Inverter air conditioning 9000 BTUs

Top & Best Inverter air conditioning 9000 BTUs Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Inverter air conditioning 9000 BTUs: How to choose the best in 2022

Temperatures start to rise and so does the demand for air conditioning. After all, having this device is a matter of necessity and not a luxury. Today we want to bring everything you need to know about the 9000 BTU inverter air conditioner.  to refresh your summer, or maybe even warm up your winter.

This device is very affordable and companies have also looked for technologies to reduce their energy consumption, so air conditioning has become a very viable option. Follow us and learn all about the 9000 BTU inverter air conditioning models.

First, the most important

  • The 9000 BTU inverter air conditioner is one of the smallest models, ideal for small environments. We will talk more about this throughout the guide.
  • It is common to remember air conditioning only in summer, but hot and cold models can be very useful in winter, especially for those who have a baby at home and live in the South of the country.
  • The price of this equipment has dropped a lot in recent years and with about R $ 1,500 it is possible to buy an inverter air conditioner 9000 BTUs for your home.

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The best air conditioners inverter 9000: Our indications

Want to make your summer more refreshing? The inverter air conditioner 9000 BTUs can be the perfect option for your room. We have selected models of different brands and features so that you can choose the best one for your need and pocket:

Buying Guide

Do you know about inverter technology when it comes to air conditioning? Do you know the size of the environment that a 9000 BTU model can handle? We will answer this and other questions throughout this Buying Guide.

Nowadays air conditioning has become a necessity in every home. And with the drop in its price, it became more affordable for everyone, especially the air conditioning inverter 9000 BTUs. Follow us and learn to buy the best model for your home.

What is inverter technology about?

It is very common to come across the term reverse in the search for a new air conditioner, but do you know what it is about?

He was known to save even more energy, something that every user looks for in an air conditioning unit, since at the end of the month the operation of only one device can result in a significant difference in the electricity bill.


Inverter technology controls the flow of energy and reduces consumption.

In short, the inverter technology controls the flow of energy and reduces consumption when it detects that the environment needs less cooling, this temperature change is made without turning off the compressor. As it reduces these power surges and the compressor undergoes only adjustments, considerable savings can be achieved.

The advantages of this new technology are many. Check it out in the next section.

What are the advantages of investing in an inverter air conditioner 9000 BTUs?

When we talk about an inverter air conditioner 9000 BTUs (British Thermal Unit, or British Thermal Unit in Portuguese) we have to talk about the advantages in two categories, first of the inverter technology and second of the quantity of BTUs.

When it comes to inverter technology, we can already list some advantages over the conventional air conditioning unit. We already mentioned energy consumption in the previous section, but it is worth noting that this reduction in the electricity bill can reach 70%.

Another point worth mentioning is that by not turning off the compressor to regulate the temperature, it ends up being a very silent option. It also reaches the desired temperature more quickly.

The inverter air conditioner works with a gas that is environmentally-friendly (R410a) and does not harm the ozone layer.

In addition, the prices of an inverter air conditioner have dropped a lot and it is possible to invest in soft installments. This is also a positive point of the 9000 BTU models, which end up being the most affordable option on the market, as they offer less power.

And if you’re looking for an air conditioner for a small room, the 9000 BTU model is the right choice. It usually ends up being the best option for bedrooms.

And of course, an inverter air conditioner 9000 BTUs will consume less energy than a model of 12000 or more.

Its disadvantages are associated with two points, the inverter technology still requires a larger investment than the conventional model and 9000 BTUs can be inefficient for certain environments. You will understand more about this in the next sections. Now see a summary of the benefits.

For what room size is a 9000 BTU inverter air conditioner ideal?

Before answering this question, we want to teach you how to calculate the ideal number of BTUs for each room. Some factors influence this calculation, and the size of the environment is just one of them.

First, know that BTUs is a unit of measurement that determines the power of these devices, so we realized that 9000 BTUs is one of the least powerful models, especially when it comes to inverter air conditioning.

Less power does not mean inefficiency. If chosen for the right location, the 9000 BTU air conditioner may be the best option and will do its job well, to refresh or warm the room. Now for the calculation.

