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Top & Best Black light review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Black light: How to choose the best in 2022?

If you are looking to make a different decoration, whatever the location, black light can be a good option! Common in nightclubs and parties, the black light bulb can also serve to create fun environments.

But, as there are many different models and technical configurations, it is necessary to know how to differentiate one type of black light from another. And that is what we are going to deal with in today’s article.

First, the most important

  • Black light is a lamp that generates a different lighting effect when it affects some types of objects, especially white ones.
  • Very common in parties and night clubs, black light is also used in investigations and even in the medical field.
  • To use at home or even in a professional way, you need to take into account some criteria before buying the best black light, such as voltage, base and shape.

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Buying Guide

Do you know when you go to a party or nightclub and suddenly, who is wearing white or neon clothes starts to glow in the dark? This is the basic effect of a black light bulb.

But do you know how the black light works, where it can be used and how much does it cost? The answer to these and other questions you will find below, in the Buying Guide that we have prepared for you.

What is black light?

Black light is a lamp that, in terms of shape, is similar to the ordinary fluorescent lamp that we use at home and at work. But the differences in functioning between them are many.

Most of the light emitted by a fluorescent lamp is ultraviolet (UV) light, which is invisible to our eyes.

In order for this UV to turn into visible light, the glass of the fluorescent lamp is coated with a layer of phosphorous powder, a chemical element.

Thus, when UV light passes through this phosphorus layer, it then becomes visible light, illuminating the environments in which it is installed.

In the black light, this dynamics of operation is different, since there is no phosphor layer covering the lamp. In fact, the clear or white glass of the traditional lamp is replaced by a black glass in the black light lamp.

With that, what passes through the glass is a little bit of visible violet light and UV light. And when the UV of black light strikes light objects in a dark environment, the light color ends up playing the role of phosphor and re-emitting the light it receives, giving the impression that the objects are shining.

What is the black light for?

The most popular use of black light is in fact at parties, shows and nightclubs. That’s because the black light makes some clothes glow in the dark.

In addition, it is also common to use black light in rooms, especially for children and young people, as the light creates fun and playful environments.

However, black light has other uses. Check out the main ones below:

    • It identifies fake works of art and money notes : This is possible because, today, paints contain phosphorus in their formula. And, in Real’s notes, there is a coat of arms that is only visible through the black light;
    • Operates in expertise : Black light is used to detect fingerprints and body fluids that are sensitive to this type of lighting;
    • It is used in asepsis : Some types of black light are also used in hospitals and are used to kill germs and check for leaks.


What does the black light show?

You have certainly had some experience with black light in which you noticed that your teeth, white clothes and various objects glowed in the dark, right?

As we have seen, light colored objects work as if they were phosphor, which is needed to generate visible light. And this happens, in the case of teeth, because they actually have phosphorus in their composition.

White clothes shine because they retain the phosphorus that is present in the washing powder used to wash clothes and make white even more white.

The fact is, everything that is white, fluorescent or contains phosphorus will glow with the incidence of black light.

That is, your teeth, nails, body fluids, some species of animals such as scorpions and some invertebrates, as well as television screens, “fluorescent” paint pigments, fabrics, money bills and so on.

But, in addition, there are paints, spray, balloons and other objects made with layers of phosphorus that can be used to shine with black light. That’s why it’s easy to put together a birthday party decoration, for example, with the black light bulb.

Black light for party: How to use?

For the black light to work properly, only a dark environment and objects with phosphorus in its composition are needed.

And, as we have seen, today there are fabrics, balloons and decorative pieces ideal for creating this environment for a party. Invest in black fabrics to help seal off external light, increase the power of black light and abuse creativity.

But, when in doubt, you can check out several tutorials that exist on the internet showing how to use the black light to decorate parties, concerts and events.

Is black light bad for your health?

You may be thinking that if black light emits UV, then it is bad for your health. But that is not true.

To better understand it is necessary to remember the dynamics of colors. White light is made up of seven colors, which have different lights because of the wavelength that is also different.

