Top & Best Samsung air conditioning Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Samsung air conditioning: What is the best of 2022?

Those looking for an air conditioner end up facing a large number of manufacturers. To make your choice easier, today we will deal with one of the most renowned on the market: Samsung air conditioning.

Next, we’ll show you what Samsung’s main air conditioning features and models are, and help you choose the best one for your home or office.

First, the most important

  • Samsung air conditioning is one of the top of the line due to its high technology, durability and variety of features.
  • Before purchasing an air conditioner from Samsung you need to ensure that the location has the necessary characteristics for the correct installation.
  • To buy the best model, observe the number of BTUs, the
    power consumption of the device, the type of cycle and the extra functions.

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Buying Guide

Choosing the best air conditioner, whether for your home or workplace, is not so simple. And even though Samsung’s air conditioning is top of the line, the fact is that there are different models, for each type of room and situation. Therefore, in this Buying Guide we will answer all your questions.

What is the differential of Samsung air conditioning?

Samsung’s various types of air conditioners are so popular with consumers, mainly due to the brand’s reputation.

After all, Samsung is known for investing in cutting edge technology both in function and features and in the design of its products.

But, in addition, it is possible to mention some differentials that only Samsung air conditioning offers. Are they:

    • Durability : The copper coil present in the Samsung air conditioner prevents corrosion of the device;
    • Full HD filter : Samsung’s air conditioner has a high density filter, which is more efficient for retaining solid particles;
    • Wi-Fi : With Samsung air conditioning you can control the device’s functions from the app, wherever you are. The Smart Home app allows you to remotely adjust the functions and program the air conditioning operation;
    • Zero Standby Power : Samsung air conditioning also has this feature that saves energy while the device is not being used, thus reducing consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional devices.


According to Samsung, the energy saved in “Zero Standby Power” mode is sufficient for you to be able to use other electronic devices without paying extra for it.

In addition, Samsung’s most complete air conditioning models feature Samsung Digital Inverter 8-Pole compressors, which maintain the desired temperature without having to turn the equipment off and on so often.

This type of compressor from Samsung also offers less noise and, the best: It has a 10-year warranty.

Did you know that Samsung currently offers only split air conditioning?

Split is a type of air conditioner that has a unit that is outside the house, called a condenser; and another unit inside the house, the evaporator.

Split air conditioning is more efficient and quieter compared to window and portable air conditioning.

What technologies are present in Samsung air conditioning?

In addition to Samsung’s exclusive features, the brand’s air conditioning features cutting-edge technologies.

And, although there are different models of air conditioning, some technologies end up being common to most of them.

To give you a sense of how these technologies work and the importance of them in Samsung air conditioning, we have selected the main and most desired by consumers. Look:

    • Wind-Free: This technology ensures that the air conditioner works without wind;
    • Digital InverterDigital Inverter technology offers energy efficiency and a lower noise level. This is possible because when the air conditioning temperature is reached, the compressor starts to operate with minimum capacity, resulting in savings of up to 60% in energy.
    • Triple Protector Plus: With this technology present in the Samsung air conditioner, the device is free of overload and can withstand extreme conditions.


Samsung air conditioning: What is the Virus Doctor?

One of the differentials of Samsung air conditioning that deserves to be highlighted is the feature called Virus Doctor.

According to Samsung, according to a test carried out by the University of São Paulo (USP), air conditioners that have the Virus Doctor technology are able to completely eliminate the viruses that cause influenza from the ambient air.

In addition, this technology present in some Samsung air conditioning models considerably reduces the presence of harmful bacteria and fungi in the air. The Doctor Virus is also capable of killing dust mites, which are sources of allergens.

How does technical support for Samsung air conditioning work?

Every appliance can have a malfunction or even a technical defect throughout its useful life. That is why it is so important to have good and affordable technical assistance from the manufacturer.

In the case of Samsung air conditioners, most of which are inverter type, you have a few channels to access technical support. You can contact technical assistance, for example, by calling the installer’s phone (0800 0244 300).