In addition to considering the size of the room, three other factors are important:

  • Number of people in the environment;
  • Number of electronic devices;
  • Incidence of the sun.The starting point is that 600 BTUs are calculated per square meter, and that calculation already includes one person. If there is sunlight in the environment, use 800 BTUs for the calculation. From there, you can add 600 BTUs per person more or electronic equipment in the environment.

Supposing you are looking for an appliance for your room, which has sunshine all morning. Next to you, your husband or wife sleeps. In the room, which is 10 square meters, you only have a television that stays on during the night.

Then there are 800 BTUs per square meter, plus 600 for the extra person and another 600 for the television set. Resulting in an air conditioner of approximately 9000 BTUs.

The region you live in, the number of windows in the room and the type and number of lamps can also alter this calculation, requiring a slightly more powerful air conditioner than the base calculation indicates.


What is the consumption of an air conditioner inverter 9000?

Again we need to resort to calculations. This result will depend on several factors such as the number of hours that work per day, how many days in the month you turn on the device, the energy consumption in kilowatts per hour per month (kwh / month) and the energy rate in reais. But calm down, we will help you understand this calculation.

Before, it is worth remembering that this is an average calculation, and not exact, there may be a small fluctuation. But with this data in hand, the formula is as follows:

(Average hours x average days) x consumption kwh / month x energy tariff. ( 1 )

Then divide the total by 30 days and you will have the price in reais of how much your bill will rise after installing your air conditioner.

Let’s simulate a situation. You live in São Paulo, use the air conditioner for about 6 hours at night when you are at home, but turn on the device every day of the month. Your device is 9000 BTUs and consumes 32 kwh / month. The calculation will look like this:

(6 x 30 = 180) x 32 kwh / month x R $ 0.56 / 30 days = R $ 107.52.

You will spend R $ 107.52 more with this device in the month. First, you multiply 6 hours for 30 days, and arrive in 180. Then you multiply by 32 – which is the consumption in kwh in the month, and then by 0.56 – average rate in the Southeast region ( 2 ) . Just divide by 30 days and you have your total.

That is, consumption depends on several factors. But be prepared to raise the price of your energy bill, even with the most economical devices. And always prioritize the purchase of a model with the Procel A seal, which guarantees more savings.

What is the difference between air conditioning inverter 9000 and 12000?

With so much information brought so far, we can conclude that the differences are in power, consumption and environmental indication.

An inverter air conditioner 12000 BTUs is ideal for larger environments, as we saw in the calculation in the previous sections. Because of this you can consume a little more energy. Of course, your investment turns out to be more expensive than a 9000 BTU model.

Do the calculations well to arrive at the right number of BTUs for your need. Generally, the 9000 or 12000 models are the most suitable for domestic use.

Purchasing Criteria: Compare 9000 inverter air conditioning models

Air conditioning has become essential equipment in homes, especially in the summer, when temperatures are super high. To know how to choose the best model for you, check out the criteria we have listed below:

  • Brand
  • Hot and cold
  • Functions
  • Design
  • Available budget

See each of these features in detail so there is no doubt.


The brands that offer 9000 BTU inverter air conditioning models are endless. A quick search shows the most varied models and prices.

Always prioritize more renowned brands that offer better guarantees and easier technical assistance. LG, Electrolux, Samsung, Elgin and Midea are some of them.

Hot and cold

An air conditioner can only have a cold function and also a hot one. The ‘hot and cold’ models are more expensive, even if the difference is sometimes small.

Think about the real need for the hot function before investing in something you might not use. It can be interesting for those who have babies at home and live in the South of the country.


Each model and brand offers specific functions, some are general. Check to see if you can turn off the light and the air conditioning panel that often gets in the way of sleep.

Other interesting functions are: gradual increase in temperature, timer for automatic shutdown, control via smartphone, among others.

Read all available functions well, users often leave the manual aside and end up not taking advantage of everything that the 9000 inverter air conditioner can offer.


Okay, most air conditioning models are white, well standardized. But you can find different designs, in black or silver. It depends on what you seek for your room.

Available budget

The price of an inverter air conditioner 9000 BTUs can vary from $ 1,000 to $ 1,800, or more. Check the budget you have for this investment and exclude what does not fit. It’s a great way to add a filter to your search.

But remember, many stores offer easy payment terms in smooth installments and that way you may not even have to give up a more expensive model.


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