Top & Best Washer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Washer: Which is the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different models of one of the most important electronics: the washing machine. This item brings more practicality on a daily basis and leaves your clothes clean and smelling to be reused.

When searching for washing machines, you will notice that there are several models with the most different prices. There are many functions and new technologies that must be taken into account when choosing your ideal model.

With so many models available, you need to do some research to make sure you choose the ideal washing machine. We will help you decide between the most varied functions and models. Keep up with us to learn more about this appliance!

First, the most important

  • There is a wide variety of washing machine types available on the market. Some of them are the automatic, semi-automatic, washer and dryer, six pack, centrifuge and mini washer. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each one.
  • When purchasing a washing machine, it is necessary to evaluate its installation location well. It cannot be stuck to any wall – or appliance – and needs an outlet, a tap and a tank next to it.
  • Some washing machines start at R $ 400 and can reach up to R $ 5,000. That is, there is probably a model that meets your needs and fits in your pocket.

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The best washing machines: Our favorites

Choosing the ideal washing machine is not an easy task. Many things must be taken into account and we will teach you all the details, first, check out the ranking of the best models we have selected for you.

  • The option with the highest capacity
  • The most economical option
  • The quietest washing machine

Buying Guide

It is difficult to find a residence that does not have a washing machine today. It is one of the first things a couple plans to buy when they start moving. That’s because, the facility to wash clothes that they offer is what everyone looks for.

Throughout this guide we will bring you all the details so that you know how to analyze which model is best for your home. Follow with us!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the washing machine?

Certainly this is a product that has much more advantages than disadvantages. This appliance makes the routine much easier and washes clothes better than the tank. You may notice that many couples, when they get together, make wedding lists asking for a washing machine. After all, who doesn’t want to build a new house with such a facility?

Its biggest advantage is, of course, the savings time it offers. In the past, in the days of your grandparents, it was necessary to spend hours and hours cleaning clothes so that they could be used again.

Today, it is much simpler. By purchasing an automatic washing machine, for example, you can just put on your clothes and wait for it to do its job.

In addition, the washers provide much deeper cleaning of clothes. With its ability to wash more quickly and with new technologies emerging every day, hand-washed clothes are left in the slipper. Machines have become a much better option for those seeking, in addition to practicality, a deeper cleaning.

Did you know that it was only in 1906 that washing machines started being sold on a large scale? However, in 2001, only about 15 thousand of households owned the appliance.


Among its few disadvantages is the price. Although there are washing machines of different values ​​available on the market, many families are still unable to purchase one. This happens because, although they are very practical, they are not extremely necessary for washing clothes, which can be done in tanks.

Furthermore, it is not the best option for the environment. Although models that save water and energy are available today, through faster washing or water reuse, they still tend to spend more than one tank. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you only use the washing machine when accumulating a large amount of dirty parts.

We can conclude that the appliance offers more advantages than disadvantages. So if you are able to invest in a washing machine, it is worth making that investment.

What types of washing machine?

With a quick search of major online appliance stores you will notice a wide range of washing machine types. The specifications are: automatic, semi-automatic, washer and dryer, dryer, mini washer, centrifuge and six pack. These are some of its main features:

  • Automatic : This type of machine offers several advantages and facilities for its consumers. Its biggest positive point is that it allows the user to have a completely personalized wash. From filling to spinning: everything is in your hands!
  • Semi-automatic : The semi-automatic washing machine does not allow washing to be customized. However, it has manual level selection and can be adjusted according to the amount of clothing. In addition, it is usually a cheaper option and saves more water and energy.
  • Lava and Dry : This option is ideal for those who have a running routine and are looking for more practicality. In addition, the Lava e Seca model is perfect for apartments, as the clothes do not need to go to the clothesline. They also usually have technologies that allow energy and water savings.
  • Dryer : The dryer is a separate machine that works only for drying clothes, unlike Lava and Dry, which performs two functions. This machine is ideal for when you are in a hurry to dry your clothes or the weather is very ugly, however, it is not suitable for small apartments, due to the space it occupies.
  • Mini Washer : The mini washer is literally mini. With a capacity of about 1 kg of laundry, this type of washing machine is more suitable for washing underwear. It can even be installed in the bathroom and has low water and energy consumption.
  • Centrifuge : The centrifuge can spin up to three times more than a washing machine, however, it is usually smaller and cannot wash many clothes at once. Therefore, it is more suitable for people who live alone or have small families.
  • Tanquinho : Tanquinhos are similar to semi-automatic washers and are much more affordable. However, they demand time and attention from those who are using it. It is necessary for the consumer to open and close the tap during the entry of water and after washing, as the tanks do not have automatic operation.

