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Top & Best Arno Fan Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Arno Fan: Which are the best of 2022?

Summer is just around the corner to start the search for ways to cool off in the high temperatures. For that, the Arno fan is a great option and that’s what we’ll talk about today, welcome!

Being able to be placed on the table, on the floor and even installed on the wall, this product can adapt to all needs. It has a high power differential and thus generates stronger winds, leaving the whole space cooler.

And if you are looking for an Arno fan, know that in this text we present you the main models, their differentials and much more. To know everything just read until the end.

First, the most important

  • The Arno fan generates low energy consumption and is among the most powerful.
  • There are options of all sizes and models, with table, wall, ceiling and column versions.
  • The Arno fan is very modern and there are options with remote control and others that disperse repellent while working.

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The best Arno fan models: Our choices

Arno has a wide range of fans and among so many options, some are the best rated. To show you what they are, we created this ranking, check and choose yours.

  • A strong and powerful option
  • An option to scare away insects
  • An Arno ceiling fan


Buying Guide

The fan is an indispensable product on hot days and Arno models combine energy saving with high efficiency. That is precisely why they are present at the home of so many.

And to talk more about them and still help you choose the ideal one for your need we created this buying guide. In it we will show your differentials, values, types and much more.

What is different about the Arno fan?

The Arno fan combines a series of differentials and thanks to that it is very advantageous and stands out in the national market. An example of this is its low noise emission. The brand’s products are quiet and therefore do not disturb the day to day and bedtime.

The power of the Arno fan is yet another advantage. Most models have six blades and many have the power zone, which is an area where there is a greater concentration of wind. Thanks to this, the environment is cooler, even on the hottest days.

Another great differential of the brand is its fan with repellent. It is possible to cool off and protect from insects. And this model is compatible with all liquid repellents sold in the country.

There are also options for use on a table, wall, column and ceiling. This makes the Arno fan able to adapt to all needs and spaces as well.

It should be noted that Arno has developed ceiling and table models that have remote control. This is a differential that makes handling the fan easy and practical, not to mention that many have a touchscreen panel.

The only negative point is that some options have a short power cord, which makes their use more limited to the outlet space.

Where are Arno fans manufactured?

A French organization that has world leadership in the manufacture of small appliances.

Even after this purchase, the brand maintained its headquarters in the country and the Arno fan is manufactured in the units that are located in the city of São Paulo and in Recife.

What Arno fan lines are there?

In terms of fan Arno is very complete and has a wide range of products. Each of them belongs to a specific line and below you know a little more about them.

  • Arno Silence Force: This is the most complete line and has Arno table, wall and column fans. They have a different design with grid design inspired by an airplane turbine and combine low noise with power, at different speeds.
  • Arno Super Force: The fan that belongs to this line is the strongest in the table fan category. It also has an EcoPower engine, which can be up to 20% more economical.
  • Arno Turbo: In this line there is a table fan and a column version. Both have the repellent function and guarantee more wind power, being up to 2x quieter.
  • Arno Ultimate : In this line there is only the ceiling fan of the brand and it has the advantage of being 35% more economical, thanks to its exclusive electronic engine. In addition, it has remote control activation.
  • Arno Relief : Also containing a ceiling fan, the Arno Relief line brings a model with low energy consumption and a globe for two lamps.

What is the warranty for the Arno fan?

All Arno fans are guaranteed for 12 months. However, it is important to know that this guarantee is only valid for domestic use of the product. Therefore, the brand does not cover damages if its use is professional or commercial.

How to easily clean an Arno fan?

Keeping cool on hot days is essential, but in order to have the Arno fan working perfectly it is essential to keep it clean. In relation to this, the mark indicates that cleaning must be carried out at least every 15 days. Thus the environment remains free of dust mites and respiratory diseases.

In addition, when the fan is excessively dusty it can consume up to twice as much energy, since a greater effort is required to function. Therefore, to keep the product clean you can follow the step by step below.

  1. Turn off the appliance and remove the plug from the socket.
  2. Lift the clips upwards to release the front grille and pull it towards you.
  3. After unhooking the grill, use a soft cloth moistened with water or water and mild soap to clean the propeller.
  4. Wash the front grill with water, soap and a sponge and dry it with a cloth.
  5. Snap the grid back into the fan body, taking care with the clips until you hear a click.
  6. To clean the engine and base, use only a soft cloth moistened with water or water and mild soap.

Remember that the engine block and the fan base should never be cleaned. If this is done, electrical problems may occur in the switch and in the cord with plug.


How much does the Arno fan cost?

The Arno fan is not very expensive and even the most modern and advanced models have an affordable price. With that, it is possible to find options costing from R $ 110 to around R $ 800.

The most expensive models are those with remote control, while the cheapest are table top models.

Only in 1947 did Arno start producing home appliances. And the first products in this segment made by the Arno brand were waxing machines, vacuum cleaners, pressure cookers and blenders.

Where to buy the Arno fan?

Finding an Arno fan to buy is a simple and easy task, since the brand’s products are widely sold in the country. Therefore, if you want to purchase one of these in a physical store, some options are.

Online you can also buy an Arno fan and some sites that sell this item are Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Arno fan types

Now that you have understood everything about the Arno fan, the time has come for us to help you choose the ideal model. For this you must take into account the following factors:

  • Fan type
  • Wind force
  • Energy consumption
  • Amount of noise

Below we will detail each one of them so that you do not make a mistake in the purchase.

Fan type

The first point to be analyzed before buying an Arno fan is its type and there are options for table, ceiling, column and wall.

The table models are versatile and have the facility to be taken everywhere. In addition, they are among the most powerful of the brand and when not in use they can be stored even in cabinets .

For those who want practicality there are ceiling and wall fans. These are easily installed and do not interfere with the day to day, managing to refresh a large area.

The column fans take up more space, however they are very efficient. They are found in different heights and in some color options.

Wind force

Another fundamental point about a fan and its power, that is, the force with which the wind is emanated by the product. This power is determined in watts and the higher it is, the more intense the wind produced.

Still in relation to this, it is worth remem

ering that some Arno fan models have the power zone, which is an area where there is maximum concentration of wind. These are usually stronger and so they can refresh more.


Energy consumption

On warmer days the number of baths increases and so does the use of fans. At the end of the month, this can represent a considerable expenditure of energy, so choosing a model that is economical can be a good option.

In general, Arno fans have low energy consumption. To find out if what you are thinking of buying is positive in this sense, read in the manufacturer’s specifications.

Energy consumption is determined in kW / hour/month and the lower this number, the more economical the fan is.

Amount of noise

The noise of the fans is something that bothers some consumers a lot, especially at bedtime. Knowing this, Arno invested in models that are very quiet.

Some Arno fans have a sleep mode.

They belong to the Arno Silence Force and Arno Turbo Silêncio lines, so if that is an important factor for you, choose a fan that belongs to one of them.

Another differential of the Arno fan with respect to noise is that some rely on sleep mode. This feature has a differentiated ventilation speed and emits less noise so as not to disturb sleep.

Drive type

Modernity has also arrived in the universe of fans and it is currently possible to choose products that have different ways of activation. At Arno there are options that are activated by buttons and by remote control.

Among those that have buttons, there are simpler models and others that have a touchscreen panel. For those who want more practicality, the versions with remote control are very welcome.


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