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Top & Best Air conditioning Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Air conditioning: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about air conditioning, and what are the best equipment to refresh your home and make the environment much more comfortable.

Many people think that air conditioning is an expensive appliance, and that it will greatly increase electricity costs. However, we will demonstrate that it is possible to have such equipment in your home without spending a lot.

In this article we will talk about these appliances and provide a list of the best air conditioning equipment available on the market today.

First, the most important

  • One of the main advantages of an air conditioner is the fact that it is advantageous for people who have respiratory diseases, since it filters the ambient air.
  • Are you in doubt between a split air conditioner, window or laptop? We will explain the differences in this guide.
  • One of the characteristics that people most look for in an air conditioner is energy efficiency, since it is the “key” to save electricity with the appliance.

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Best air conditioners: Our favorites

A few years ago, air conditioning was considered a luxury appliance. Due to the increase in temperatures year on year, and also the price that has been falling, today, the equipment is a necessity. If you are looking for the best air conditioning models to refresh your home, check out the selection below:

  • Electrolux Air Conditioning
  • Split Air Conditioning HW Electrolux
  • Midea Window Air Conditioning
  • Midea ECO Springer Window Air Conditioner
  • Consul window air conditioning
  • Air Conditioning Window Fontaine

Buying Guide

Since the 19th century, the Earth’s average temperature has increased by 1.02 degrees Celsius. We are feeling the consequences of this global warming on our skin, year by year. Do you also have the feeling that each summer gets even hotter?

Air conditioning has been the best option to face the heat. In this Guide, we will provide you with all the information about this equipment, so that you can choose yours safely.

What is an air conditioner?

Until some time ago, it was easier to heat an environment than to cool down, because to warm up, just light a fireplace or something like that, but to refrigerate is another story.

For you to heat a place, it is enough to produce thermal energy, but to cool it is necessary to remove this energy from the environment. The invention of air conditioning in 1902 helped to solve this mystery.

This equipment has an internal coil, through which a fluid passes, which, due to internal pressure differences, will release cold air on one side and hot air on the other.

To learn a little more about how air conditioners work, watch the video lessonbelow on the Ponto em comum channel, which has over 120 thousand subscribers:

What are the advantages of having an air conditioner?

Having air conditioning equipment during the heat helps to deal with common problems in very hot areas of the planet, such as heat stroke. The people most vulnerable to this problem are children under the age of 4, the elderly and the obese.

Air conditioning also helps people who have breathing problems and asthma, as it filters out impurities in the air and reduces humidity, which reduces the occurrence of dust mites and mold.

While helping to reduce the appearance of mold and mites within an environment, these living beings can be accumulated internally, if there is no constant cleaning of the equipment.

Another disadvantage is the prices of such equipment, which are still considered high by the majority of the population. A large number of people do not have access to them, and have to settle for a fan, or often not even that.

Even though the prices are not yet very affordable, the manufacturers of this equipment have been improving their energy efficiency more and more, so that the costs with electricity are increasingly lower.

Many consumers also report feeling bothered by the noise that some equipment makes. Despite this, the air conditioners make less noise every time, so people are not afraid to put them in the room. Check the table below with the advantages and disadvantages of an air conditioner:

Window, split or portable air conditioning?

Air conditioning has evolved so much over the years that several models have emerged. This made consumers’ lives a little more difficult in the sense that they should do more research to find out which equipment is best suited to what they want.

The most traditional of these is the window, which is usually indicated for smaller environments, produces noise and must be installed in a location that allows changes to the facade.

The split air conditioner is more modern than the window model, and usually has more functions, such as “inverter”, for example, which helps to save electricity.

The portable air conditioner can be transported between the environments of the place where you want to have an air conditioner. It is ideal for smaller environments, and some models produce a noise that can disturb the user at certain times. The following table will compare the window, split and portable air conditioners:

What is the number of BTUs indicated for each environment?

When choosing an air conditioner, the most important thing is to know if the appliance can handle your environment, be it a living room, office or bedroom. Usually people just worry about buying an air conditioner by analyzing the numbers of BTUs.

Surely it is he who indicates whether the model will do the job. But did you know that there are countless factors that must be analyzed to choose the ideal number of BTUs?

Before deciding whether you need a 7,500 or 18,000 BTU device, it is important to reflect on:

    • What is the square meter of the environment?
    • How many people will normally be in the room using the air conditioner?
    • Do you get sun on the spot?
    • Are there many electronic devices?


