Top & Best Electric heater Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric heater: What’s the best of 2022?

In today’s article we will talk about an equipment that has been gaining space in the home who live in the coldest regions or that have more severe winters: the electric heater.

When the cold comes, the concern with keeping ourselves adequately warm also comes. When clothes and blankets are no longer sufficient or convenient, the electric heater is the most efficient and practical option to use at home or at work.

In this Review, we will give you tips on choosing the perfect electric heater ideal for each type of room and user profile, as well as presenting the best options on the market and what to consider to choose the perfect type and model of heater for your needs.

First, the most important

  • Gaining more and more popularity, the heater is available in different models and configurations. To choose the ideal, first identify the usage profile that will be given to the device and the space that will need to be serviced by the equipment.
  • Model, type, power, capacity, size, design, form of installation, energy consumption and safety devices are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • Prices vary according to the make, model and power of the electric heater. It is possible to find simpler compact versions starting at R $ 60, and more sophisticated models can cost more than R $ 500.

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Ranking: The 5 best electric heaters

Do you want to ensure a warm and pleasant environment for you to work or relax with your family in a practical and safe way? Today, fortunately, this is possible without high investments or the need for complicated installations, renovations or break-breaks.

We have selected the most interesting heater models available on the market to help you choose. Check the list:

Buying Guide

A suitable electric heater can give you the advantage of air-conditioning any indoor environment efficiently, without having to strain or spend a lot, making your home or office much cozier without spending a lot.

Now that you’ve checked out our electric heater suggestions, let’s move on to the next step and follow the Buying Guide. In this session, you will have access to the most relevant information about electric heaters.

What is an electric heater?

The electric heater is a device used to heat the temperature of the environment, through mechanisms that use electrical energy. Many families, especially those who live in the south, buy such a device to make the house cozier in the coldest times of the year.

Some day-to-day tasks, such as bathing, get quite complicated when temperatures drop. Domestic models are generally portable since they are used only in winter.

What are the advantages of an electric heater?

The biggest advantage of the electric heater, of course, is practicality. Gone is the time when in order to ward off the cold and have a warm environment it was necessary to find firewood, cut it, light a fireplace or fire, and keep it stocked.

With electric heaters it is possible to heat any room without requiring any effort from the user: just plug it into the outlet and adjust the thermostats.

In addition, portable models have the advantage of versatility, as they can be transported and used in any environment.

The more compact versions, even, can even be taken without major inconvenience for tours and trips. And the good news is that there are versions for every budget on the market. However, energy consumption can increase significantly with the use of the equipment.

As it is a device that generates heat, the heater can reduce the humidity of the environment, in addition to offering risks of burns and accidents, so its use should be done with caution.

What are the different types of electric heaters?

Heaters can have different forms of heating. The most common are halogens, oil, ceramic or fan heater. They have different characteristics and you can check them one by one below:

  • Halogen: It has an incandescent heating system with resistances, which are exposed. This feature dries out the air but makes the model able to heat the environment more quickly.
    It is the type with the highest energy consumption. It is not indicated for humid places, nor for those who have children or animals since the grids and resistances can reach higher temperatures and cause accidents. It should not be positioned close to any type of object.
  • Oil: The internal resistance heats the oil, which in turn heats the ambient air, which makes this type of heater the slowest compared to the others. But it is also the most economical, using up to 15% less electricity.
    It has a low noise level and does not dry out the air. It is only available in the portable, floor model. The oil does not need to be changed.
  • Ceramic: It also has a heating element, which is coated with ceramic. The coating retains the heat, which is distributed by a fan for uniform spread.
    The fan makes noise, which can be considered bothersome by some people. It heats up fast, and is manufactured in portable wall versions. It is more economical and does not dry the air as much.
  • Thermoventilator : With heating similar to the halogen type, it presents the differential of a fan propeller, responsible for dissipating heat by the environment. It is generally portable and lightweight, but less powerful than other models. It leaves the environment drier and usually heats up on the outside, offering the risk of burns.

How much?

The price of heaters can vary widely according to the make and model. You can find the simplest ones for values ​​starting at R $ 60. Models of the most renowned brands and special functions such as timer and remote control can cost more than R $ 500.

Do a lot of research before you buy, as the same product may fluctuate in value from one place to another. If buying online, consider the cost of shipping. Depending on the region and the volume of the product packaging, shipping can greatly increase the final purchase price.

Finally, use the price comparison platforms, which can be good allies in the search for the best deals.

Where to buy?

You can buy your electric heater in physical stores that sell small appliances, It is also possible to purchase the product in supermarkets.

However, it is on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Livre that it is possible to find the greatest product variety in different models and brands.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing electric heater models

Of course, no one needs to be an expert on the product they want to purchase. But of course, if you have followed this article so far, it is because you are interested in making the right purchase, and choosing your heater as a professional.

Below, we will present some characteristics for which you should be aware when comparing models, types, and brands of this product. After defining your need, consider the following aspects to choose the product that will best suit you:

  • Model
  • Power and capacity
  • Energy consumption
  • Security devices


Electric heaters are available in floor, table or wall models. Each of them has different functions and meet specific needs. Check out:

  • Floor: They are portable, can be static or rotating, like the fan heaters, with or without casters, depending on the model;
  • Table: They are generally reduced in size, given smaller spaces, and are also portable;
  • Wall-mounted: These are split or recessed, require professional installation and are generally more powerful.

Power and capacity

The power of electric heaters is measured in Watts. The higher the power, the higher the heating capacity of the device. The models available usually have power ranging between 700W and 1,800W.

Environments with cold floors, for example, will need more powerful heaters than rooms with wooden floors or carpet.

Choose according to the size of the location where the appliance will be used. Models with lower power are more suitable for use in environments up to 15m².

The 1,500W power models heat up environments of up to 25m² satisfactorily, while the 1800W power models can heat up to 35m².

A heater with inadequate power for the space where it is used can heat more or less than necessary. There is no contraindication for using powerful heaters in small environments, but pay attention to the thermostat setting.

For larger spaces, consider the use of two or more appliances positioned at distant points, thus ensuring the best heat distribution and that the ideal temperature is reached.

Security devices

As we already mentioned, the heater is a device that generates heat, and can offer risks of burns, fires and accidents. Therefore, give preference to models with safety devices.

Some examples are the automatic shutdown, which deactivates the device in the event of overheating and the fall and anti-tip sensors, which turn off the heater in case of falls, thus avoiding the risk of burning floors and even causing flames.

Some models, such as halogens, are not suitable for those with children and animals, because the external grills heat up and can cause burns.

Give preference to models that do not offer a risk of burns due to outdoor heating. And for your safety, never put anything on your heater.

Energy consumption

The use of electric heaters can have significant impacts on the electricity bill at the end of the month.

According to a survey by Idec, Institute of Consumer Protection, the use of the heater for 8 hours a day for 2 weeks can generate an increase of R $ 50 to R $ 95 in the energy bill, depending on the model and the power regulation used.

Therefore, when choosing, give preference to devices with A or B classification on the energy efficiency label, which are more economical.

In addition, to reduce consumption, always unplug the appliance when it is not in use. Only turn on the heater when people are in the room, and keep doors and windows closed to prevent heat from dissipating.



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