Top & Best Heater Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Heater: How to choose the best of 2022?

Today we’re going to talk about a heater, and what are the best equipment options to keep you warm at home during cold days.

Heaters are essential items in certain regions of the country, especially in the south, where certain cities reach negative temperatures in winter.

This equipment can vary according to the situation of each person, because those who have breathing problems, for example, can benefit from some specific models.

In the following guide, we will explain how you can find the right heater for you, with several tips on each of the equipment and a list of the best models available on the market today.

First, the most important

  • There are different types of heaters, and each one must be used in specific situations, according to the needs of each person.
  • The price of the heaters listed in this article varies between R $ 106 and R $ 400.
  • If you want to start looking for a heater, start with the following characteristics: size; thermostat; timer; wheels and handles; energy-saving mode; Remote Control; design; power; safety; noise level. Learn more in the purchase criteria.


Best heaters: Our favorites

When the thermometers start to show milder temperatures, interest in buying a heater grows to make the house more warm and pleasant, especially in southern. Bathing in winter is a very difficult task when the weather is very cold.

That’s where the heaters come in. Do you know which are the best models on the market? Check out this list prepared by.

Buying Guide

It is very difficult to find in a house with a heating system, something very common in the United States, due to the negative temperatures in several states of that country.

However, some regions also suffer from severe cold in winter. And the portable heater has proved to be an excellent alternative to this problem.

What are heaters and what are their advantages?

The space heaters are a good option for cold winter days, as they provide heating to the environment quickly, providing more comfort and making the place cozy.

One of the main benefits of heaters is that most of them are portable, so you can take them anywhere in the house without complications. In addition, they are also usually compact and easy to store when winter is over.

Heaters are also usually easy to use, especially electric ones, where you just plug in the socket and choose the temperature to have them working.

Thus, you will not have to deal with complicated adjustments or have any technical knowledge to deal with this equipment.

An adjustable thermostat present in most heaters allows you to select the ideal room temperature, so you can choose according to your wishes. This is an important feature to look for in heaters.

ith regard to price, portable heaters usually have a value in account.

What is usually a disadvantage is the expenditure of electricity, which can increase with this equipment, which should be used in moderation by those who do not want to have a high consumption of energy.

It is also important to look for heaters that have protection against power loss, as this is very common  and can damage equipment if it occurs.

Finally, one of the most common disadvantages of heaters, especially electric ones, is the dryness of the air, which can aggravate respiratory problems.

Electric heaters, fan heaters, oil or ceramic: how to choose?

One of the most common doubts of people is related to the types of heaters, and what to pay attention to each of them.

Electric heaters are the cheapest models on the market today, and heating occurs in direct contact with the air, so it is very fast.

This type of heater is usually less economical when it comes to energy consumption.

he fan heaters use a fan, which acts as a fan, producing heat through a resistance coupled to the propeller. They use less electricity than other models, but make more noise.

Oil heaters are some of the best known, and they heat the environment by means of an electrical resistor, which heats the oil inside a container.

These equipments are excellent for those who have breathing problems.

In the case of ceramic heaters, what happens is that the electrical resistance heats the ceramic.

One of the benefits of this equipment is that even after turning off, it usually keeps the heat for a long time. Despite this, it usually consumes a lot of electricity.

Below we made a table with characteristics of each type of heater:

How much?

The price of an electric heater varies widely according to the area it is capable of heating. The larger the area, the more power is required and the higher the price.

While some equipment, such as electric, for example, usually have a slightly cheaper price, oil heaters are more expensive because they have advantages, such as the fact that they do not dry the air.

In addition, the more elegance it has, the greater the chances that the equipment will be more expensive, as it will also serve as a decorative object in your home.

The heaters that we list in this article have a price that varies between R $ 100 and R $ 400, aiming to give many options of values ​​for you to choose the most appropriate option considering your financial situation.

One of the things that is worth evaluating, in addition to the cost of the equipment, is the amount of electricity that will be consumed with a heater in your home.

After all, nobody wants to buy a piece of equipment and get scared with the electric bill at the end of the month, right?

Where to buy?

There are many places where you can find appliances that heat the environment.

In physical stores, some as well as supermarkets with an electronics sector, It is also possible to find heaters on the Internet, which is where prices tend to be the best and you receive the product without having to leave the house.

