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Top & Best Bedroom lamp review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bedroom lamp: How to choose the best in 2022?

Are you looking for a bedroom lamp, but don’t know how to choose the best one? In today’s article, we will deal with this object whose role goes far beyond the decorative.

Important to provide adequate lighting for rest, the lamp in the bedroom also helps in reading and at work. Next, we’ll show you the best in the category and what you should analyze to choose the ideal.

First, the most important

  • The bedroom lamp is a decorative and functional object, which can offer both lighter and more intense lighting.
  • There are several models of lampshade for bedroom, so before buying the piece it is important to consider its purpose of use and the place to be installed.
  • To invest in the best lamp it is also worth considering the size, height and type of the dome.

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Buying Guide

With such a variety of models, colors and prints it is always a challenge to choose a lamp for the bedroom. Therefore, we have created a Buying Guide.

From here, you will find answers to the main questions that may arise when choosing the best lampshade for the bedroom, be it a couple, single, baby or child.

Bedroom lamp: Why do you need one?

The bedroom is one of the main environments of the house. After all, that’s where we relax after a long day of work, study and activities.

Therefore, it is common to invest in cozy decor and lighting. In this context, one of the most important objects is the bedroom lamp.

Much more than a decorative object, the bedroom lamp is functional. In addition to helping in the lighting of the room, usually creating a yellowish and relaxing light, the bedroom lamp still helps when it comes to studying and working.

Often, the lamp is your ally when watching TV, surfing the internet or reading books without having to turn on the main light in the room.

In addition, there are countless places where you can place the lamp in a room, either next to the bed or next to an armchair. For these and other reasons, nowadays there are the most varied types of lamp for the bedroom.

Did you know that the word lampshade comes from the French ” abat-jour ” and means to turn off the light?

This is because the lamp has always had the main function of providing soft, diffuse and relaxing lighting.

What is the room lamp for?

As we have seen, the bedroom lamp is multifunctional. The object serves both as a decorative piece and as an accessory to aid in reading, for example.

Watching TV in the bedroom can also be made more enjoyable with less direct lighting. Below you can see the main uses of a lamp in the bedroom and tips on how to use it:

    • Reading : The bedroom lamp is ideal for those who like to read, but are uncomfortable with the central light of the room. In that case, you can choose lamps that are steerable;
    • TV, screens and cell phones : To use the bedroom lamp to watch TV or view screens on notebooks or smartphones, the tip is to position the piece at a height that does not generate leftovers, preferably beside or behind.
    • Relaxation : If your goal is to have a lamp in the bedroom to help you rest, the ideal are models whose dome has thinner fabric and the light is yellowish.


Is there a lamp for each type of room?

Yes. Although the choice of a bedroom lamp is very personal, the fact is that there are pieces that are more suitable depending on the type of room, be it a couple, single or child.

In general, the lamps for double and single rooms differ only due to the style, material of manufacture, size and color.

It is worth mentioning that, if the idea is to buy two lamps to compose each side of the bed, you can abandon that idea that the objects should form a pair. According to decorators, you can and should dare and play with different styles and textures.

Regarding the lampshade for children’s rooms and lampshades for babies’ rooms, the options are more specific.

You will find models with playful shapes, pets and characters from children’s drawings and films, which help to make the decoration of the baby’s room.

But the fact is that, also in this context, the bedroom lamp must go beyond the decorative factor.

In children’s rooms, the lamp is a great ally for children who are afraid of the dark and also serves to help parents who need to check their children in the middle of the night without waking them up.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturing material to avoid accidents with children. For example, always choose parts painted with non-toxic paint.

Where to put the lamp in the room?

After defining how the lamp will be used, according to the type of room, it’s time to think about where the piece will be placed.

Here too it is worth considering how you will use the lamp. For example, if the idea is to use the piece to aid reading, the bedroom lamp should be close to the bed, on the nightstand, or next to an armchair.

It is also possible to place the bedroom lamp on a desk, either to work or to study.

However, nothing prevents you from placing the bedroom lamp on a dresser or even on shelves. Some models can even be installed on the wall.

Here are some of the most popular options for room lamp installation locations:

  • Bedside table ;
  • Shelves ;
  • Dresser ;
  • Desk ;
  • Wall .

What is the best light for the bedroom lamp?

The lamp used in the bedroom lamp is even more important than the lamp itself. This is because depending on the lamp the lighting effects will be different.

For example, the yellow light will give a warm and cozy atmosphere. A white light is more suitable for reading or using the computer.

In the lampshade for children’s rooms, although yellowish light is more recommended, it is possible to invest in colored lights that favor the child’s sleep. Some examples are: Light blue, lilac and green lamp.

Bedroom lamp: What are the pros and cons?

As we have seen so far, the advantages of having a lamp in the bedroom are great and go far beyond the decorative effect that the object gives to the environment.

The fact is that the bedroom lamp has numerous functions. It can, for example, be used as indirect light, creating a cozy atmosphere and helping at the time of neglect.

In addition, the lamp in the room can be used to watch TV, access devices with screens and read. All of this without having to activate the central light of the room.

Nowadays it is also possible to find several types of lampshade, with different sizes, models and styles to please the most varied tastes and pockets.

On the other hand, like most electrical objects, the bedroom lamp can present technical problems and defects. It is often necessary to send for repair and change the lamps.

Still, as you can see in the table below, the advantages of having a lamp in the room are infinitely greater than its possible negative points. Look:

How much does a bedroom lamp cost and where to buy it?

You will find lampshades for bedroom costing between R $ 10 and R $ 5,000. Of course, there is no need to invest in the most expensive option of all. In general, even the cheapest models usually do their job.

To choose where to buy the bedroom lamp the options are also vast. Department stores, Extra, are full of options.

But if you prefer to buy from the comfort of your home, and still have promotional prices, the best option is to purchase the lamp over the internet, at credible stores like Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: How to compare bedroom lamps

In addition to taking into account the purpose of use and the type of room where you will place the lamp, it is important to analyze other aspects. We list the main ones for you:

  • Size and height
  • Style
  • Manufacturing material
  • Dome

Next, you will better understand how to evaluate each of these points.

Size and height

An important issue to be taken into account when buying the bedroom lamp is the size and height of the piece. These factors must be proportional to the size of your room.

In general, experts recommend that small rooms should be fitted with smaller lamps and vice versa.

In this respect, you will find lamps for bedroom of varying sizes, from small to medium to large.


Another important criterion to observe is the style of the lamp. Although there are no rules on this, the tip is to opt for a modern piece for a modern room; and a classic lamp for a classic setting.

The lamp plays an important aesthetic role in the room.

After all, even when not in use, the lamp plays an important aesthetic role in the room.

But if you like to invest in different materials, textures and styles to create a unique decoration, it is worth taking a chance too.

The tip is to always try to maintain a harmony between the pieces, so as not to create visual pollution.

Manufacturing material

Also review the material for making the bedroom lamp. Currently, there are pieces made with wood, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, etc.

The material is important to compose the style of decoration you want, whether classic, contemporary, rustic or minimalist.


The type of dome of the bedroom lamp is another criterion that deserves your attention. You will find rounded, square, rectangular domes and made with the most varied fabrics and colors.


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