Top & Best Laundry cabinet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Laundry cabinet: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today, we have prepared special content for anyone who is remodeling or designing their laundry and wants to choose the ideal laundry closet. The closet is one of the most essential items of our day to day at home.

When it comes to laundry, they are even more important as they receive a variety of items that need to be always in order, such as clothes, cleaning products, clothespins and more.

So, in today’s article, we will help you choose this very important item, considering not only the question of organization, but the decorative aesthetics of this furniture, as well as advantages, models and other essentials to be observed.

First, the most important

  • The laundry cabinet must have dimensions suitable for the room where they will be placed.
  • A good tip is to combine the use of a laundry closet with shelves when organizing this part of the house.
  • Laundry cabinets should be made of quality materials, as they can have occasional contact with water and a lot of weight.

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Ranking: The 4 best laundry cabinets

Finding spacious laundries is a real rarity these days. However, this does not mean that you cannot have an organized and nicely decorated laundry in your home. For that, it is only necessary to choose the best cabinets.

So, to help you in this task of choosing the best laundry cabinet for your home, we have separated some of the best cabinets available on the market. So, you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

Buying Guide

House chores are one of the things that give people the most headaches, as they are difficult and tiring. However, with the right devices, you can make them more dynamic and organized, as is the case with washing clothes when you have an ideal laundry closet.

So, if you want to make your life more practical with a laundry cabinet, keep reading our Guide with all the necessary information on the subject, made especially for you.

What is a laundry cabinet?

Laundry cabinets are not much different from kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They are simply cabinets for storing laundry and related items, usually everything related to the process of washing and drying clothes.

However, they will be different and will have specific characteristics depending on where the laundry is located and whether it works in conjunction with another room in the house, such as a laundry combined with the kitchen or pantry.

Therefore, the options for kitchen cabinets are very varied and limited only by the amount of space you have to place them and your budget. With this huge range of options, a good tip is to define which items you will need to store in the closet in advance.

Laundry cabinets or shelves?

One of the biggest doubts when furnishing the laundry is choosing between shelves and cabinets. Both can be extremely helpful in accommodating your laundry items, however, the suitability of each will depend on your needs.

Shelves are super useful items that serve to gain space, especially if your laundry is small and does not contain many cabinets. Without doors, it is much more practical to reach products.

However, they are contraindicated for those who have children at home, as the little ones can hang on them and even get hurt. So if you want to place shelves, make sure they are very high, but within reach.

The cabinets are better for those who want to store various objects and do not want them to be exposed to the sun and dust. They even fit under the sink and are safer for children.

A good tip is to combine the cabinets and the shelves, so you will be able to have the practicality of the shelves tied to the space and comfort of the cabinets.

Compare the differences between the shelves and a laundry closet and decide which one best suits your needs:

How much?

Laundry cabinets, as well as kitchen or bathroom cabinets can be expensive items. However, it is possible to find quality alternatives that are cheaper. It all depends on the space you have available and the material of the product.

If you are looking for simpler items, you will find them starting at R $ 150. However, this price can increase a lot when it comes to more luxurious models of laundry cabinets. On average, laundry cabinets cost from R $ 150 to R $ 600, depending on the model and size.

The most luxurious laundry cabinets, that is, pieces signed by a designer or created by luxury furniture brands, can cost much more, going from R $ 2,000. They are much more expensive, but can be worth it if you want to give your laundry a special look.

Where to buy?

When buying a laundry cabinet, the first and most common place to look for these items is the furniture store in your city. However, this may not be the ideal option, as they are expensive and have limited options.

Another alternative is to look for online furniture stores, which have a greater variety of products and are equally reliable. One of these alternatives is Amazon. There, you will find much lower prices and a great variety of products. Buying online you get the product at home, without worrying about anything.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing laundry cabinet models

Determining specifically what you want and need in terms of laundry cupboards is a good first step when choosing your furniture. After that, consider the following criteria to know that you are making the right choice. Are they:

  • Dimensions
  • Functionalities
  • Quality
  • Indoor spaces

Next, we will detail each of these items so that you can choose the best laundry cabinet available on the market.


As it is a normally small room in the house, when choosing your laundry closet, make sure that you hang above them or install them on the sides so that the washer and dryer doors do not interfere, which often open up or down. the sides.

In addition, dimensions are important, as it is essential that all laundry spaces are used, optimizing the room, especially if the space is reduced. Therefore, always carefully measure the spaces available, as well as the cabinets to be chosen.

Before making your purchase, remember to measure the space you have so as not to have the unpleasant surprise of seeing that your laundry closet did not fit in the planned place.

If your laundry is small, check out these tips from the Organize Without Freshness channel! to help organize it to fit everything neatly.


If you are designing or remodeling a laundry, consider the best layout in relation to your laundry cabinets and appliances, so that you make the most of the functionality of the environment.

So, choose laundry cabinets that are very functional. A good tip is to bet on cabinets that can be placed under the laundry tank.

Also, remember to check that the shelves where you will store items for recurring use are at the correct height to be functional. Another tip is to observe the opening of the doors and possible drawers, if they do not collide with other furniture or wall.


There are different levels of laundry cabinet quality to choose from and this will affect in all aspects the type of cabinet you will have.

The most expensive laundry cabinets are not always the best, so always look for the best value for money when choosing the ideal one for you.

If your intention is to have a closet to store some small things, without too much weight or volume, it’s okay to choose a lower quality laundry closet.

However, if your routine includes a large volume of washes and various cleaning products, it is better to invest in cabinets of superior quality and that are resistant.

Indoor spaces

To be useful, a laundry cabinet must have space for all the items present in your daily life that are necessary for washing clothes.

If not, you will need to keep items scattered around the laundry room, which is quite ugly and messy. Therefore, it is essential to check the size of the internal spaces and how the shelves are arranged.

The good thing is to try to measure the height of bottles of fabric softener, bleach and other items so that they fit perfectly in your laundry closet.



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