Top & Best Inverter air conditioning Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Inverter air conditioning: Which are the best of 2022?

We appreciate your presence here! Today we are going to talk about an innovative article, which many people still do not know: the air conditioning inverter.

This appliance has attracted the attention of consumers for its ability to greatly reduce electricity consumption, with the added bonus of being sustainable and presenting excellent performance.

When compared to a traditional air conditioner, it has several advantages and can be a great option for your home. Want to understand more about it? Below we will present a compiled of information that will not leave you doubts when making your purchase.

First, the most important

  • The inverter is a type of air conditioning that is differentiated by the operation of the engine. Its rotation is variable and continuous, which ensures consistency at the desired temperature, without voltage spikes.
  • This type of operation avoids engine wear, and therefore, the energy consumption is much lower.
  • The gas used in the inverter air conditioning is R410a, known as Ecological Gas because it is free of chlorine molecules, and because it does not harm the ozone layer.

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The best air-conditioners reverse: Our suggestions

With the arrival of the heat, we realized that air conditioning has become less and less a luxury item. Today, with rising temperatures, it is almost a must to have one of these at home.

But before we discuss the advantages of this type of air conditioning, let’s list which are the best products of this niche on the market. Check out our selection below:

  • Inverter air conditioning with different design
  • The best cost-benefit
  • A model well rated by users

Buying Guide

When it comes to air conditioning, “inverter” may be a new term for you, but it is not difficult to understand its meaning. We will help you master everything that involves this category of air conditioning.

In this Guide, we will show you all the advantages, disadvantages and variations of this article. Here, we will also talk about values ​​and raise other questions that can help you when buying.

What is an air conditioning inverter?

It is only summertime that everyone runs to appliance stores in search of an air conditioner that relieves the discomfort caused by high temperatures.

But, to the surprise of the majority, some models end up proving too disadvantageous, mainly because they consume a lot of electric energy, and for not being able to maintain a constant temperature.

The good news is that the technology has already advanced enough to offer us an air conditioner with a super interesting and innovative proposal. That’s where inverter air conditioning comes in.

The air conditioning with inverter technology is a durable, economical, quiet and very competent device. Its differential is in the operation of the engine, which does not act in the “on and off” system as in traditional models.

What are your advantages of this type of device?

In this air conditioner, the engine runs with a continuous rotation, but always balanced, in order to wear the device much less and to keep the ambient temperature constant, without peaks of cold or heat.

This promotes not only greater comfort, but also an energy expenditure that can be up to 60% less. In addition, the inverter model makes almost no noise, as it has no voltage spikes.

As the name implies, the device reverses the frequency that controls the speed of air compression. The hotter an environment is, the higher its speed of operation and vice versa.

Another striking advantage of inverter air conditioning is the issue of sustainability. Unlike most conventional models, it is not equipped with R22 gas, which attacks the ozone layer.

The gas used in the device is R410a, also known as Ecological Gas. In addition to being free of chlorine molecules that harm the environment, it performs better than R22 itself.

In general, this is a very useful device and fulfills its promise. If you live in a hot city, air conditioning like this is certainly the best option.

Its only disadvantage is in the price, which is a little more salty compared to traditional models. However, because it is becoming popular, the value of the inverter is not something out of reality, and if you research well, you will surely find one that fits in your pocket.

What is the difference between an inverter and a traditional air conditioner?

The difference in operation between the two types is great, and we will explain to you why the air conditioning inverter is more worthwhile.

The air-conditioned traditional , despite being a great ally on hot days, also it has some modern features regarding the operation of your engine.

As we already mentioned, it works in the “on and off” scheme, as it works with fixed and intermittent rotation to reach the expected temperature, which causes several peaks of cold and heat.

The inverter, on the other hand, works with variable and continuous rotation, keeps the temperature constant without having to turn it off, which makes it feel much more comfortable, especially during sleep.

On average, the traditional model needs a little more time to reach the ideal temperature, since inverting it, reaches that temperature much faster, because the gas circulates with more pressure inside the device.


The inverter comes out ahead, as it is more economical.

