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Top & Best Reading lamp review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Reading lamp: What’s the best of 2022?

Today’s text will catch the attention of people who love to read! If you are always walking with a book in your bag, you will like to know all the advantages of the reading lamp!

Although it looks very similar to a regular light fixture, the reading lamp is more compact, and in the vast majority of cases, it can be easily transported.

Despite being a very simple object, many people still do not know its benefits, and for that reason, in today’s guide, we will expose all the information on the subject! Come on?

First, the most important

  • The reading lamp is nothing more than a portable mini-luminaire, which can be fixed on the book itself or on other surfaces.
  • It has no intense light beam, and aims to directly illuminate the book so that the reader can read in a dark place.
  • The best models are portable, as they are compact, rechargeable, and allow you to use them anywhere.

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Best reading lamps: Our recommendations

Many people wonder about practical products that allow them to read even in dark environments. If you are part of this group, know that the reading lamp is certainly the best way out. If you still don’t know it, our list with some of the best options on the market will help you!

  • The most practical reading lamp
  • The most flexible reading lamp
  • Luminaire with 3 intensity levels

Buying Guide

Reading is a favorite hobby for many people, but not all places have good lighting to exercise it. So, if this is your case, you should consider the reading lamp!

In the guide below we will give you all the information about this product, and put you inside of its advantages.

Reading lamp: What is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Having a reading routine is not only a pleasant habit, it is also healthy, since it is important to keep your mind always active with new information.

Many people leave to enjoy a good book in moments of calm, such as at night, or even on public transport, on their return from work.

However, sometimes lighting can be a problem, especially for those who love to read at night. We are not always able to keep a main light on so as not to disturb other people, and this ends up making our hobby difficult.

Exactly for this reason, the reading lamp is such a cool product. Most of them are small, and can be fixed on the book itself or on some surface such as the head of a bed, the monitor of a computer and the sides of a table.

It is a practical and compact object that guarantees a low beam of light, but good enough to illuminate your book.

Another interesting advantage is that most of these products are portable, allowing you to take it where you need it. They can be used at work, on trips, and in some cases, even at the bus stop.

Despite the advantages, some models depend on a power source, which reduces the places where they can be used, since they depend on an outlet.

However, there are other options that work on a battery basis, and if you plan to use it on the street, these are good options.

In general, it is a product with accessible value, which aims to facilitate your access to books and make this habit more and more common in your routine.

Reading lamp or common light fixture?

Many people wonder if a common luminaire with more lighting power is no longer worth it. However, we are talking about products with very different purposes.

The purpose of the reading lamp is precisely the easy access. It is designed to be easily transported, and, consequently, to be used in places other than your own home.

Although the common light fixture is more beautiful and ends up becoming part of your home decor, it is not portable. It is a relatively heavy object, with a fixed location and a higher price, when compared to the reading lamp.

It is also important to mention that, because it is smaller, the lighting of the lamp for reading is more restricted, since its beam of light aims to illuminate only the book, in considerable proximity.

The lamp, also called a lamp, has a more intense beam of light, capable of causing good clarity in a spacious environment.

Both are interesting products, but if your goal is to have good lighting to read anywhere, the reading lamp is definitely the most suitable object, see?

How much?

The price of a reading lamp is variable and you will find options for every budget. However, in general, this is not a very expensive product.

The best models cost around R $ 70 or R $ 90. But there are also the simplest models, with prices in the range of R $ 35. Like most products, everything will depend on the quality and the brand chosen.

Where to buy?

Because it is a reading accessory, it is very common to find objects like this in bookstores, such as the Saraiva chain. In department stores or decoration, you can also find legal options.

Finally, buying online offers you more models, in addition to the comfort of buying at home. In that case, we recommend Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing reading lamp models

The reading lamp is a delicate product, which can easily spoil if it is not of good quality. For this reason, we highlight some factors that you must observe at the time of your purchase:

  • Bulb type
  • Material
  • Size
  • Power supply

Now, let’s explain each one a little better.

Bulb type

Reading lamps can be of different types, such as LED, incandescent and halogen.

We recommend that you prioritize the LED lamp, because it has good lighting, is comfortable to look at and offers excellent durability.

Incandescent or halogen lamps have a shorter life span, and some may have that yellowish tint that some people don’t like.


In addition to the lamp itself, it is important to talk about the material from which its structure is made. For reasons of strength and durability, it is recommended to choose those made of metal or aluminum.

Plastic reading lamps also exist and are good options, however, they are more sensitive and may not withstand a fall.


The sizes of these objects vary widely and you should choose yours according to your need.

If you like to read everywhere, and may need lighting even on the street, we recommend that you choose the smaller models, which are easily carried in your purse or backpack.

However, there are also slightly larger options, with more intense lighting, but which are more suitable for use at home, at work or on a trip that you can sit comfortably to read.

The sizes are various, and you just need to analyze which one fits your routine best.

Power supply

The best option is, without a doubt, the rechargeable reading lamp via USB, because, once charged, you can take it anywhere, although it is important to know the average battery life.

The lamps that need an outlet to work restrict your possible places of use, and this may end up leaving you in the dark at some point.


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