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Top & Best Ceiling lamp review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ceiling lamp: Discover how to choose the best model in 2022

Whether at home or at work, having good lighting is essential. Therefore, today ReviewBox Brasil offers you a complete analysis of the ceiling lamp and all its benefits.

Currently, in addition to functionality, ceiling lamps are true decorative items, helping to highlight furniture and environments. So, as you can imagine, the options are huge.

To help you find that special model with all the information and details you need, be sure to check out our full review on the different models and key factors to consider before purchasing.

Buying Guide

A good ceiling lamp can make all the difference when it comes to highlighting an environment. Practical and extremely functional, you can choose to choose different models to give that charm to every corner of your home.

But, this is certainly not an easy task. So, if you don’t work in the decoration area, be sure to check out our shopping guide with more information to help you find the best chandelier for each environment.

What is a ceiling lamp?

The lamp is nothing more than a tool used to distribute the light, working together with one or more lamps.

Nowadays, it is possible to find a wide variety of models, from the simplest spots to embed light to the sophisticated chandeliers, full of crystals and ornaments.

In this specific case, they are designed to be attached to the ceiling, allowing a more efficient light distribution, making it ideal for all types of environments.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a ceiling lamp?

Ceiling lamps are extremely versatile, as they help to decorate and it is possible to obtain varying levels of lighting. In addition, they can be found in various styles and designs.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. In more spacious environments, for example, more than one luminaire may be needed. Installation requires tools and technical knowledge. And, as they are usually at the top, they can be difficult to clean.

What are the different types of ceiling lamps?

As we said, the variety of styles when it comes to ceiling lamps is huge, but we can separate them into four main categories. The recessed spot is the cheapest option and are ideal for cleaner environments, since they are more discreet.

The track spot combines best with industrial decor. They can be found in an intermediate price range and the great advantage is that with them it is possible to direct the beam of light according to your needs.

The pendants cost a little more. They help to highlight furniture or smaller spaces and are easier to clean, as they are at more accessible heights.

Finally we have the chandeliers, for more chic environments where you want to give a special emphasis to the environment. Unfortunately, due to their complexity, they are among the most expensive models on the market.

How much does a ceiling lamp cost?

The price can vary widely from the type of luminaire, the style and design of the product. The most simple and practical built-in or rail spots can be found in a range that ranges from R $ 5 to R $ 700.

The more elaborate pendants and chandeliers tend to cost more, ranging from R $ 50 to R $ 100 in the simplest models. Intermediate models cost around R $ 200 and R $ 500. Especially in the case of chandeliers, the values ​​can easily go over R $ 10,000.

Where to buy a ceiling lamp?

You can find the ceiling lamps available in stores specializing in lighting, in houses of building materials and even in shops dedicated to decorative items.

Now, if you have already traveled around your city in search of the perfect lamp and were unsuccessful, a great option is to search the internet. Amazon has a multitude of models in its catalog and delivery is fast and guaranteed.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying a ceiling lamp

If one thing is certain, it is that it is practically impossible to live today without counting on the help of ceiling lamps. We don’t usually think about it much, but they are practically everywhere.

So, before choosing, it is important to pay attention to some criteria to make sure you are making the right choice.

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Light intensity
  • Colors and styles

Check each of these topics carefully for you and never worry about lighting in your home again.


Fortunately, today it is possible to choose from a wide variety of materials when it comes to ceiling lamps. From the simplest models of metal or aluminum, to those with details in wood and other natural products, such as sisal.

The ideal here is to find not only a material that helps make up the decor, but that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. And, for external areas, more exposed, preferably for materials that will not rust.



Another factor that you should note when choosing a ceiling lamp is the size, that is, the dimensions of the product. Width, length, height and even the size of the wire (in the case of chandeliers and pendants) can make all the difference.

Therefore, before making the purchase, remember to measure the environment and the place where you plan to place the luminaire, even to obtain a better performance of the lamps.

Light intensity

Although some fixtures already come with one or more lamps, generally these are items that you must obtain separately. So, be aware of the type of socket to choose properly.

Light intensity is measured in lumens, and this can vary widely from model to model. Allogeneic lamps, which are the most well-known and traditional, have less lighting power. The fluorescent and LED lamps are more powerful, ideal for larger environments.

Colors and styles

Finally, it is important to consider the lamp more than an essential item, but that can add value to your decor, creating incredible environments.

So choose colors and styles that match your furniture. It doesn’t matter here, just follow your instinct and personality. Whether classic, modern or industrial, it is possible to abuse the combinations to obtain something unique and that reflects your good taste.


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