Another important factor is that the electricity consumption of a conventional air conditioner is very high, which leaves the bill very heavy at the end of the month. And in this regard, the inverter also comes out ahead, as it is more economical.

As we have already said here, the issue of sustainability must also be taken into account. It is not legal that you buy a device that harms the environment, and most conventional models have this feature.

As it is a much more modern and technological device, the cost of an inverter ends up being more expensive, as well as its maintenance, since not all professionals are qualified to work with this technology.

However, if you put it on the tip of the pencil, it ends up being worth the cost benefit of buying such a device for your home, especially due to the monthly energy savings.

Compare the two models:

How much does an air conditioning inverter cost?

The cost of an air conditioner with inverter technology will depend a lot on the cooling power of the chosen model. The more BTUs an air conditioner has, the more powerful it is.

In the case of a room in a house, an air conditioner with 12,000 or 18,000 BTUs is enough, and the price for the product with this specification varies between R $ 2,000 and R $ 4,000.

If you are going to use your device in a very large space, without dividing rooms (like a shed) and need a more powerful air conditioner, be prepared to invest a little more.

But, if you choose an inverter of just 9,000 BTUs, you should spend something around R $ 1,500.

Where to buy an inverter air conditioner?

Although some stores do not yet have a wide variety of inverter air conditioning models, you should have no problem finding it on the market.

As we always like to recommend good places here, if you prefer to buy in appliance stores.

There are also stores specializing in refrigeration, sand Central Ar, where you should find a huge variety. If you prefer to buy in department stores, we recommend it.

And finally, you have the option of e-commerce, which allows you to buy from the comfort of your home. The advantage of buying online is that you find a greater variety and the best offers. Check it out at the following stores:

    • Amazon


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing inverter air conditioning models

This type of air conditioning is a somewhat complex item, mainly because it has such advanced technology. Therefore, it is important that you observe some details before choosing a model for our homes. Are they:

  • Wattage
  • Filter
  • Special functions
  • Design

Next, we will explain in detail what should be analyzed in each of these criteria.


The cooling power of an air conditioner is measured by BTUs, British Thermal Unit, that is, British Thermal Unit.

To measure the ideal power for space, it is important that you know how many m² it has. Knowing this, it is taken into account that 1 BTU is the amount needed to reduce the temperature of half a liter of water by 0.56ºC.

In addition to the size of the space you want to cool, it is important that you also take into account the natural temperature of the environment before choosing the power of your appliance.

If it is a place that gets a lot of suns, for example, it is important that the air is cooler. But if it is a naturally cool environment, there is no need for high power. To make it easier, we set up a table to help you with your purchase:


The filter of an air conditioner is responsible for purifying the air that enters the unit, and that is why it is so important that it is fully functioning.

Before choosing your air conditioner, check if it has an interesting filtration system. Some models have 3M technology, which eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

This technology also guarantees less dry skin and prevents the proliferation of fungi, an essential fact for the most allergic.

Tip: Keep an eye on the Procel Seal. It indicates the device’s energy consumption. The rating ranges from A to G. The closer to A, the less energy it consumes.


Special functions

It doesn’t take much to be interested in a quality inverter air conditioner, but the special functions are certainly a very interesting bonus.

They are nothing more than a few extra technologies, which were created to make our lives easier and promote greater comfort. Some devices have none, others have several and this will vary from model to model.

The Follow Me function, for example, can be found on some air conditioning models out there. It makes the programmed temperature reach the location where you are, through a sensor on the remote control.

Other devices offer functions that balance the temperature during sleep, so that the environment is even more comfortable. There are functions that are even concerned with your skin, and ensure that the air conditioner works in order to nourish it and not dry it out.

In addition to these functions, you should find several other technologies out there that can be quite interesting. As we already said, these functions are a bonus, and are not essential for the operation of your inverter, but they can be very comfortable in your daily routine.


Finally, the design! Although an air conditioner is not exactly a decorative object, it is interesting that it matches the decor of the environment. Nowadays, delicate, well-finished and elegant models are found in the greatest ease.

Most of them are white, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find other colors and styles out there. There are models in dark tones and even mirrored ones.

If leaving the whole environment in harmony is important to you, consider options with a more modern and differentiated design.


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