Sites like Amazon and Shoptime are some of those that sell this equipment. If you want to buy the used product.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare heater models

There are certain features that are critical to a heater so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase, such as the following:

  • Size
  • Thermostat
  • Timer
  • Wheels
  • Power saving mode
  • Remote Control
  • Design
  • Wattage
  • Safety
  • Noise level

When reading the purchase criteria, reflect on your reality and ask yourself if that factor helps in your routine. If so, it is worth considering each one for the purchase. It is only worth mentioning that the more complete the heater, the more expensive it will possibly be.

Try to balance what is essential and expendable so that you buy a product that meets your needs at a good price. See below a detailed description of these characteristics, to know for sure what to look for in a heater:


It is important to buy a heater that is suitable for the size of the place you want to place it.

If you buy a very large piece of equipment, it will consume a lot of electricity and if you buy a very small one, it will not heat the place properly.

Take into account that the bigger the environment in which you place your heater, the greater the power of the equipment you need.

The relationship between the size of the place you need to heat and the power is 100 watts per m², that is, a place that has 20 m² will need a heater of approximately 2000 watts.

Locations that have high ceilings, or very poor thermal insulation should consider a slightly higher number of watts in their bills.


Thermostats allow the devices to switch off when they reach a more suitable temperature, and to turn them back on when the environment cools.

Therefore, they are essential to save electricity, as they manage to keep it constant in the environment.

There are many heaters on the market today, and a rule usually applies to most of them: the more it saves energy, the more expensive it will be.

A digital thermostat allows you to choose the exact temperature you want, and not only shows a color variation between blue and red, where blue is cold and red is hot, which is very common in some models.

Thus, with a digital thermostat heater, you will not only have control over the temperature accuracy you want, but also less energy consumption.


A timer is an excellent attribute for a heater, as it allows you to include in it the hours you want it to work, so it will automatically turn on and off at these times.

Imagine, coming back from work in the middle of winter, and coming home with it warm and cozy? This is possible with the timer, as you can program it to turn on some time before you get home, according to your routine.

That way, you also don’t run the risk of forgetting about the heater on when you go to work, spending the whole day worrying about it.

A timer is also very useful for saving energy, as you will only use the heater when you really need it.

Wheels and handles

This is an item that seems superfluous, but it is very important, as heaters can be heavy to carry around the house, and if it has wheels or handles, transportation is much easier.

Portable heaters are designed to be moved around your home, as they heat up around the environment in which they are placed, as they are small and were not made for large areas.

So, the heater must have handles, wheels, or there must be some easy way to carry it anywhere you want.

Power saving mode

One of the ways to save the energy consumed by a heater is through different saving modes that the appliance itself can provide.

This is a very interesting option to check when looking for a heater, as it allows you to not have a fright with the electric bill at the end of the month.

Remote Control

A remote control allows you to change your heater settings wherever you are.

Let’s say you are lying on the couch, and you are a little cold, just change the configuration using the remote control and you’re done. Everything is done simply and quickly, without you having to get up for it.


In the past, heaters used to be all the same, and did not add any beauty to the environment, they only served for the equipment to fulfill its heating functionality.

Nowadays things have changed a lot, as people increasingly want to have pieces with an attractive design in their homes. This is the result of a market that has made these pieces increasingly accessible.

Heaters have gained new air in recent years, and have also been increasingly used as a decorative piece. See two examples in one image:


A heater’s power is usually measured in watts, and the more watts it can produce, the more heat it generates.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the heat is evenly distributed, so there are less watt and smaller devices that perform better than more powerful equipment.

Usually the heaters that best distribute the heat are the fan heaters, because the fan makes it have a good range.


Most heaters are equipped to provide consumers with security against fire and overheating risks.

They are usually certified by INMETRO or other agencies, and it is worth checking this in the product specifications.

Poorly installed gas heater can lead to death, experts say: Customers should demand Inmetro’s seal and


Make sure that the surface of the heater is very hot when it is using maximum power and offers a risk of burns. This can be a very serious problem, especially for those with children at home.

Also, be sure not to leave any objects in contact with the heater, especially flammable ones.

Noise level

One of the most unpleasant things about heaters is the very noisy models, which cause discomfort in your home. Even worse is when you acquire the equipment to put in the room, but realize that you cannot sleep with it because of the noise.

One of the rules that usually works to know if a heater is noisy or not is the existence of a fan in it, as normally the fan heaters make noise similar to a fan.

Obviously the most current models of fan heaters are becoming quieter, as brands have been working to improve this, if you buy an older product you will clearly see the difference between them.

Usually the brands have the amount of decibels that the equipment produces specified in its description, so it is worth taking a look at it.



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