Top & Best Column fan Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Column fan: How to choose the best in 2022?

your internet review portal. Who has never wanted a strong and powerful fan to soften our tropical heat? To soften the heat, a great alternative is the column fan, which is practical and very efficient.

Therefore, before buying a fan to help you face the summer, it is important to know the main characteristics of this type of appliance. Thus, you will find the perfect model for your needs.

So, if you are looking for a column fan to call your own, and find out which are the best in the market. Here you will find prices, where to buy, and learn to evaluate the most important criteria of this model.

First, the most important

  • There are numerous types of fans on the market, from ceiling options to ventilation towers. Among so many, the column fan can be the ideal model for you. Find out throughout this Guide.
  • Before purchasing, consider the dimensions of your environment and the desired functions. So you can choose the perfect fan for your needs.
  • There are models of column fans that have additional features such as extra speed, insect repellent system, timer and even remote control.

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Best column fans: Our favorites

With the high temperatures in the summer, the fan is an indispensable item. Do you know the models of column fan? They are often very powerful. See the best on this list and read on to learn everything about this device.

  • One of the most complete on the market
  • Column fan for large environments
  • Ventilador com design moderno e desmontável

Buying Guide

You can’t face a summer without a fan to cool off. Whether at home or in the office, the column fan offers some advantages over other models.

We want to answer all your questions through this complete Buying Guide. Follow with us!

What is a column fan?

A fan is nothing more than a device that produces wind by the mechanical energy generated by the rotation of the propellers. It was created in 1882 and helps to control the sensation of heat.

The column model is one that has a support base and a rod (the column) that supports the model, making it taller than other types.

As they have their own surface, the column fans end up becoming more versatile, as they can be positioned anywhere in the environment, in order to better serve you.

Due to its design, a column fan tends to be safer and more stable than other models, so they are usually recommended for environments with children since the risk of being knocked over or accidents is somewhat less than the table versions

What is the advantage of buying a column fan?

Column fans gain prominence when compared to other models for becoming, even, items of decoration of the environment. There are models decorated with noble materials – such as stainless steel – or in vintage style, which can remain as fixed items in your environment.

Practical and efficient, the great advantage of the column fan, when compared to table models, is the possibility of being able to adjust its height according to the need of the environment, without the need to occupy furniture in your space.

In addition, the price of column fans is considerably attractive when compared to other types of fans.

What is the ideal fan: Column, tower or ceiling?

First of all, you need to analyze the environment in which you want to use the ventilator. If you have little space or want to integrate your fan as part of the decoration, the column and ceiling models are highlighted in your selection.However, ceiling models tend to be less efficient, recommended for small environments.

In relation to the ceiling models , a negative point is that they require (as a rule) a specialized professional to carry out their installation, since they need to be connected directly to the electrical current of the house, in addition to being fixed next to the ceiling of the room.

Another disadvantage of the ceiling models is that they are not easily transportable or adjustable, after all, they are fixed and cannot be directed to points in the environment as needed.

Tower models are gaining space among consumers, since they usually have additional functions, such as timer and air purification. However, these models tend to be significantly more expensive than column fans.

Is a column fan good for a large environment?

Compared to the main types of fans on the market, the column models perform better. Whether it has a larger diameter, more power or even mobility, the column models are better suited to the needs of those with large environments.

How much?

The column fan has a price that does not fluctuate much. It is around R $ 150 to R $ 400. Of course you can find more expensive or cheaper models, but with this average you can buy a great product to refresh your summer.

Brand, design, number of propellers and power are responsible for this small difference in values. The cheapest are the white, traditional ones. Nowadays there are very modern and elegant column fans.

Where to buy?

Column fans have become popular and are now easily found in department stores and multi-brand stores. Therefore, you will certainly find simpler models in your city in local stores, or in large chains, If you want models with more features (or even if you prefer the convenience of online shopping), you can find all the models mentioned above in sales portals like Amazon or the digital versions of the stores mentioned above.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing the column fan models

Are you determined to make the purchase, but want to compare some models? Smoothly! And now you don’t have to become a refrigeration technician to be able to compare the best models on the market.

Before choosing the model with the best cost-benefit ratio, consider some important points to define which column fan will be right for you:

  • Propeller quality
  • Number of propellers and revolutions per minute
  • Fan flow rate
  • Additional resources

Check, in detail, what each of them means, so you can make the best choice when buying your column fan.

Propeller quality

This factor, which is rarely mentioned in market analyzes, is important because it directly influences the durability and efficiency of the device.

Although replacement parts are easily found on online sales platforms, it is important that the propeller material is of a firmer material, guaranteeing its durability and greater resistance.

Very fragile materials do not fulfill their main function and can be broken easily.

Number of propellers and revolutions per minute

Many factors influence the power of a fan, and among those that stand out the most are the number of propellers and the frequency of revolutions per minute. Models range from 2 to 6 propellers.

Usually it is believed that the number of propellers is the main responsible for the intensity of the wind, however, as important as the quantity is the frequency of rotations per minute.

If you want a light breeze, models with up to 250 revolutions per minute will suit your needs. However, if you are the hot type, try models with a higher frequency (and also, preferably, with 6 propellers), as these will better suit your desire.

Fan flow rate

When we talk about fans, it is common to say that it generates a more or less strong wind. In fact, when we talk about the intensity of the wind, we are referring to the air flow of the fan.

The flow rate refers to the volume of air that can be circulated in the environment; in this case, by the action of the fan. This pattern, measured in m³ / s, determines the intensity of the wind generated by the fan.

Therefore, the greater the flow of the fan, the greater the intensity of the wind obtained. As a reference, a flow rate of 1.7m³ / s is enough to efficiently serve 10m² rooms.

If your room is between 25m² and 35m², models with flow rates above 2m³ / s are recommended; however, if you want a fan for environments over 35m², the ideal is that you purchase two devices.

Additional resources

For those who like extra features, being able to count on a remote control, timer function or compatibility with repellents can be an attractive addition for those who want to buy a fan.

The functions most desired by fan buyers are to have a remote control and timer. So, check before purchase if the model you want has some functionality that you find interesting.

For those who want to use the fan all year round, it is worth noting the amount of speeds offered, so that you are not restricted to an intensity of wind. Thus, your fan will be well used on the coolest and hottest days.

Finally, consider the aesthetics of the device, after all, even though it is a functional item, it is important to adapt its decoration. That way, you won’t have to think of solutions to accommodate it when you’re not using it.



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