How to clean a washing machine from the inside?

Most modern machines have a washing system that can be accessed with a button. However, still, you can do a household cleaning every two months to keep your machine always clean. You will need vinegar, bleach and hot water, check out the tips.

  1. First thing is to put hot water in your machine;
  2. Then, put a 1 liter of bleach and let it beat well for approximately 5 minutes;
  3. Soak for 30 minutes and empty the washing machine;
  4. Fill it again with hot water and this time add vinegar;
  5. Let it beat for another 5 minutes;
  6. Repeat the soaking process for 30 minutes and then empty.

Clean the compartment where you put the soap. Wipe the outside with a damp cloth and your machine will be clean.

How much does a washing machine cost?

There are many different types of washing machines on the market. From very simple and more rustic models to washing machines with super advanced technologies and the function of drying clothes.

This is one of the advantages of this appliance, as there are several options and one of them can fit exactly in your pocket. Of course, if you want a bigger machine with more functions, you will need to pay a higher price, but basic machines need smaller budgets.

The simplest washing machines can be found for R $ 400. The most complete ones can reach up to R $ 5,000. However, these are the extremes. The average of good quality and cost-effective washing machines is in the range of R $ 1,500 and R $ 2,000.

Where to buy a washing machine?

Several stores sell this type of product. You can find a good washing machine in almost any place that sells household appliances and electronics. There is also the possibility to purchase your brand new washing machine without leaving the comfort of your home. In online shopping, it is easier to find better prices and an even wider range of appliances.

Some online stores that sell the product are the websites of physical stores and also Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing washing machine models

You may have noticed that there are several factors that we must consider when purchasing a new washing machine. If you are still unsure about these issues, don’t worry! Let’s talk in more detail about some essential features of washing machines:

  • Load size and necessary measures
  • Special features
  • Environmental issues
  • Installation
  • Opening type

But why are these points important? Read on to find out and finally be able to properly choose which washing machine is right for you!

Load size and necessary measures

Before purchasing your washing machine, it is essential to analyze its capacity and maximum measurements. There are washers with different capacities, ranging from 1 kg to over 15 kg.

There are washers for more than 15kg.

If you live alone, have a small family or don’t have as many clothes, a washing machine up to 10 kg will be more than enough to supply your demand. However, if 5 or more people live in your home and there are many clothes to be washed, the ideal is to purchase a machine with a capacity of more than 15 kg.

The measures must also be taken into account, as there are some specificities that will guarantee the perfect installation of your machine. Before purchasing yours, measure the space reserved for it. There must be a minimum distance of 10 cm from all walls or furniture. Measure well before buying your washing machine.

Special features

Some types of washing machines, such as small tanks, do not have many differentials. Automatic and lava and dry machines can be found in different types and with different functions.

The higher the technology of a machine, the more benefits it can offer. It is necessary to assess which are most essential to your needs. Some machines have more than 15 different washing programs, touch panel with LED, lint cleaning, technologies that help soap to penetrate clothes more easily, among others.

f your needs are more basic, there is no need to invest more in a machine with multiple functions. If your routine demands more speed and you need more practicality, invest in a model that meets your needs.

Environmental issues

As we saw in the advantages and disadvantages of washing machines, one of the negative points of these devices is that they usually use a lot of water and energy. This is a problem for people more concerned with environmental issues and who want to avoid waste as much as possible.

Some types of machines consume much less water than others. There are models that provide the water reuse function and do not provide double rinsing.

There are also some washing machines with an energy saving function that will wash your clothes faster. If saving water and energy is essential for you and your family, choose models that consume less and have specific functions.


Another thing to pay attention, before finalizing your purchase, it is necessary to analyze the installation. First of all, it is necessary to choose a flat and level place, protected from the weather, such as sun and rain. Consider a small space between the washing machine and the walls, countertops and furniture.

Assess whether there is a tap near the machine hose. They are not usually very long, so the closer the tap is, the better. In addition, there must be a water tank beside the machine. The water used to wash clothes will be discarded in the tank.

It is essential that there is an outlet in good condition at the installation site. Always avoid using extensions or adapters, as they can cause a short circuit and affect the functioning of your machine.

Opening type

There are washing machines with two types of opening: the front and the top. Both are ideal for different needs and have their advantages.

  • Top opening : Allows you to be able to open and stop washing at any time if you need to add more clothes. In addition, machines with this type of opening usually cost a little cheaper.
  • Front opening : Also called front load, they are better in their performance, because they use washing by tipping, taking advantage of the force of gravity in the process. They also further protect parts from damage caused by centrifugation.



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