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Top & Best Portable air conditioning Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Portable air conditioning: What are the best 2022 models?

Today we are going to talk about an indispensable item to face the high summer temperatures: the portable air conditioner. And of course, we will help you to choose the best equipment for your home.

Portable air conditioners are practical equipment, as you can keep the air fresh wherever you want. In places where temperatures are high all year round, they are even more useful.

In this article we will give you all the tips for choosing your portable air conditioner, and also provide a list with the best equipment on the market.

First, the most important

  • The portable air conditioner has the advantage of being an easy installation device.
  • One of people’s doubts is whether they should choose between portable double or single tube air conditioners, and we will explain the differences in this article.
  • To buy a portable air conditioner you must consider: size, room size, energy efficiency, ventilation, noise level, installation, ease of use, aesthetics, remote control and programmable thermostat.

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Best portable air conditioners: Our favorites

Portable air conditioning is a solution for those who live on rent or would like to refresh more environments and can only invest in one unit. If you are looking for the best models, you are in the right place. Check below our selection of the best in the market:

  • The ideal portable air conditioner for the entire house
  • The discreetly designed notebook with power
  • The ideal notebook for personal use

Buying Guide

Never be hot again! Portable air conditioning is an excellent option for cooling environments. Usually cheaper and easier to install than conventional ones, this type of device has been conquering many rooms in the houses.

Do you want to know more about them? In this Guide we will tell you all the details. Follow with us.


What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is a very useful device, especially in very hot cities, as it cools the environment and makes the home much more comfortable.

While traditional air conditioners are subject to building restrictions, laptops do not have this problem, as they are not installed on the building’s facade.

In addition, because they are portable and do not need a work for installation, they are also a great option for those who live on rent. If you have to move again, you will not need any work to be removed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable air conditioning?

Certainly its portability is the biggest one. You still won’t spend on installation and can take the device with you wherever you go.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, it also serves as a complement. Many people who have central air conditioning at home also use a portable air conditioner as an extra, as it helps to reduce the bill, since the central equipment often ends up spending a lot of energy to cool all rooms.

Despite all these advantages, the price of it is still high for the majority of the population, and in addition, some models are very difficult to move because they are heavy.

The most significant disadvantage, however, is the limited space that it is able to cool, as they usually have less power and are able to cool only the space of a small room.

Portable air conditioning with single or double extension tube?

In order for the heat exchange to be carried out with the external environment, it is necessary to adapt an extensible tube or demountable pipe, and it can be single or double.

Models with a single extension tube are simpler, as the hot air is absorbed, cooled through a compressor and sent back to the environment through the front air vents.

The residual air is expelled through the extension tube.

The air conditioners with a single extension tube end up absorbing the air in the house that they have cooled themselves, which limits the efficiency of the product.

Models with a double extension tube tend to be more efficient, since they have two tubes: one that absorbs heat from the street to then cool it and send it to the environment, and another that expels the hot residual air generated by the cooling process. .

While models with a single extension tube are cheaper and more suitable for use in small environments, double-tube models can be used in larger environments, but are more expensive.

How to calculate the ideal number of BTUs?

Portable air-conditioning equipment is not designed to cool an entire home, as it is effective in cooling rooms in the home.

What comes into question is whether the model you want has the power to cool a large or small room.

The power of an air conditioner is measured in BTUs, and the higher it is, the greater the environment that the equipment will refresh.

Normally, in order to know how many BTUs are needed for the size of the location you want, you should count the people who normally use the environment in question, the amount of light it receives, and electronic devices in the room.

The account is made as follows:

    • Step 1: Count 600 BTUs for each m² of the environment in which you will place the portable air conditioner;
    • Step 2: 600 BTUs for each additional person using the room (the first person does not count);
    • Step 3: Devices that emit heat such as television and refrigerator add up to 600 BTUs each;
    • Step 4: In addition, 800 BTUs should be added to environments with the sun’s rays, and 600 BTUs without incidence.


The account seems complicated but it is simple, as it is a sum based on the analysis that you will make of the environment.

A person, who lives alone, and who wants to place the portable air conditioner in a 20 m² room without electronic devices and with solar incidence, will need an equipment with 13,000 BTUs.

If you intend to move the equipment around the house, do the math according to each room and try to analyze according to the environment in which you will most use the portable air conditioner.

How much?

A portable air conditioner can vary widely in price, depending on the model and features it has, but they usually range between R $ 999 and R $ 4,000, as well as the prices of the products listed.

It must be taken into account that a portable air conditioner will cost much less than traditional equipment, as it does not have installation costs.

In addition, you also need to think about the costs you will have with the electric bill after purchasing the equipment. It is very important to check the energy efficiency of the product, to know if it is considered economical.

