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Top & Best Electric fireplace Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric fireplace: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a device that will make your home even more warm and cozy during the coldest seasons of the year: the electric fireplace.

An alternative to the conventional fireplace, powered by wood, the electric fireplace works plugged in. The coolest thing is that this model dispenses with the use of fuels, does not release smoke or emit carbon dioxide.

And all with the same look and sound as a conventional fireplace. That’s because the electric fireplace comes with a 3D panel that mimics the wood inside the fire (which is simulated by flames of light) and emits the crackling flame.

First, the most important

  • The electric fireplace is a heater that looks a lot like a conventional fireplace. It can be built-in or portable.
  • This model is very safe, so much so that it can be used in houses and apartments, in various environments such as bedroom, living room and office.
  • With the electric fireplace, you can control the intensity of the heat, the color and brightness of the flames, direct the hot wind up or down and even program the number of hours you want the appliance to stay on.

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Best electric fireplaces: Our favorites

If you want to warm up your living room or bedroom in a different way, we will present some of the best models of electric fireplace. We take into account the quality of the piece, the differentials of each model and the acceptance of consumers.

  • European protection concepts
  • Electric fireplace and air freshener
  • Very practical electric fireplace

Buying Guide

Nothing better than a warm and cozy home to rest on the coldest days of the year. If you’ve always dreamed of having a fireplace, know that there is now an electric fireplace, which mimics the appearance and sound of the flames without the need for firewood, fire or flammable lights.

Continue reading our Buying Guide and learn everything you need to choose your electric fireplace.

What is an electric fireplace and where to use it?

The electric fireplace is the most modern type of fireplace. This is because it is enough to connect it to a source of energy that it already starts to work. The coolest thing is that you can control the temperature through a thermostat, panel with buttons or with the ease of the remote control.

And even without real wood, this fireplace can have pieces that imitate the wood or a 3D panel, which guarantees the appearance of the wood burning as in the conventional model.

In addition to the effect of burning wood created by the 3D screen, the electric fireplace emits the sound of crackling flames.


Portable or built-in electric fireplace?

You can choose between a built-in model or a portable model (floor or table).


It can be placed in any corner. Some are quite heavy, so ideally, you should put it somewhere in the house and always leave it there. Lighter models can be transported from one room to another.

Built-in fireplace

It can be installed on masonry walls, dry wall, stone or even wood. It can be used like this because the air exchange is done at the front of the fireplace. One option for this model is to invest in the coating.

What are the advantages of an electric fireplace?

This device is very safe to use, even for those who have children or animals at home. That’s because you don’t have to handle fire, or flammable products like alcohol, ethanol, propanol or any other fuel source.

The coolest thing is that the electric fireplace does not emit carbon dioxide, smoke or any other type of waste, as it heats up through electrical resistances. And even when the fireplace heater is hot, the part remains cool on the outside, making the risk of accidents impossible.

Because of this, you can install your electric fireplace in any room of the house or apartment: living room, bedroom or office.

Cleaning the electric fireplace is also easy. Start by unplugging it, then dust using a duster or soft flannel, so as not to scratch the glass surface.

If you need to do a little more intense cleaning, use neutral detergent or multipurpose cleaner, and spread the product with a damp cloth. You can also store the fireplace in a box during the warmer seasons and use it again in the winter.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of the electric fireplace:

What differentiates the electric fireplace from the other types of fireplace?

In addition to the electric fireplace, there are other types such as the conventional wood stove, the fireplaces powered by gas, ethanol and alcohol and the heater. We will explain each of these models below, check it out.

Wood-burning fireplace

The wood-burning fireplace is the conventional model, seen in films with Christmas themes. This model creates a very cozy atmosphere at home. To have one of these you will need to live at home, because it is not possible to have it in apartments.

It will be necessary to do a small renovation at home, to add a chimney to release the smoke while the wood is burning. You must also keep in mind that you will always need to buy firewood.

his type of fireplace also needs some accessories, such as the log holder, the grill (to put inside the fireplace), a cleaning set to collect the residues of burnt wood and the protection grid. All of this equipment is made of iron or metal, so they tend to be a little more expensive.

Gas, alcohol and ethanol fireplace

Fireplaces powered by gas, alcohol or ethanol dispense with the use of firewood, as these fuels produce flames. These fireplaces can be used both in houses and apartments, as they are compact.

They give a very modern and sophisticated look and are very safe, as they are stable and do not pose a risk of fire or other accidents involving fire.


The heater is very similar to a conventional fireplace, mainly because it uses wood to work. The difference between these two models is that the heater uses much less wood and does not smoke while burning. It is ideal for large rooms as it gets very hot.

Here’s what a heater looks like:Check now, a table comparing the main differences and similarities between the electric fireplace and the gas model.

How much?

The most popular models have an average price between R $ 400 and R $ 900. There are excellent quality devices at around R $ 1500, but there are much more expensive models, which reach almost R $ 7000.

Where to buy?

You can buy the electric fireplace at branded factory outlets or at home goods stores .  you can buy over the internet, in virtual stores like Amazon and Mercado Livre.


Purchase criteria: Factors to compare electric fireplace models

Although all electric fireplace models have the same operating principle, they differ in some characteristics, factors that you may consider relevant (or not) and that can make all the difference at the time of purchase. Are they:

  • Design
  • Power and voltage
  • Security systems
  • Heating size and area

Now let’s explain each one of these items, so you don’t have any doubts and choose the right model for your home.


The fireplace is an object that makes all the difference in the decoration of the house. Some have a more conventional design and resemble wood-burning fireplaces, both in appearance and in the sound of the flames.

You can find larger and wider embedded models with a sophisticated and modern design.


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