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Tron Fan: What is the best model in 2022?

your Internet shopping guide! If you intend to purchase a Tron fan, but are unsure of where to start the search to identify the best model for your needs, this article is for you. Sturdy, quiet and reliable, the brand’s fans are available in different sizes, models and price ranges.

Follow this article to the end and check out everything that is most important to know about Tron fans, as well as the details you need to be aware of to choose the best model for your home or commercial establishment.

First, the most important

  • The brand manufactures fans for domestic, semi-industrial and industrial use, in the circulator and ceiling, wall, floor and table fan models.
  • Fans adaptable to the use of remote control, silent and with efficiency seal are the differentials of the brand.
  • The values ​​of Tron fans can vary from R $ 120 to more than R $ 500, depending on the model chosen.

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Best Tron fans: Our recommendations

Tron has one of the broadest fan lines on the market. With a variety of models for domestic and industrial use, the brand works with innovative designs, colors and materials. Check out our list with the selection of some of the best fan versions of the brand and get inspired to choose yours:

  • Brushed aluminum ceiling model
  • The best wall model

Buying Guide

Whether for ventilating domestic, commercial or industrial environments, the quality, efficiency and design of Tron fans are surprising. With over 70 versions available, the brand’s fans combine technology, power and practicality with bold designs that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Continue with us to learn everything about this product that is ideal for those who do not need a fresh and comfortable climate in any environment.

Is the Tron fan good?

The Tron fan lines exude innovation, beauty and versatility. Capable of producing good ventilation and meeting the needs of any environment, they are flexible in positioning and installation. In addition, they have competitive market prices.

Its propellers have a special design, with a greater angle of inclination of the claws to provide greater ventilation and efficiency. Easy to clean, the products have the Ence Seal, which guarantees efficiency: Greater ventilation and less energy consumption.


Tron is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, associated with 35 years of tradition and experience that consolidate the brand as one of the most important fan factories in the country, and the one with the greatest capacity for innovation.


Advanced technology engines have fully automated winding, so there is no variation from one engine to another. It is a guarantee of differentiated quality, isolation and calculation, providing excellent performance, greater torque, low energy consumption, less heating and extended service life.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of Tron fans in the table:

What is the best model of Tron fan?

The brand works, basically, with the following fan models: the ceiling fans – which are Tron’s flagship, the wall mounted ones, and the portable ones – which can be table or pedestal. All brand lines follow the same rigidity in terms of quality and efficiency and are adaptable for use with remote control.

Therefore, at the time of choice, the ideal is to focus on adapting the model to your objectives, since all versions have similar degrees of quality. In addition to the forms of installation and location of use, the choice of model directly impacts the possibilities of reaching and directing the wind generated by the product. Know the characteristics of each version:

    • Ceiling fan: Able to produce wind uniformly, spreading it throughout the environment, it generates efficient ventilation and air conditioning. However, the generated wind tends to be concentrated in the region below the fan. Ideal for bedrooms, offices, pantries and kitchens;
    • Oscillating wall fan: When used in oscillating mode, it produces more comprehensive ventilation, sending the wind over greater distances. Ideal for churches, auditoriums, event halls and waiting rooms;
    •  Portable desk: Ideal for individual or collective use, if it offers the option of oscillation. It may have a shorter range, depending on the size and power of the model. Portable and practical, it is a wild model, as it is suitable for different uses and rooms;
    •  Portable with pedestal: Similar to the table, it has the differential of having a pedestal support, which allows it to be on top without the support of furniture or other surfaces. Ideal for dynamic use and can be adapted to various rooms.


How to install the Tron fan?

The way in which Tron fans are installed varies according to the version chosen. The portable models do not require installation, simply connecting to the electrical network for the operation of the device. However, ceiling models can be more complicated to install.

