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Top & Best Puff chest Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Puff chest: How to choose the best model in 2022

Definitely versatile, the chest puff can be used as a bench to accommodate visitors, footrest and as a coffee table. The furniture can also be used to organize different objects.

The chest puff also complements the decor of the bedroom, living room or office. As there is a wide variety of models, we have prepared this exclusive content on the furniture of the moment.

First, the most important

  • For being a very versatile piece, the chest puff can be used in different environments such as living room, bedroom, office, entrance hall, among others, with a prominent position in the decoration.
  • The chest puff can be used to store various objects such as pillows, blankets, towels, clothes, books, shoes, toys, office supplies, among others.
  • To find the ideal model, consider the style, size, material of the structure and lining, compartments and other characteristics of the chest puff. Check if the model has a removable or retractable cover.

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The best chest puff models: Our buying suggestions

The chest puff is the solution for the lack of space and clutter. Like this multifunctional furniture, it is possible to keep your home tidy and decorated. To help you find the perfect model for your bedroom, living room or office, we have selected some purchase suggestions below:

  • The most sophisticated chest puff
  • The most versatile model
  • The most spacious chest puff
  • The best chest puff for laundry

Buying Guide

Anyone looking for multifunctional furniture should buy a chest puff. The piece can be used to sit or just support your feet, but its great differential is the chest that can be used to store different objects.

You find models of chest puff in different formats, sizes, materials and styles, therefore, you will find models for all environments of the house, from the laundry to the office. Learn more about the chest puff in this Buying Guide!

What is a chest puff?

The chest puff is a very versatile piece of furniture, as it can be used to organize and decorate different environments in the house. It fulfills the basic function of a puff, that is, it can be used to sit or support your feet.

But the big difference is that the chest puff is hollow inside and closed by a lid that works like the seat. Inside the furniture it is possible to store and organize a wide variety of objects.

What are the differentials of the chest puff?

The chest puff is considered an innovative and multifunctional piece of furniture. We have listed the main reasons for buying one of these for your home throughout this section.

Good, beautiful and cheap

You find several options for sale and prices vary widely, it is up to you to find the model that fits your budget. Just to give you an idea of ​​price, you can find models for sale for R $ 50 to R $ 1,000.

Takes up little space

No matter the size of your living room, bedroom or office, for sure, you will find a chest puff compatible with the room. Make sure to leave at least 60cm of distance between the chest puff and the other furniture.

Models in different formats and sizes

You can find small, medium or large chest puff models in square, round or rectangular formats. To choose the ideal model you must consider the dimensions of the environment in which you will place the furniture.

For those who want to use the furniture as a recamier on the edge of the bed, they should choose a rectangular model. For the sides of the room, a round-shaped model works best. The square shaped chest puff should be used as a coffee table.

Serves as a decorative object

Another great advantage of the chest puff is the variety of models in different finishing styles.

The variety of models allows you to use the furniture as just another element in the room or as the highlight of the decoration. The coating can be changed when necessary or desired.

Multifunctional object

As we mentioned earlier, the chest puff is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be used for so many purposes that we could make a list. Basically, think of a chest puff as a friend for all times. Find out more advantages and some disadvantages of the furniture in the table below:

In which rooms in the house can I put a chest puff?

Versatile, the chest puff can be used in different rooms of the house such as single, double or children’s bedroom, living room, office, entrance hall and even laundry.


The chest puff is perfect for the bedroom, as it helps to organize and optimize the space. Among the various ways to use one of these in the bedroom is as a recamier at the end of the bed.

The chest puff can be used to store items used during the night (such as blanket, duvet, pillows and cushions) easily and quickly during the morning.

Some people also use the chest puff as a shoe rack. In addition to organizing a large number of shoes, you can also sit on the furniture to put on your shoes.

Another way to use this furniture is to place it in a corner of the room and used in moments of reading and relaxing. The chest puff can also be used inside the closet or even under the dressing table.

The furniture can be used in a children’s room.

It is important to mention that this piece of furniture is also very welcome in a children’s room. In this room, the mobile environment can be used to store the child’s toys.

Living room

The living room is the environment where we usually gather the family, welcome visitors and have moments of socializing. Therefore, the chest puff is the perfect piece of furniture for this room.

The furniture can serve as an additional seat when there are many people in the room or even as a coffee table. It also serves to accommodate remote controls or supplies for such equipment as batteries and chargers.

Smaller models can be placed under the TV’s sideboard or panel and used as needed.

entrance hall

Many people have a habit of removing or changing shoes when they get home. In that sense, a chest puff in the entrance hall can serve as a support for you to sit and take off your shoes and as a closet to store them.

If the space is very small, just buy a small chest puff and use it only as a support to change your shoes.


When placed in the office, the chest puff is used to organize and decorate the environment. However, it is necessary to choose a model with the sophistication that the environment requires.

Can the chest puff be used to replace other furniture?

The chest puff can be used to replace various pieces of furniture in different rooms of the house, such as those listed below:

  • Bedside table
  • Center table
  • Recamier
  • Footrest
  • Armchair

Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different models of chest puff

Whether in the bedroom, living room, office, or any other environment in the house, a chest puff is very welcome, as this furniture is functional and decorative. To choose the ideal model, review the purchase criteria listed below:

  • Purpose of use
  • Material
  • Compartments
  • Cover
  • Wheels
  • Design

We will detail each of the criteria throughout this section.

Purpose of use

There are three models of chest puff and each of them is indicated for a specific use purpose.

The small chest puff is a compact model, ideal for anyone with a multifunctional piece that does not hinder the movement of people around the room. This model can be used to store smaller objects and to sit.

The bank-style chest puff can be used to accommodate two or three adult people or just one person with straight legs. This model is used to store larger objects. The rectangular shape about 150cm wide is suitable for those who have enough space at home. Preferably, place it on the edge of your double bed or in the closet.

The third option is the folding chest puff, a compact model that can be used and stored as needed. This model is an excellent option for those who want to gain space at home. When you need to assemble it, do it in a few seconds, when you don’t need to use it, just leave it folded and stored in the closet.


At the time of purchase, consider the material used in the structure and lining of the chest puff.

We recommend the purchase of a model with MDF or MDP wood structure, resistant and cheap materials. Models made of solid wood are even better – you will find options in reforestation wood, pine and eucalyptus.

To choose the ideal coating, consider ease of cleaning and durability. We suggest that you choose a model upholstered in foam and covered with fabric – it can be linen, leather, velvet, suede, among others.


When buying a chest puff, analyze the internal compartment and possible partitions.
To store small objects, choose a smaller chest puff with only one compartment, to facilitate the location and access of the stored items.

If you plan to store larger items such as bed linen or towels, we suggest buying a larger chest puff with a deep compartment. A model with two or more compartments with different sizes or even partitions is even better for organizing these objects.


Another feature that deserves your attention at the time of purchase is whether the chest puff has a removable or fixed lid.

The models with removable lid are very practical, as they facilitate access to objects inside the chest. A chest puff with a fixed lid is less versatile, but remains an interesting alternative.


Anyone who intends to change the chest puff position frequently should consider buying a model with casters.

With the wheels, you do not need to lift the weight or risk leaving marks on the floor if you drag the furniture. This model is ideal for environments with large circulation of people such as the living room or commercial office.


Each room has a style of decoration that must be taken into account when choosing a chest puff. Modern styled rooms combine with irregularly shaped models and vibrant colors.

Whoever bets on a classic or traditional decoration, should choose a round, square or rectangular chest puff in noble fabrics such as linen, leather and velvet and in sober tones.



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