But in addition, Samsung also provides a channel on its official website so that you can answer questions, even when installing the air conditioning.

Also on the Samsung website, you will be able to discover the right capacity for your inverter air conditioning installation project, order replacement parts, among others.

What to know before installing Samsung air conditioning?

Before you even buy your Samsung air conditioner you need to keep some details in mind when it comes to installing the device.

To begin, Samsung recommends that you hire a trusted technician to install the product. This is because the poor installation of the appliance can cause damage to the air conditioning unit.

Then, it is essential to follow the instructions of the brand for the correct installation of the Samsung air conditioner, either at home or at the office. Here are some of the main recommendations:

    • The pipes in the location where the Samsung air conditioner will be installed must be at least 3 meters. In addition, they must be made of copper and will have to connect the inside with the outside;
    • A separate circuit breaker is required for each unit and electrical wiring. It is worth mentioning that Samsung’s air conditioning uses a 220V socket;
    • Neither the indoor unit nor the outside should be exposed to direct sunlight ;
    • Avoid having other appliances or furniture near your Samsung air conditioner.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung air conditioning?

If you’ve made it this far, you can see that Samsung air conditioning goes beyond just cooling the space in which it is installed.

As we have seen, the brand invests in varied resources and high technology. Therefore, the great advantage of a Samsung air conditioner is that you can choose from several models, with different features and technologies.

But as a negative point is the fact that Samsung air conditioners work only with 220V voltage.

Therefore, Samsung advises that, when calling the installation technician, he must pay attention and care with the electrical part of the air conditioner.

In addition, the outlet that must be used to connect the Samsung air conditioner must comply with the standard of the NBR 14136 standard, with three plugs.

How much does it cost and where to buy Samsung air conditioning?

The price of a Samsung air conditioner may vary depending on the model, the features and technologies present in the device.

But, generally, Samsung air conditioning costs between R $ 1.5 and R $ 5,000. To purchase the appliance, you can opt for supermarkets like Carrefour, or department stores like Casas Bahia.

The internet is another option. When you buy online at stores like Amazon you can take advantage of promotions and still receive your Samsung air conditioner at home.


Purchasing Criteria: How to analyze the Samsung air conditioner

To buy the best Samsung air conditioner, you need to understand a little about the technical operation of the device. Therefore, we have listed the main topics that should be considered when comparing the various models:

  • Refrigerating capacity
  • Energy consumption
  • Cycles
  • Functions

Below, you can see how to analyze each of these items.

Refrigerating capacity

When choosing your Samsung air conditioner it is important to analyze the cooling capacity of the device, which is measured in BTUs.

It is the amount of BTU that will determine the power of the air conditioning necessary to reach the desired temperature in a given environment.

Samsung air conditioning can be between 9000 and 24000 BTU / h.

In general, you will find models with varying cooling capacity. Samsung air conditioning can be between 9000 and 24000 BTU / h.

In order to choose the best one, keep in mind that the BTU must be considered according to the size of the place where the air conditioning will be installed, among other factors, such as, for example, the amount of light and people.

Below, you will find a detailed explanation of the recommended amount of BTU of the Samsung air conditioner according to the location footage.

Energy consumption

Another factor that you should take into account when buying the best Samsung air conditioner is the power consumption of the equipment.

Depending on the model you choose, consumption can vary between 15.9 kWh per month and 44 kWh per month. Of course, the lower the power consumption, the better.


Also note the type of Samsung air conditioning cycle, which can be just cold or hot and cold. The second option is ideal for those who live in regions where it is necessary to cool and heat the temperature, depending on the season.


Another important criterion to consider when purchasing is the extra functions of the Samsung air conditioner. We have selected the main ones that may be useful for you:

  • Quiet : This function reduces the noise generated by the indoor unit;
  • Smart Saver : Saves energy while the device is in cold mode;
  • Auto Clean : Automatically cleans the air conditioner, preventing the formation of mold and the accumulation of dirt;
  • Good’Sleep : This function automatically controls the temperature of the Samsung air conditioner during sleep, and saves up to 36% of energy consumption.


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