Check the instruction manual of the chosen model. For your greater safety and comfort, the brand recommends that the assembly and electrical installation of the ceiling fans be done by a qualified professional technician. Anyway, some precautions must be observed in the process. Check out tips:

  1. Check that the power supply is disconnected and that the supply voltage is compatible with the device before starting the installation;
  2. Make sure that the ceiling fan installation location supports a load of at least 25 kg;
  3. Position the product so that the fan blades are 2.3 m above or above the floor and at least 0.5 m from the walls;
  4. Connect the ground wire to an installation protection conductor, according to NBR 5410;
  5. During any maintenance on the ceiling fan, including replacing burnt out lamps, turn off the main switch .


How do I keep the Tron fan?

Although the brand fans are famous for their durability and resistance, there are some maintenance and conservation tips that can help you keep your fan as new for much longer.

    • Do not lean on the paddles of the appliance or use excessive force when cleaning. The effort can cause the fan to unbalance;
    • Avoid the use of chemicals, washing powder or others for cleaning the ventilator. There is a risk of changes in the colors of the device;
    • Do not leave the fan unattended for a long time . Turn on the device at least once a week to ensure the health of the engine and other components;
    • Check and adjust the screws, chandeliers and glasses every 6 months to ensure safety and prevent noise;


How much does it cost and where to buy the Tron fan?

The prices of Tron fans vary widely depending on the model and product line. It is possible to find good domestic models for values ​​starting at R $ 120. The semi-industrial models, with more power and more robust, or the premium versions can cost more than R $ 500.

You can buy your Tron fan in physical stores of small appliances, such as Lojas Americanas, FastShop, Ponto Frio or Magazine Luiza. However, it is on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Mercado Livre and ShopTime, in addition to the brand’s own online store, that it is possible to find the largest variety of models and product voltages.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare Tron fans

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already learned a lot about Tron fans, their models and differentials. Finally, we will list some of the important features in a good product, so you can compare and recognize the best fan option for your home, business or industry. Are they:

  • Line
  • Settings and remote control
  • Special functions
  • Material

Below the details of each of these characteristics. To know:


Tron divides its fans into several lines, each with specific characteristics. Know:

  • LED Ceiling Fans: Models with LED luminaires attached;
  • Oscillating Colors: Oscillating models available in several bright and irreverent colors;
  • Oscillating Premium: Oscillating models with premium designs and materials;
  • Transparent Paddles: Ceiling versions with translucent, modern and innovative propellers;
  • Colors fans: Ceiling fans , available in white, green, blue, pink and yellow, for you to choose the option that best matches your decor;
  •  Silver Line: Ceiling models based on steel;
  • Golden Line: Ceiling versions with refined chandelier;
  • Maximum Line and Maximum Chrome Line: Different ceiling fan designs to complement your decor;
  • Max Line: Clean models for ceiling in versions with and without chandelier;
  • Line C1: Wall, table and pedestal models with reinforced steel grids;
  • PP Line – Wall, table and pedestal models with polypropylene grids.

Settings and remote control

Tron fans come with several options for adjusting speed, and even light intensity, depending on the model. But the great advantage of the brand is that all products in the fan line can be adaptable for use with the Tron remote control.

Some fan versions of the brand already come with the accessory. But for everyone else it is possible to buy the controller separately.

Special functions

In addition to the possibility of adaptation for use with remote control, Tron fans can have special functions such as: Motor with thermal protector; vertical position adjustment; Intelligent lighting and 3-stage led ceiling light in the hot light and cold light options, and much more.

In wall or portable versions, the models also have a snap-in grid that reinforces safety in handling, as well as easy locks, which allow the possibility of removal to clean the device more easily.


Another differential of the fans of the Tron brand is the wide variety of materials and finishes used in the design and manufacture of the models. Wood, acrylic, plastic, metal, glass and stainless steel are among the wide list of materials used in the manufacture of the brand’s products.

Always striving for the quality of the raw material, Tron combines these elements very well, providing designs from the most classic to the most modern and bold, and offering options for all tastes, pockets and decorating styles.



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