The greater the number of BTUs, which determines the power of the equipment, the greater the energy expenditure of the device. To cool large locations, a large amount of BTUs is normally required.


Did you know that leaving the house’s windows and doors open is another factor that increases the house’s electric bill? This is because, with doors and windows open, the device needs to work harder and thus consumes more energy.


Where to buy?

Portable air conditioners can be found in several locations, such as American stores, Ponto Frio, Colombo stores, among others.

They can also be purchased in supermarkets that have a sector for home appliances,

In addition, it is possible to purchase the device also on the Internet, which offers greater ease, since you will receive the equipment at home.

Sites like Amazon.

Sites like Mercado Livre and OLX have new and used products, it is worth taking a look too. When looking for used equipment, always be aware of the seller’s reputation and the opinions of other users who have purchased from him.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing portable air conditioning models

There are certain characteristics that must be evaluated before purchasing a portable air conditioner, such as the following:

  • Size
  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise level
  • Installation
  • Ease of use
  • Aesthetics
  • Remote Control
  • Programmable thermostat

Below, we explain in detail what these characteristics are for you to choose the ideal air conditioner to refresh your environment.


Size is a very important factor when choosing a portable air conditioner, as many people want equipment that they can carry around the house, while others just want to always leave it in the same place.

According to your objective, it may be more important to have the facility to move the equipment or not, so this should be a criterion to be evaluated according to your objective.

Other important questions to ask are the following:

  • Does the equipment fit in your car?
  • Can you carry it around easily?
  • Does it have training wheels?

All of this should be considered if the fact that it is portable is important to you.
Even if you do not want to move it, it is important to measure the size of the place where you want to place it, so as not to run the risk of it getting bigger than you expected.

Energy efficiency

Unfortunately, air conditioning is known for its low energy savings, as electricity bills at the end of the month tend to increase with the use of these devices.

Energy efficiency represents the efficiency of the equipment in relation to the use of electrical energy, that is, a device that is highly energy efficient will maintain maximum operation while spending the least amount of energy.

The Procel seal is a means by which people are guided to know the energy efficiency of the device, as they classify the equipment from A to E, with A being the most economical and E the least.

If saving energy is important to you, look for a device that has a programmable thermostat, which will turn off the portable air conditioner as soon as the room reaches the required temperature.

In addition, these devices must be kept clean and up-to-date so that they do not end up using more energy than necessary.

Noise level

Air conditioning equipment usually has a certain level of noise, but normally the noise will not even be perceived by those in the house, as most of the time it is not enough to disturb.

This feature is very important for some people, especially those who will put the portable air conditioner in their rooms, and who need to be sure that they will be able to sleep with them next to them.

If you have trouble sleeping and want to place this device in your room, carefully check its specifications. It is also important to check the reviews of other users, to find out what they say about this aspect of the device.


Usually, portable air conditioners are not difficult to install, not least because this is one of the expectations that consumers have in relation to these devices.

The only necessary installation, most of the time, is to install the device near a window and place the ventilation kit that comes with the equipment.

These devices usually come with the manual in Portuguese and with the entire step-by-step well explained, but if you have a lot of difficulties you can call someone you know to help.

It is also worth reading the reviews of other consumers regarding the installation of the portable air conditioner, to see if you can find useful information about it.

If you want to carry the equipment to another room, there is the possibility to buy another ventilation kit, so that you can give mobility to your device whenever you want.

Ease of use

One of the qualities of a portable air conditioner is its ease of use, so it is important that you know before you buy if:

  • Can you easily put the configuration you want in it?
  • How does cleaning / changing his filter work?
  • Does it have a display that clearly shows the information?
  • Does it offer handles or some other facility for it to be carried?

These are simple questions, but they can certainly make a big difference in your choice if taken into account.


Aesthetics is an important aspect, especially if you are going to place the equipment in a place that will receive many visitors or customers, who notice the decoration of the place.

The colors of the portable air conditioners are usually among the basic ones, which are black, white and silver, but they can acquire more elegant aspects according to the model.

Remote Control

The remote control is one of the accessories that consumers are most looking for in an air conditioner, as it is able to provide the convenience of changing the temperature or changing the function without having to go to it.

So, if you feel that your room is too cold, for example, you don’t have to go out under the covers to change the temperature, just activate the control.

Programmable thermostat

A thermostat allows the equipment to be turned off automatically when the temperature reaches the level that has been programmed by the user.

As we already said, this is one of the ways to save electricity, because as soon as the device leaves the environment at the temperature you want, it will turn off.

This also saves you from having to manually turn the equipment on and off, as it is very difficult to always remember to turn it on or off, and this device does it for you.

Always remember to set the portable air conditioning thermostat to the most comfortable temperature when you are at home, and to increase it when you are not at home, as this helps to save about 3% of the energy consumed by the equipment.


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