Top & Best Blender review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Blender: What are the best models in 2022?

The blender has emerged as an even more practical solution than the blender. It is ideal for preparing juices, vitamins, smoothies and other drinks or foods. Want to learn more about this appliance that has made many people’s lives healthier and more practical?

Although it is very similar to the blender, blender is indicated for more specific situations. Let’s talk about it in this complete Buying Guide, stay with us until the end.

First, the most important

  • The blender is an appliance widely used in the preparation of hot or cold drinks. Compact but powerful, it has been gaining more and more space in the life of those seeking a healthier life.
  • Although it is similar to the blender, it has its own characteristics that make this product more practical. One is that the jar itself serves as a squeeze.
  • It is not expensive to invest in a blender, you can buy it for around R $ 150.

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The best blenders: Our recommendations

All the most famous appliance brands have a blender model available. We select the best ones so that you have the power to choose:

  • Blender with two jars from Cadence
  • Blender with two jars from Oster
  • Blender 400 ml
  • Philco blender with two pitchers
  • 700 ml Blender

Buying Guide

For those who like to wake up and hit a green juice or vitamin before going to work, blender is a very practical option. Especially if you want to take the drink with you, as the jar serves as a squeeze.

So you don’t have to get your big blender dirty to prepare such a simple drink. Want to know more? Keep reading this Buying Guide until the end to make the best choice.

What is a blender and for whom is it indicated?

The blender is an appliance that looks like a blender at first sight, but more compact and practical for preparing drinks on a daily basis, in addition to some foods.


It is an excellent ally for those who like to lead a healthy life.

It has a base and comes with one or two jars that generally range from 400 to 700 ml. These jars come with lids and serve as a squeeze, so when your drink is ready you can take it with you wherever you want.

It is super easy to use and also to wash. It is a tool suitable for those who like to prepare vitamins, juices or other drinks frequently. It is an excellent ally for those who like to lead a healthy life.

What are the most common ways to use a blender?

The most common way to use blender is to prepare healthy drinks. It is an appliance highly sought after by those looking for, or already leading, a more natural lifestyle, consuming natural juices, green juices, vitamins, smoothies, Wheys, among others.

Just add the ingredients, push a single button – some still work automatically with the jug on the base – and you have your drink ready in the very glass you will use to drink.

As you can take the glass with you, it is common to use it in the preparation of some morning drink to take to work, or even to the gym.

Write down this simple, practical and healthy green juice recipe for you to drink in the morning.


  • A cabbage leaf;
  • Juice of a lemon;
  • A green apple chopped into small pieces;
  • Half cucumber without peel;
  • 150 ml of coconut water;
  • Ginger zest.

Now just hit everything in your blender and drink without straining.


Tip: There are infinite options for healthy juice recipes for you to include in your routine without getting sick, with the most varied types of fruits and vegetables.


What are the advantages of buying a blender?

You may have noticed that the biggest advantage of blender is practicality. After all, taking the big blender out of the closet and then having to wash all its parts can be a demotivator to lead a healthier life. That’s why blender came about. It is practical to use and wash.

In addition, your jar serves as a squeeze and that way you drink from the product’s own cup, and you can take it with you wherever you want.

Because it is compact, it is easy to transport and also to store in any corner of the closet.

Most models come with two glasses, so you can take two different drinks to work or make juice for yourself and someone else.

It has enough power to crush even ice and frozen fruit.

It is common for a person to use blender every day, and even more often in the same day. The product is not expensive and has an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

The only disadvantage is that the jars have a very limited capacity, usually between 400 and 700 ml.

What is the difference between a blender and a blender?

Although they look quite at first glance, the blender and blender have very different indications for use.

The blender is bigger, more robust, powerful and with more features. With it you can prepare varied recipes, from salty, sweet or liquid. It has different speeds and its capacity is much higher.

Blender, on the other hand, is a smaller appliance, and as we saw, specific for small and quick preparations, focusing even more on healthy drinks. The blender brings part of the functionality of a blender, adding the practicality for daily use.

The blender can do what a blender does, but the opposite does not happen. However, one does not dispense with the use of the other. You can count on both appliances at home and use it in specific situations.

Do you want to make a delicious cake, beat a dough or crush some food into smaller pieces? The blender is the ideal appliance. Now if you want practicality in preparing drinks, bet on blender.

How to sanitize a blender?

After using your blender you will have no trouble keeping it clean again. Because it is compact, its cleaning is quick and quite simple.

It’s actually like washing a glass or bottle. And to make it even easier, the mouth of the blender jar is usually wide enough for you to put your hand inside.


All you need is a sponge, mild soap and running water.

So, all you need is a sponge, mild soap and running water. Wash well inside and outside, rinse well and allow to dry naturally.

Do not forget the top where the cap is screwed on to prevent the accumulation of dirt. The lid also deserves special attention when applying the sponge.

If you feel the need, you can run hot water on the parts once a week.

The base must be cleaned with a damp cloth, just be sure to unplug the appliance. Its blade can be easily unscrewed and washed with a sponge and mild soap under running water.

How much does it cost and where to buy a blender?

You can buy a blender for around R $ 150. There are cheaper and more expensive models, but this is a good average for quality products. As it is used almost daily, its cost-effectiveness is excellent.

You can find a blender in hypermarkets, furniture and appliance stores, or departments, However, in the online market, you will have more options. Check out the websites of Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: Know how to choose the best blender

If you believe that blender is the right appliance for you, we want to bring you even more information to help you make the perfect choice. These criteria can be decisive. Check out.

  • Wattage
  • Capacity
  • Operating mode
  • Jar
  • Cover
  • Blades
  • Design

Check each topic in detail and make the right choice for your healthy life.


Although the blender works with an average power of 200 to 300 W, this small fluctuation can make a difference when choosing.

Prefer the more powerful models, they will work faster, being able to prepare denser drinks.


There is no standard of capacity in the blender jar. A common average is that the jar has 600 ml, however, there are models from 400 to 700 ml. What is the best size for you?

If you like to make your preparations to drink throughout the morning, like a juice to take to work for example, invest in a blender with greater capacity.

Operating mode

Some models work simply with the perfect fit of the cup on the base, automatically, without having any button. In other cases, it is necessary to press a button to turn the blades on.

Both are safe and only work with the correct fit on the base of the blender, so it is a matter of preference for your choice.


Two points must be noted in relation to the jar. The first is whether it is unique or whether the brand offers two jars. The dual option has more advantages, often for the same price. So you can take two different drinks with you or prepare for two people.

Another issue concerns the material of the jar. A common material – and a great choice – is light, highly resistant tritan plastic.


Although it is a detail, it is important to think about the lid of your blender jar. After all, if you intend to take it with you, it is important that it does not leak and has a spout that makes it easier to drink. The cover must be functional.


The common thing is that the blender blades are double and made of stainless steel. Preferably to this material due to its resistance and quality. Also check if the blade comes out easily from the base, this facilitates the process of cleaning your blender.


Although all models have a transparent jar, their shape changes. The design, in addition to making the piece beautiful, should be thought out to make it even easier. Make sure it is good to hold and easy to wash.

In addition, the cover also adds to the design with different styles and colors. Choose the one that suits you best.


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