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Top & Best Night light review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Night light: What’s the best of 2022?

Are you looking to buy one? So you are in the right place. We will help you choose the right model for your needs.

The use of lampshades every day has been replaced by night light, an excellent option for lighting without losing the charm of the decoration.

The versions of night lights, the average price, where to buy and other subjects that guide you in your purchases you will find in the following article. Try to analyze everything until the end before investing in any model.

First, the most important

  • Night lights are available in pluggable or battery-powered versions.
  • Some night lights also work with other functions, such as clocks or cameras.
  • There are detailed models for personalization in design, ideal for decorating interior environments.

Best night lights: Our favorites

The children’s room gains charm when it has night lights. They are present in the form of children’s drawings or as indispensable accessories in any modern home: Pen, watches, phones, among other options.
Discover some of the best night light models on the market now:

  • Great night light clock version
  • Alligator version night light
  • Night light luminaire version

Buying Guide

It seems that the baby sleeps more peacefully when he realizes that there is a beautiful night light in the room that does not consume much energy.

There is also a tendency for companies to use cameras with night light to make recordings with more quality lighting.

There are many needs to use this product, but there is only one way to buy the best version with no chance of error: Read the night light shopping guide below.

What is night light?

The night light is a lighting accessory and may be available in personalized formats with designs such as: Elephants, rabbits, alligators, flowers, among others.

Imagine that you need to enter the house quietly without getting people’s attention. If the place is dark, the mission will be almost impossible. However, when there are night lights illuminating the environment, the walk becomes easier.

In the old days, the light at night of the houses happened through lamps, whose switch was difficult to find in the dark. Today, modern homes opt for night lights with LEDs, lit continuously, without making the electricity bill more expensive.

Night light: What is it for?

Young children, the elderly and even pets benefit from night light. Several decorators insist on using the product to make the decoration more impressive at night.

In children’s rooms, the night light in the shape of pets generates a softer hue. It does not disturb the vision and creates a soft effect for the little ones not to wake up frightened by the darkness.

Older audiences should use night light to illuminate the path on the way to the bathroom at night. This lighting is useful for making pets safer, reducing the chances of barking or meowing at dawn.

What are the advantages of having a night light?

Night light is one of those products that have more benefits than harm. For example, you can choose between the versions plugged into the outlet or the products that run on battery, great for places without electricity.

It is possible to find different versions of personalization for the night light combining with the different rooms of a property, lighting and at the same time decorating the house.

One of the factors that explain the success of the product worldwide is the low prices. With a few dollars you can buy the best versions to decorate or illuminate environments.

It is worth highlighting the mobile character of the product. You just have to remove the product from the socket to use it in other places, and the small versions fit easily inside any bag.

The downside is that the night light does not work automatically, that is, it needs a power source, either the outlet or the batteries. Detail: The cheapest models in general do not have very powerful lighting.

Keep an eye on the pros and cons of using night light when following the information in the table below:

What types of night lights are on the market?

You need to keep your eyes open and buy a model out of necessity rather than beauty, unless you have only decorative purposes.

There are two main versions of night light. One is the one that looks more worked on in the design and the other offers other extra features besides lighting.

Let’s now see the difference between customized night lights and night lights that have additional functions.

Customized night light

The personalized night light serves as a decoration and at the same time illuminates the paths for you to walk around the house without turning on the chandelier lamps.

The personalized lighting options are known for the many design variations, especially those aimed at children. These options are almost always available only for connection to the outlets.

Functional night light

In the case of functional lights, the objective is more to generate lighting with intensity. There are not many variations in the design between these versions, available both for the plug and the battery.

Since it offers more power in lighting, the functional night light costs more, in addition to the fact that the product offers extra functionality.

There are several versions of night lights together with devices such as: Watches, cameras, pens, among others.

See below for the difference between the two main versions:

How much does a night light cost?

The price of a night light can cost from R $ 15 to up to R $ 50. You can find several options for children’s rooms with low prices. In case you buy the more functional versions you need to spend extra money.

The more power in the light the higher the price. The number of lighting regulation levels also represents a factor that can make the amount charged higher.

Where to buy night lights?

It is not difficult to find offers of night lights in department stores, Most promotions in physical commerce are pluggable options in the outlet.

Amazon is the best store for those who want to find many different versions and buy safely without leaving home. Find models also on pages.

id you know that it is not at all difficult to clean the night light? Just use a dry cloth. Only use liquid cleaning products if there is permission from retailers or manufacturers.



Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Night Light Models

There are so many offers on the market that when buying a night light to illuminate the house at night, we may end up getting lost and buying something not very good. Avoid this problem by following the 4 best product comparison criteria:

  • Effects
  • Music
  • Regulation
  • Light switch

The definition of each listed point is shown below:


The more levels of effects there are in the night light, the better the possibilities for decorators to compose the most different decorative proposals.

A night light can have 1 to 10 different levels of effects. If you buy the product to use in children’s rooms it is advisable to purchase a model with colorful effects to liven up your baby’s play.


Nowadays there are even sound lights in the form of pets that have an actionable device to generate certain music in the environment.

Many adults make a point of buying only night light capable of playing music, which can help in the case of children who are very nervous and need resources to be calmer in the bedroom.


The best options are known to have the regulation feature. This feature works for you to choose how bright the night light should be.

Therefore, only one product can be used for the most different purposes, from generating light for children to sleep to creating intense lighting to brighten up the environments.

Light switch

If you are looking for a more practical and economical product, it is worth investing in the night light options that have a switch. In this way, using your fingertip, it is possible to connect only when there is a need to use.

When buying versions without a switch, the model is switched on and off only when you insert or remove the night light.


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