Just think of the colors of the rainbow, in that order: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

After violet comes ultraviolet, which is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC. And, the closer to the UVC, the healthier the radiation will do.

Never try to turn a normal lamp into a black light. The fluorescent lamp has mercury vapor, which is a metal that can cause serious problems to the nervous system.

UVC is bad for your health and is therefore blocked by the ozone layer. However, there are UVC lamps that are used as bactericides in laboratories and hospitals.

UVB is the radiation that makes our skin tan in the summer. UVA radiation close to UVB causes skin aging and cancer risk.

But the UVA emitted by the black light bulb is a radiation that is very close to the violet and, therefore, does not harm health.

Do you know who invented the black light?

Black light was created during World War II by the American inventor Philo Farnsworth (1906-1971), also known as the father of television.

At the time, this type of light was intended to improve night vision.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of black light?

As we have seen, black light has numerous advantages. The first is that this type of lamp allows the creation of several creative effects.

This can be interesting not only at birthday parties, but it can also be used by professional DJs and entrepreneurs who work with shows and events.

Even for artists who perform black light performance can be useful, since body paints and neon enamels are enough for black light to generate a playful effect.

But more than that, the black light can be used even to solve crimes, as in the case of the identification of money bills and fake works of art. Not to mention that this type of light is also useful in hospital areas.

On the other hand, there are also some negative points when considering a light like this. In order for it to actually work, there must be objects in white or covered with phosphorus.

Therefore, if you are thinking of decorating a party with black light, you need to think of paints, fabrics and colors appropriate to emit the desired effect of black light. That is, in general, you end up spending a little more to buy these objects.

But for you to have a broader view on the main positive and negative aspects of black light, check out the table we have prepared for you.

What is the price of black light and where to buy?

The price of blacklight varies depending on the model and the lamp settings. Therefore, it is possible to find this type of lamp costing between R $ 10 and R $ 300.

You will be able to buy black light at specialized building material or lighting stores, as well as department stores and even large supermarket chains.

Still, to have more models to choose from and often cheaper prices, we recommend that you buy the black light at internet stores like Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: How to compare the types of black light

When choosing between different types of black light bulb, you need to keep in mind what your goal will be. In addition, we recommend that you take into account the following factors:

  • Home or professional use
  • Format
  • Quantity of Watts
  • Voltage
  • Base

Below we will show in detail how to analyze each of these points.

Home or professional use

The first factor that you must analyze when buying the best black light is the use you will make of the lamp: Domestic or professional.

For example, if you are going to use black light for a house party or decorate a room, you can choose ordinary, simpler black light lamps.

But if you need the black light to decorate a large event or party, you need to look for bigger, more resistant options that end up being more expensive.


You will find different formats of black light on the market. Here, you can choose between the common shape lamp, the reflector type or the flashlight.

In the case of the lamp, there are several models, from the traditional tubular format, to the black filament light, among others.

But there are also black light bulbs like ribbon and reflectors, which are more powerful and versatile since you can use them outdoors and at large events.

The flashlight, in general, is indicated for professional use by experts, or even for the fun of the kids.

Quantity of Watts

Another point that deserves your attention when buying black light is the amount of watts.

Black light bulbs are between 9 W and 250 W.

This choice depends on the number of lamps that will be used and also on the size of the environment to be lit. But in general, black light bulbs are between 9 W and 250 W.

Even so, it is worth mentioning that when it comes to lighting and consumption, in general, there is no difference between traditional and black light.

For example, a 25 W black light bulb has the same luminescence and the same consumption as an ordinary 25 W lamp.


Also check the black light voltage before purchasing the model of your choice. You will find 110 and 220 volt options. To make the right choice, first check the voltage of the location where the black light will be installed, so that there is no unforeseen event.


Finally, it is also important to check the lamp base, that is, the shape of the socket. The most common lamps used in homes are based on type E27, but it is possible to find variations.


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