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Top & Best Wella Products Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Wella Products: How to choose the best cosmetics line in 2022

Today we are going to talk about Wella products, a German brand specialized in offering treatment lines that meet the needs of all types of hair.

Combining expertise and technology, Wella products have revolutionized the way of washing and treating locks. The brand offers a wide variety of products and is present in the best beauty salons. Are you interested? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • In addition to the double shampoo and conditioner, Wella offers a treatment mask, ampoule, treatment booster , leave-in, finisher oil, serum, among others.
  • You can find Wella products in pocket size (30 to 50ml), Home care (200 to 250ml) and professional use (500ml or 1L).
  • The most complete Wella product line is Invigo, which offers treatment for colored (Brilliance), discolored (Blonde Recharge), dry (Nutri Enrich), fine (Volume Boost) and oily (Balance) threads.

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Best Wella products: Our recommendations

Most women who go to beauty salons seek treatments to recover their hair, but many are unaware that the use of the right products in everyday life, not only treats the damage, but also provides salon results.

  • The best treatment line for dry hair
  • An option to regenerate the wires
  • The best products for colored hair



Buying Guide

Showing well-groomed hair improves any woman’s self-esteem. But to conquer scalp and healthy hair, it is important to invest in good products. One of the most outstanding brands in this segment is Wella.

You will find Wella products suitable for regenerating, moisturizing and brightening each hair texture. To find the right Wella product line for you, check out this Buying Guide.

Is it worth buying professional Wella products?

Wella products for professional use are developed to meet the needs of women. The formulas of these products are technological, developed from a lot of research and investment.

Professional use products are concentrated.

And due to the concentration of assets, you can use less product and achieve excellent results. However, it is necessary to choose a treatment line suitable for your type of hair and hair needs.

What are the best Wella products for damaged hair?

Anyone with damaged hair should invest in the Fusion treatment line, which repairs, protects and provides up to 95% more resistance against breakage and possible damage.

The formula of the Fusion treatment line is developed with Silksteel Fusion technology, inspired by the spider web, one of nature’s most resistant fibers.

The Fusion line takes care of the wires from the inside out.

Inside, the capillary cortex is treated with amino acids, outside, EDDS technology promotes antioxidant action, while lipids and amino acids promote instant hydration.

The product assets penetrate deeply into the capillary cortex, instantly recovering the damage present in the hair fiber and helping to prevent hair breakage.

The Fusion line consists of Shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and treatment boost.


  • You find Wella product lines for different needs
  • The line includes products for cleaning, treatment and finishing the threads
  • You find products in bottles of different sizes
  • Concentrated assets


  • Wella products are for professional use, so they are more expensive

If the threads are dry, you can bet on the Invigo Nutri-Enrich line, which promotes instant nutrition, giving back the softness. This line is rich in nutrients: oleic acid, panthenol, vitamin E and Goji-Berry (rich in vitamins, minerals and peptides).

This is one of Wella’s most complete lines, you can find shampoo, conditioner, two types of masks, leave-in, frizz control cream, nutrition ampoule and booster .

Which Wella product line is ideal for colored hair?

Those who color their hair should bet on a treatment line that protects their coloring. Our recommendation is the Invigo Color Brilliance line, which preserves vibrant color for up to seven weeks.

The products in this line are enriched with encapsulated copper molecules, vitamin E , histidine and antioxidants that help control the oxidation process after staining and, consequently, protect the color.

The products can be used by women with thin, normal or thick hair. The line consists of shampoo, conditioner, mask and treatment booster and finishing spray.

For blondes (natural or discolored threads), we recommend the use of the Invigo Blonde Recharge line, which acts against yellowing of the threads. The line consists only of shampoo and conditioner.

“Beautiful blond is blond without yellow and full of shine! For that, you have to take care of your hair with specific products that do not change the tone, like the Blonde Recharge line from Invigo”

What is the best Wella product line for dull hair?

For women with dull and lifeless hair, our recommendation is to use the Wella Oil Reflections product line, the first one based on precious oils that promotes instant luminosity.

This line consists of shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask, repair oil (available in two versions, with or without thermal protection) and quick treatment ampoule. This line is suitable for all types of wires.

Which Wella products give volume to fine yarns?

Women with thin, thin strands should look for a solution to provide healthy hair volume. The best Wella products for this purpose are those of the Invigo Volume Boost line.

The products have a light formula, enriched with cotton and polymers that help to give volume during the drying of the threads, without leaving them with a heavy texture. This line consists of shampoo, gel mask and booster .

Which Wella products are indicated to treat the scalp?

For a healthy and renewed scalp, bet on the Invigo Balance line, which takes care of the needs of the scalp and threads. In addition to the Aqua Pure shampoo, you will find the anti- hair loss ampoule that prevents the loss of non-congenital hair.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different Wella products

Buying hair products is not always a simple task, after all, there are many options on the market. With that in mind, we have prepared some tips on how to choose the best Wella products according to your needs.

  • Need for care
  • Shampoo texture
  • Components
  • Bottle volume

Follow our tips to find the best Wella products for your hair.

Need for care

To maintain a healthy scalp and beautiful hair, it is important to choose a Wella product line suitable for your needs. With that in mind, we have prepared a table with product indications according to each type of hair:

Shampoo texture

Wella shampoo can be transparent, pearly or creamy.

  • Transparent shampoo . It is indicated for mixed and oily hair, as it cleans the scalp and threads deeply. Suggestions: Oil Reflections, Elements, Volume Boost, Aqua Pure and Balance.
  • Pearly shampoo . It promotes cleansing of the scalp, but has conditioning agents that leave the hair loose and shiny, so it is suitable for all types of hair. Suggestions: Fusion, Brilliance and Nutri Enrich.
  • Creamy shampoo . It is moisturizing. Because it is denser, it is indicated only for dry, dry and damaged hair. It should be used with care by those with normal, mixed and oily hair, as it can weigh. Suggestion: Blonde Recharge.


If you are looking for Wella products free of sulfates, parabens and dyes, you should invest in the Elements line. The products have a formula rich in natural and organic actives, which fight the degeneration of the threads and promote revitalization.

This line consists of shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask, leave-in spray and serum. The products have a refreshing gel texture and herbal aroma.

Find out more about the products of the Elements line and the correct way to apply them with the tips of the renowned hairdresser Júlio Crepaldi:

Bottle volume

A differential of Wella products, is that you find these cosmetics in bottles with different sizes. Pocket-sized products are ideal for travel, medium-sized bottles are suitable for home care and large bottles are for professional use.

  • Shampoo : 50ml, 250ml and 1L
  • Conditioner : 30ml, 200ml and 1L
  • Treatment mask : 30ml, 150ml and 500ml
  • Finishing oil : 30ml or 100ml


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