Philco air conditioning

Top & Best Philco air conditioning Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Philco air conditioning: How to choose the best in 2022?

The online home appliance and electronics guide. With Philco air conditioning you pay fair prices to have a professional appliance at home or in the office.

The brand’s models are subjected to rigorous quality tests before going to stores. This explains the fame of the productions today. To take an edition that matches your preferences read the complete Shopping Guide below.

First, the most important

  • More amounts of BTU means that the Philco air conditioner is superior in power. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit , which means British Thermal Unit .
  • Larger environments need more powerful Philco air conditioning.
  • With the timer function you can turn the device on or off whenever you want, automatically.

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Best Philco air conditioning models: Our recommendations

In ReviewBox Brasil there is no excess heat because Philco air conditioners guarantee a fresh environment that optimizes work. See what these versions are:

  • Split model for small environments
  • Air conditioning with great cost-benefit
  • A great 4 in 1 portable air option

Buying Guide

The Philco air conditioner is popular for generating savings in the energy bill to maintain the best climate in the environments. Learn information that qualifies your expertise as a conscious customer in the quest to purchase this product.

How does Philco air conditioning inverter technology work?

A Philco air conditioner that has an inverter has a kind of electronic device inside that works to regulate the compressor rhythm automatically, taking into account also the temperature changes in the environment.

With the inverter the air conditioning compressor Philco remains in constant operation and has more speed to generate the desired climate.

Thanks to this type of technology your device can consume less energy without losing quality at work.

Does the Philco air conditioner have a hot and cold temperature?

It depends on the version. Most models are optimized to generate cold air.

It is possible to find Philco hot / cold air conditioning in two popular versions. One edition has a power of 9,000 BTUS while the other version features 12,000 BTUS or more (find out about BTUS in the “purchase criteria” section).

What makes Philco air conditioning a reliable choice?

One of the positive points is the manufacturer’s reputation. Philco sells his models to dozens of countries and is among the global leaders in the manufacture of such products.

The equipment has high performance technologies to enhance the experience of freshness or heating in indoor environments of the most different sizes. Some standards have years of warranty! Discover the pros and cons in the table:

Air conditioning Philco or other brands: Which is the best?

Popular air conditioning brands are: Philco, Electrolux and LG.

Philco models have an American standard and in general have technologies that represent true world trends. Electrolux air conditioning costs lower prices, you can find powerful versions also with LG seal.

Below you will learn more about the differences between manufacturers’ air conditioning models prior to purchase:

How much does it cost and where to buy a Philco air conditioner?

Philco air conditioning can cost from R $ 900 to R $ 7,000. Generally the values ​​are higher according to the number of BTUS and the technologies in the models. Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and Magazine Luiza are well-known points of sale for the product.

There are promotions on Amazon that do not charge shipping for delivery. Online it is easier to find different models at lower prices than in traditional retail, especially at Amazon with its free delivery offers. There are also some editions on other trusted sites like Submarino and Shoptime.

Did you know that Philco appeared in 1892 in the United States and had the original name of the Spencer Company? The brand started in the production of lamps, but soon became a world reference in several technological productions, including air conditioning.



Purchasing Criteria: How to compare Philco air conditioning models

Acquire a more powerful model or something compact and easy to store? This is just one of the questions you must answer to stand out when buying Philco air conditioning.

The points listed below help you to prepare better before you take your credit card out of your wallet to confirm your purchase:

  • BTU
  • Functions
  • Serpentine
  • Mobility

The meanings of the Philco air conditioning purchase criteria will be explained below:


The acronym BTU (British Thermal Unit, or British Thermal Unit) is present in any version of Philco air conditioning. The higher the value, the more powerful the device.

Higher power editions may take longer to adjust the temperature, as well as being more costly in energy consumption. It is important to buy a model according to the characteristics of the place of use:

  • Air conditioning Philco 9,000 BTUS : For use in smaller apartments or small offices. The models have essential operations such as heating, ventilating, cooling and dehumidifying.
  • Air conditioning Philco 12,000 BTUS : Can be used in places with a maximum area of ​​20m². In addition to the basic functions, the models eliminate fungi and bacteria, creating a healthier environment.
  • Philco air conditioning with more than 12,000 BTUs : In addition to the features of the less powerful standards, these editions are intelligent, with automatic operation options, ecological gas and special filters. Use such production in large locations.


Review the functions of the Philco device to see if they are suitable for your needs. Features may change with each model. Some are:

  • Sleep : Adjust the night temperature for you to sleep in more comfort.
  • Invert : Generates energy savings and imposes the fastest temperature in the environment.
  • Timer : Turns on or off according to the times pre-programmed by you.
  • Swing : Distributes air flow better to all parts of the environment.
  • Jet Dry : Eliminates 99% of bacteria and fungi.
  • Automatic : The device generates the best air conditioning, also taking into account the environmental conditions of the place of use.


The Philco air conditioning coil can be made of copper or aluminum:

  • Copper : Superior in resistance and thermal conductivity, perfect for environments established in coastal areas that can deteriorate the device faster.
  • Aluminum : It makes Philco air-conditioning cost less in the market. Suitable for models with 12,000 BTUS on average, in urban or rural areas.


The price increases more because of BTUS than by size.

If you want to take the model to different locations with ease, choose the smaller versions. Portable air conditioning is simple to use on different surfaces, powerful to the point that some models exceed 11,000 BTUS.

To use air conditioning at a fixed location, buy editions that are easy to install on the ceiling or at one of the different points of the property. When considering models with the same amount of BTUS there are not many price differences between portable and fixed versions. The price increases more because of BTUS than by size.



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