All of these questions are important to make the calculation. Only in this way you will not be disappointed after the purchase. Basically, the rules for reaching the result are:

  1. 600 BTUs are required for each square meter;
  2. Then, you add 600 BTUs for each extra person in the room (the first person doesn’t count);
  3. Finally, for each electronic equipment, it is necessary to add 600 BTUs.

However, if the environment has an incidence of sunlight, the calculation basis may be 800 instead of 600 BTUs.

A living room of 15 square meters, for a house with four residents and that has only one television, however, has sunlight, will need an air conditioning of 15,200 BTUs.

Now if the place is a 10 square meter room, with no sunlight, for a couple who only have the television in the room, an air conditioner of 7,200 BTUs will do the job.

How to save energy using air conditioning?

Energy savings with the use of air conditioning start at the time of purchase. Review the Procel seal of the device before purchasing it. Find out more about it below, in the Purchase Criteria of this article.

But in addition, there are other tips that you should take into account when using the air conditioner to not get scared every time the electricity bill arrives at your home:

    • Incidence of sun : Close the curtains of the house during the moments of greatest incidence of sunlight;
    • Device position : Find a place for air conditioning that is not so hit by the sun;
    • Windows : Close windows and doors while it is in operation.


For more tips on how to save electricity with air conditioning, see the following video:

How to clean an air conditioner?

It is recommended to clean the filters of your air conditioning every two weeks. This ensures the proper functioning of the device and also greater durability of the product. Therefore, choose an air conditioner that you can easily remove the filter.

This cleaning can be done by yourself. In addition, it is important to do thorough cleaning annually. The one where the technician comes to your house and removes the air conditioning for the procedure. In many cases, they even take the device for cleaning in the company.

But so that in the meantime your air conditioner does its job and cools the environment, you can clean for 15 and 15 days yourself. Check out the tips:

  1. Unplug the appliance and carefully open the front of your air conditioner. Sudden movements can break the cover of the device. Check how to get up or have a button, you should find this information in the manual.
  2. Remove the filter from inside the appliance, again being very careful not to engage and tear the piece.
  3. Now, just wash this filter under running water. Do not use brushes or chemicals. This can damage the filter. A good wash with just water will be enough to remove the dust that is stuck to it.
  4. Once this is done, you can gently rock to remove excess water. From there, there are two options: you can let it dry naturally in the shade or use a soft cloth to dry it, always being very careful not to damage it.
  5. While your filter dries with a dry cloth, remove dust from the inside of the air conditioner.
  6. Then, just insert the filter again and close the lid. Also wipe the outside with a cloth.


How to extend the life of the air conditioner?

You can take some precautions to ensure that your air conditioner will last for years. The first of these is, as we mentioned, periodic cleaning and specialized maintenance . Do not leave to do maintenance only when the device has problems, it shortens its useful life.

In addition, if you respect the ideal BTU calculation , you will also be contributing to this issue. It will not be overloaded and less likely to be damaged.

As well as doing the correct and appropriate installation with a professional it also helps to increase the life of the air conditioner.

Finally, protecting the outdoor unit is critical. This part that is in the area outside the houses or buildings, also deserves care. Different climatic conditions, in the long run, can damage the part. It is worth considering protecting it, even if it costs a little more.

How much?

The price of an air conditioner will depend on the type you want to buy. Below we list the average prices according to each type of air conditioner:

    • Window air conditioning : R $ 800 to R $ 2,500;
    • Split air conditioning : R $ 1,000 to R $ 15,000;
    • Portable air conditioning : R $ 2,500 to R $ 4,000.


There are many factors to consider in addition to the price before purchasing an air conditioner, such as the cost of the electricity consumed by it and the value of the installation.

Energy efficiency – which is the relationship between operating capacity and electricity expenditure – must always be observed, and it is represented by Inmetro’s Procel seal, which classifies household appliances as A, B, C, D or E, A being the most economical.

The installation cost should also be noted, as split air conditioning and windows will involve changes to the building’s facades, so you should hire a technician. Laptops do not have this cost, because you can assemble the equipment yourself.


Did you know that air conditioning was invented in 1902, by Willis Carrier, to solve the problem of a printing company?

When he was created, the idea was not to cool the room with him, but to improve the quality of the prints made on wet days, as the colors did not stick properly during those days.

