Top & Best Wardrobe Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Wardrobe: The best options in 2022

your internet review site. If you are tired of having your clothes scattered and want to organize your room better, then it’s time to get a good wardrobe.

Be it a single or double model, you can find wardrobes of all sizes. Thus, you can have a piece that fits perfectly in your room and that in addition to complement the decor, will bring more practicality and organization to store your clothes and shoes.

So, if you are buying your first wardrobe or want to change yours, check out some important points and choose a perfect model for your room.

First, the most important

  • It is important to choose your wardrobe material well and consider its durability. Pieces made of wood have a much longer durability than MDF or MDP models.
  • Before making a purchase, evaluate how many doors and drawers you need to accommodate your clothes and whether the wardrobe fits in your room.
  • Mirror models require more care in their maintenance, as well as special attention to cleaning to keep them beautiful for longer.

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The best wardrobes on the market: Our choices

To choose the right wardrobe for your need, you need to consider some important criteria – and we’ll talk about them later. Now, stay with the ranking of the best models on the market:

  • An option with plenty of internal space
  • For those who need plenty of space
  • For those who like elegance
  • A beautiful and practical wardrobe

Buying Guide

Whether because yours is already old, or because you are moving and even renovating the room, we want to help you find the ideal wardrobe for you.

For this, we brought the best models as you could see in the ranking above, and now, we will bring the main information for you to know how to make, on your own, the best choice.

What is a wardrobe?

A wardrobe is a type of closet with doors designed for storing clothes, shoes and small items for personal use. Today they can be found in single and double models, thus determining their size and internal space.

Today it is possible to find wardrobes in cheaper and more accessible materials and it has become a common everyday item, helping to keep our clothes and shoes more organized and better stored.

id you know that in the past, wardrobes were luxurious items, designed only for the upper class of society. Was it only from the 19th century that the wardrobes started to take shape that we know today?


What are the main types of wardrobes?

The main wardrobe models are mainly separated by size, being generally classified between single and double. These specifications determine the overall size of the wardrobe and its internal space.

There are other differences between the models, such as the number of doors, drawers, coat racks or whether it has space to accommodate shoes and other items.

It is also possible to find models that have internal mirrors or on one or more doors, bringing extra charm to your room and saving space with an extra piece.

If you are in doubt about which model is right for you, see our comparison table below:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a wardrobe?

There are other ways to store your clothes, like dressers, closets and racks. Before the appearance of wardrobes, closets were the most common places to store clothes and shoes. And before them, people kept their clothes in chests.

So, if you are considering whether a wardrobe is really the best option for your room, check the table below before making your decision and making your purchase.

How much does a wardrobe cost?

The single models are smaller and cheaper. You can find them in a price range of R $ 250 to R $ 700, depending on how many doors, drawers and the finish of the product.

Models for couples, larger and with more internal space, can be found in the range of R $ 400 to R $ 1,500. However, you can find models that reach up to R $ 4,000. Remember that mirrors usually make the product a little more expensive.

Where to buy a wardrobe?

You can find wardrobes in stores specializing in furniture and decorative items. Today it is also possible to find them in large department stores and large hypermarket chains.

On the internet, you can find wardrobes in virtual commerce stores specializing in furniture, on the manufacturers’ website or on sites  Amazon.


Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a wardrobe

Nowadays it is possible to find a multitude of wardrobe models, with different layouts and drawers. They are also not just a piece of furniture, but they can help you to decorate your room.

If this is your first wardrobe or if you are planning to change yours, it is important to consider some factors to make the right decision and find the model that is right for you.

We have separated some points that you should analyze to choose the best cost / benefit when choosing your wardrobe.

  • Type of wardrobe
  • Material
  • Assembly
  • Dimensions
  • Internal space
  • Coating
  • Additional resources

Observe each of these points carefully to understand a little more about a wardrobe and what is the best option to occupy a prominent place in your room.

Type of wardrobe

The most common models on the market today are single and double wardrobes. And the main difference between them is their dimensions, as well as the number of drawers and doors.

As the name suggests, singles’ wardrobes are smaller, designed for one person or for those who don’t have that many clothes to keep. They take up less space and are ideal if you have children, as they can easily be placed in the children’s room.

The double models are larger, offering more space and a larger number of drawers and partitions to keep clothes well separated and organized. Larger, they are usually reserved for the largest room in the house.

Despite the denominations of name, it is worth checking what you intend to store, the amount of clothes you have and how much space you will need to store them to choose the best model for your needs.


Nowadays most of our furniture is made of MDF and MDP, this is the case with most wardrobe models available on the market.

MDF and MDP are layered particleboard panels of wood. The main difference between them is the thickness. MDF is thinner and more malleable while MDP is thicker and more resistant.

It is also possible to find wooden furniture, mainly on demand, but then the prices tend to be much higher than the MDF and MDP models.


Before purchasing your wardrobe, consult the product specifications if it comes with an instruction manual. In these specifications it is also possible to find a warning from the manufacturer about the complexity of the assembly.

Singles’ wardrobes are generally simpler to assemble, and you can do this with the help of friends or family by following the instructional material.

Double models are usually heavier and more complex, so professional help is recommended. If you are shopping at a physical store, make sure it offers assembly services. Otherwise, professional help is required.


Whether in the single or double model, it is important to check the dimensions of the product, such as its height, width and depth. Before buying, it is also important to measure the space where you intend to place it.

If you are in a physical store, consult the seller. Take a tape measure if necessary. If you are shopping over the internet, check to see if the website offers product specifications to make the right choice.

Internal space

Another very important factor is the internal space and the layout of the drawers and shelves. When buying, evaluate the disposition of these items to find a model that you.

If you have a lot of long dresses, winter coats, jackets or jackets, it is important to have ample clothes rack space to accommodate the pieces without bending and damaging them.

Assess the quantity and depth of the drawers to make sure that you will be able to accommodate all your pieces inside the wardrobe.


Many wardrobes today offer internal mirrors and mainly on doors. Others are almost completely covered with a thin layer of reflective glass.

It is also possible to find traditional models with wooden lining, which although a little more expensive, make the wardrobe much more resistant and durable.

The most common models on the market are coated with lacquered or textured MDF or MDP, imitating wood.

Additional resources

In addition to drawers, coat racks and mirrors, wardrobes today offer several additional features depending on their model and size. See some examples below:

  • Maleiro : special compartment to accommodate your backpacks and suitcases.
  • Calceiro : ideal to accommodate your pants without leaving creases and marks on the fabric.
  • Dressing table: with a mirror and special drawers, the dressing tables were made to accommodate makeup, perfumes and cosmetics in general.
  • Shoe rack : shoe rack was developed to accommodate your shoes, such as sneakers, sandals and shoes.

It is possible to find wardrobes that incorporate all of these features, but they tend to be large and cost a little more. The most common is to find models that have one or more of these features.

Before buying, choose the model well with the features that are most useful to you and that fit well in your room and in your pocket.


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