leaves leave that good and refreshing taste in the mouth.

For those who are not very fond of flavored, there are also neutral dental floss, which have no aroma and flavor.


What you should pay attention to here is whether the wire is waxed or not. Some models have a wax-like substance. The great advantage is that this type of dental floss slides through the teeth, making cleaning easier.

There are also models that have the double waxed wire, sliding even more easily. This type is ideal for those who have teeth close together.



Experts advise that, for a better use, you should use about 40 centimeters of dental floss each time, making your teeth easier to clean.

If you use it every time you brush your teeth, it is advisable to invest in a floss with a larger length. In the market there are options from 25 to 125 meters.


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