Then it started to be used to increase employee productivity in several locations and by the 1950s it was already a sales success.

Where to buy?

Air-conditioning equipment can be purchased at sites such as Amazon, Buying over the Internet is a great way to save money, as items tend to be cheaper.

In addition, when purchasing over the Internet you can check the reviews of previous users, which helps a lot to choose, because then you will know all the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment beforehand.

If you prefer to buy in physical stores, some places are, If prices for new equipment are too high for you, you can also find air conditioners used on sites like OLX.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing air conditioning models

There are certain characteristics that are essential in an air conditioner, such as those listed below:

  • Wattage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Timer
  • Reverse
  • Remote Control
  • Noise
  • Quick cooling
  • Sleep

Below, we will detail the most important features so that you can choose the most suitable equipment for you.


Many people associate power with the performance of the air conditioner, but it has to do with the area the appliance will cool. The larger the size of the room, the greater the power, which is represented in BTUs.

There are other factors to consider besides the area of ​​the site, before calculating the power you will need, such as:

  • Number of people who will occupy the environment;
  • Incidence of sun on the site;
  • Number of electronic devices in the environment.

Energy efficiency

One of the most important items when choosing an air conditioner, is, without a doubt, energy efficiency, because the higher it is, the greater the equipment’s capacity to operate with little electrical energy.

The Procel label helps to categorize the most economical air conditioning equipment on the market, classifying them as A, B, C, D or E, with E being the least economical, and A being the least spender.

Although energy efficiency is very important, there are other factors that contribute to saving energy with the equipment. Just above, in our Shopping Guide, you can find some tips to save energy when using air conditioning.


The timer is important for the air conditioner to be turned on and off automatically at the times you set. So you can, for example, program it to call at 10 am and hang up at 5 pm.

This is an excellent function for the most “forgotten”, as you won’t have to keep reminding yourself when it’s time to turn your device on and off. Thus, it allows you to save electricity, since you will not run the risk of forgetting to turn off the equipment.

In addition, the timer allows you to program the air conditioner to turn on when you are not yet home. This will allow you to keep the house cool when you arrive, so that your comfort level is as high as possible with the equipment.


This is a function of split air conditioners, in which the equipment will not need to be turned on and off, as they will always seek to keep the selected temperature constant.

This provides greater durability to the equipment, since the compressor does not wear out as easily as in other conditioned air, as most of the time it is in low rotation.

Energy consumption with appliances that have this technology can reach 60%, depending on the brand of air conditioning you choose. In addition to all this, the noise it produces is less, since the compressor is constantly at low speed.

Watch the video below to answer your questions about air conditioning equipment with Inverter technology :

Remote Control

An air conditioner must have a remote control, to provide the peace of mind of being able to change the functions, or to change the temperature, without having to go to it.

Despite being an item that is already present in virtually all air conditioning equipment, it has been modernized over time, and has gained other functions. One of them is what is called “follow me”, in which the area around the remote control will be considered a priority for cooling.

In addition, there are air conditioners available on the market that use a mobile application instead of a remote control. Just install the application so you can control the equipment from wherever you are


Air-conditioning equipment has always been known to be noisy, but that has changed over the years, as manufacturers have invested in technology to produce quieter appliances.

The air conditioners that have the Inverter technology, for example, are known to make less noise, since the compressor is mostly at low speed, so that the temperature always remains constant.

To know the level of noise that an air conditioner produces, it is necessary to measure the quantity of decibels. If this value is above 50, it already starts to cause discomfort.

This information is usually found within the product specifications before purchase, or even through the evaluation of other users.

Quick cooling

Another feature that can be found in air conditioning equipment is the quick cooling function, which allows cooling to be done more quickly. So, when you have to refrigerate the house quickly, this function can be activated.

It may seem of little use to some, but who never came home on a sunny day and just wanted a cold environment? However, with the house completely closed, you will find only one even more stuffy living room. This function helps to make your home cool faster.


This function, present in several air conditioning models available on the market today, is very interesting, as it allows you to adapt the room temperature during the night, so that you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Many people confuse this function with the timer, which only automatically turns the device on / off for an hour that has been programmed by the user.

The sleep function increases the temperature by 1 ° C after the first hour of sleep, and by an additional 1 ° C after the second, all according to changes in body temperature during the night.

After all, everyone has been cold or hot at night, and this is precisely because of this temperature variation that the body suffers.



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