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Top & Best Wall lamp review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Wall lamp: How to choose the best option in 2022

An element that makes all the difference in the decoration and ambience of the house is the lighting. The correct lighting source provides comfort and warmth and should be chosen according to the environment. For bedrooms, living room and office, we recommend using a wall lamp.

The wall lamp should be used as an additional light source, as it provides soft lighting, perfect for enjoying moments of rest and relaxation. And don’t forget that the lamp makes up the decor. To learn more about the subject, read on.

First, the most important

  • In the bedroom, the wall lamp should be placed next to the headboard to provide diffused lighting during moments of rest and leisure.
  • Regardless of the room, the wall lamp goes beyond the purpose of lighting the room. Due to the different shapes, sizes, materials and colors, this is a decorative object.
  • When choosing where to place the wall lamp in the room, be sure to look for a point with an outlet for electrical wiring.

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The best wall lamps: Our choices

A wall lamp can re-design the bedroom, living room or office, as it serves as a source of lighting and a decorative object. To inspire you at the time of purchase, we have prepared a list of the best models for sale.

  • The most modern wall lamp
  • The best wall lamp for children’s room
  • The most versatile wall lamp
  • The best wall lamp for women’s room

Buying Guide

Nobody likes to wake up at dawn and grope the furniture in the dark until they reach the switch, don’t they? Or need to leave the main light on while updating the reading before bed

It is for these and other reasons that a wall lamp is perfect for those seeking practicality and comfort in the bedroom, living room or office. Learn more about the object in this Buying Guide!

Why should I buy a wall lamp?

The lamp is a piece used in residential lighting. It is placed in the bedroom, living room and office, as a source of indirect lighting, strategically positioned to provide sensations of comfort, warmth and relaxation.

The lighting style provided by the lamp is based on a focal point of lighting that promotes a play of shadows on the walls and is perfect for reading, chats or home cinema sessions.


In addition to lighting, the lamp is a decorative object.

In addition to lighting, the lamp acts as a decorative object and adds much more style to the room. So much so that you find three lampshade models: Wall lamp, table and floor.

As it also works as a decorative object, it is important to find a model with dimensions proportional to the furniture, other decorative objects and room as a whole.

In which rooms can I use a wall lamp?

When deciding to place a lighting object in a room in the residence, you must take into account the need for light in the environment as a whole and at specific points.

The living room is the first environment that should receive a lighting project. You must choose a direct and indirect lighting source. For direct lighting, use a ceiling light or chandelier.

For indirect lighting, you can use a lamp or a wall, floor or bench lamp – the wall lamp is the most versatile. The color of the lamp can be white or yellowish, depending on the climate desired to the environment. The same recommendations apply to the room.

When used in the office, the wall lamp should use a white light bulb, as the yellowish tone refers to moments of rest and this can cause sleep and hinder performance in studies or work.

If you also use this environment for reading and entertainment, bet on the wall lamp with indirect lighting source, which can be directed to bookshelves, shelves or objects that deserve to be highlighted.

What are the differences between wall lamp, bench and floor?

The table lamp should be placed on bedside tables and used to provide soft lighting in the room. Although less common, it can also be used in the living room, providing dim lighting that prevents complete darkness from being comfortable.

Another option is the floor lamp. Serving the same purposes as the other models, it should be placed in the living room or office next to reading chairs. With robust proportions, it is highlighted in the decoration of the environment.

For a small room, consider a table lamp. For small or medium environments, choose the wall lamp. For a spacious room, the floor lamp is the best alternative.

What is the importance of the lamp used in the wall lamp?

First of all, a wall lamp is an object of illumination, so it is essential to analyze the type and shade of the lamp. There are different options that vary in size, shape, material, power and tone.

To make the right choice, consider the room in which you will install the wall lamp. For example, in an office you study or work, both tasks require concentration and require neutral lighting.

Already the living room and bedroom you use to rest, therefore, you should create a warm and relaxing environment and choose lamps with yellowish tones – just be careful not to leave the environment dark.

Already lamps with shades drawn to white create a feeling of spaciousness and spacing that can generate some visual discomfort – remember that white is a color that reflects a lot of light. In this case, balance the decor with decorative elements in vibrant or neutral tones.

Another option is colored lamps. The colors completely change the impression you have of the environment, so you must be careful not to choose an exaggerated shade.

And forget the idea that the shade of the lamp is related to energy consumption, as this is a mistake. You can choose between a halogen, fluorescent or LED model. For the bedroom or living room prefer the first two options and for the office choose a lamp and LED.

Remember that when choosing the wrong lamps, a wall lamp can devalue or even hinder the execution of tasks that would be performed in the room.

“The lamp combines more with the light emitted by incandescent lamps, due to the golden color, the intensity of the luminosity and the quality of the light, which is less likely to dazzle the view.”


Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different wall lamp models

The variety of models of lampshades is huge, and considering this variety, you can find the perfect wall lamp to light and decorate any room in your home.

However, remember that the wall lamp is a functional and not just a decorative object. That is, it is necessary to evaluate some characteristics that change from one model to another:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Dome
  • Lampshade design
  • Lampshade articulation

We will detail each of the criteria throughout this section. To receive more decoration tips, keep following the ReviewBox Brasil.


One of the characteristics that must be analyzed when buying a wall lamp is the size of this lighting object. Always consider the proportion of the object and the room in question.

Although a large wall lamp helps to better diffuse the light around the room, the object can bother anyone who is sitting or lying on the bed, because the focus of the lighting can reach the eyes.

The small or medium wall lamp, on the other hand, promotes a spotlight focus and only supports central lighting.


Another feature that deserves your attention is the material of the lamp. Know the characteristics of the main models below:

Glass lamp gives sophistication and delicacy to the environment. Combines with the minimalist, classic and romantic decor styles. In addition, the glass is very reminiscent of crystal and combines with ornamental plants.

The wooden lampshade is a versatile option, as it can be used alongside other furniture and decorative objects also made of wood for a rustic decoration style or in contrast to sophisticated furniture and decorative objects.

Another option is the ceramic lampshade. There are options in different shades that adapt to different styles of decoration. It is ideal for the living room.


A lamp is divided into two parts: Base and dome. The base supports the dome and performs a decorative function, while the dome is related to the spread of lighting.

A lamp must have a clear dome.

In order to perform well the function of illuminating the environment, a wall lamp must have a clear dome, no matter the material – it can be linen, cotton, straw, wicker, metal or plastic.

Another option is the translucent dome wall lamp, which will allow the lighting to diffuse throughout the environment. Finally, a lamp with a dark dome takes on a purely decorative function.

Lampshade design

Regarding the design of the wall lamp, you must analyze two criteria: Style of the piece and color palette. The color palette is important to maintain the harmony of the decoration of the environment, whether in the bedroom, living room or office.

The style of the piece should be quite compatible with the style of decoration of the room. The traditional models are ideal for those with a classic decoration style, as they add elegance, refinement and grandeur to the environment.

The minimalist models are perfect for those who prioritize functionality, practicality and simplicity. The vintage lampshade options make the room fun and uncluttered.

Finally, the wall lamp models in a modern style are ideal for those who value contemporary decor. These models adapt to different styles of decoration.

Lampshade articulation

A wall lamp can be articulated, that is, to allow some kind of movement. This feature adds functionality to the wall lamp, as it allows you to change the direction of the light to the desired point – it can be the desk, dressing table, mirror, among other options.

If you often read while in bed, consider buying a hinged wall lamp, so that you will enjoy focused lighting, being able to direct the light to the book without harming the person lying next to you.


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