Top & Best Dolce Gusto Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dolce Gusto: How to choose the best capsule coffee maker in 2022

The Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine is among the most desired coffee makers by those who love coffee, as this machine extracts delicious and consistent drinks in a practical and quick way.

The Dolce Gusto line of coffee makers has a modern design, an efficient capsule system and a wide range of flavors. There are more than 20 options, including coffees, chocolate, creamy drinks and teas.

It is worth buying a Dolce Gusto coffee maker for your home and office. But before buying yours, read the article that we prepared, with everything you need to know about the product.

First, the most important

  • Dolce Gusto coffee makers are divided into two categories: manual or automatic.
  • Dolce Gusto coffee machines use the brand’s original capsules to prepare more than 20 different types of drinks, including coffees, chocolates, creamy drinks and teas.
  • Coffee makers cost between R $ 200 and R $ 1,060. The capsules are sold in packages of 12 units and cost between R $ 19.90 and R $ 23.30, with an average price of R $ 1.39 per unit.

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The best capsule coffee machines from Dolce Gusto: Our favorites

At first glance, what draws attention in a Dolce Gusto coffee maker is the modern and sophisticated design, which matches any environment. Another differential of the device is the speed at which it prepares the drinks.

In addition, anyone who likes to try new flavors will love having a capsule coffee machine. But let’s get down to business? Check out our Ranking with the best Dolce Gusto coffee makers.

  • An automatic option
  • A safe option
  • Dolce Gusto with modern design

Buying Guide

Preparing a cup of coffee just got easier with the capsule coffee machine. This device is pleasing for its easy handling, variety of flavors and for preparing the drink with the best quality possible and in a short time.

Some brands offer the product, but the one that stands out the most is Dolce Gusto, for offering appliances for all pockets and the versatility of preparing hot and cold drinks. If you want to know more about the product, continue reading this Buying Guide.

What are the differentials of Dolce Gusto coffee machines?

Arno’s Dolce Gusto line of coffee makers is divided into two categories: manual use (Piccolo, Oblo, Infinissa and Melody models) or automatic (Movenza, Drop, Lumio, Genio II, Circolo and Mini Me).

The models with automatic function are more practical to use and the drink will be prepared with precision, since the machine itself adjusts the pressure and the amount of water needed to prepare a particular drink.

All machines have 15 bar pressure, similar to professional espresso machines, so you can prepare different types of drinks with the ideal pressure.

On all models you will find two selector buttons: red for hot drinks and blue for cold drinks. This button can be manual, in the simplest models, or touchscreen in the automatic models.

And all models have Thermoblock technology, which keeps the water in the reservoir warm, so you can consume drinks with the same temperature, from the first to the last cup.

The capacity of the water tank varies between 600 ml (Piccolo and Oblo), 800 ml (Drop and Mini Me), 1 liter (Movenza, Lumio and Genio II), 1.2 liter (Infinissima) and 1.3 liter (Circolo and Melody).

Some models offer an internal reservoir for discarding the capsules. Those who do not have this functionality, come with a basket, which can help in cleaning and practical use of the machine.

Speaking of cleaning, check out the correct way to clean your Dolce Gusto coffee maker in the video below:

Dolce Gusto coffeemakers have a modern design, are compact and you can find models in three color options: black, red and white or a mixture of these colors.

You can find versions with voltage for 110/127 or 220 volts. Machines with automatic operation have energy saving mode, that is, they automatically shut down after five minutes.

How does the Dolce Gusto coffee pod work?

After you fill the reservoir and place the coffee capsule inside the machine, the needle pierces the top membrane and the water comes in contact with the powder inside the capsule.

The water passes through the capsule holes evenly. When the aluminum disc, located at the bottom of the capsule is broken, the drink is released into the container.

The structure of the capsules prevents the action of oxygen, moisture and light and this prevents the loss of the main properties of the product, in addition to preserving the flavor and aroma of coffee.

The secret of coffee in capsules is not only the quality of the powder, but also the pressure used in the preparation of each drink. Espresso, for example, requires high pressure. Creamy drinks need less pressure.


Dolce Gusto coffee machines regulate the pressure automatically, according to the drink being prepared.


What are the different flavors of Dolce Gusto coffee capsules?

When purchasing a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, you will need to purchase the capsules to prepare your favorite drinks. The capsules are manufactured by Nescafé, sold in boxes of 12 units and cost between R $ 19.90 and R $ 23.30.

The conventional line has more than 20 flavors, including coffees, chocolate, creamy drinks and teas. Dolce Gusto has a partnership with Starbucks and offers capsules of the main drinks sold by the brand (limited edition).

    • Eight espresso and traditional coffee options : Espresso, decaffeinated espresso, intense espresso, decaffeinated intense espresso, barista espresso, ristretto, ardenza ristretto, lungo and morning coffee (Caffè Bungiorno).
    • Five options of cappuccinos and lattes : Cappuccino, latte machiato, caramel latte machiato, café au lait and cut coffee.
    • Four chocolate options : Chococcino, caramel chococcino, mocha and Nescau.
    • Three options of teas / iced teas : Marrakesh style tea, Nestea peach or lemon (refreshing).


The Dolce Gusto coffee machine is only compatible with the brand’s capsules. If you want to try capsules from other brands, you will need to buy an adapter.

What are the different models of the Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

The Dolce Gusto line of coffee makers has ten devices: Piccolo, Oblo, Melody, Infinissima (manuals), Movenza, Drop, Lumio, Genio II, Circolo and Mini Me (automatic). We will talk about the characteristics of each of them throughout this section.


The friendly Piccolo, is the entry model of Dolce Gusto and an excellent option for those who consume little coffee, live alone or have a small family, as this coffee maker has a smaller reservoir, with a capacity of 600 ml.

This model is manual, that is, you need to make adjustments such as the amount of water, temperature and monitor the drink preparation time, which varies from 8 to 38 seconds.

The machine has a quick heating system and reaches the ideal temperature in just 30 seconds. This model holds cups of different sizes, as it has an adjustable tray.


Oblo is very similar to Piccolo, except for the design: this model is compact, designed with rounded and elegant lines. Another difference is that Oblo has a larger reservoir, for 800 ml.

This model also has a pressure of 15 bar, ideal for extracting short and long drinks and the possibility of making hot and cold drinks, just change the position of the lever.


Melody is the ideal model for those who need a large reservoir, with 1.3 liters and a water level indicator. Because of the adjustable tray, the machine accommodates different sizes of cups, mugs and cups

Another difference is that this model has a stainless steel tray, where the splashes released by the machine fall after the preparation of the drink. The machine also comes with a basket to dispose of used capsules.


Infinissima has this name, because its forms are inspired by the symbol of infinity. This model has manual operation, ideal for preparing drinks the way you like.

The device has a reservoir with a capacity of 1.2 liters and an adjustable tray on three levels. The device is available in two color options: black or red.

Genio II

The Genio II is ideal for environments with greater consumption of drinks, whether at home or in the office, as it has a water tank with a capacity of 1 liter (about 25 cups).

This machine can be used to prepare drinks in smaller containers or in long glasses, as it has an adjustable tray. Genio II has a stainless steel tray for splashing coffee basket to discard capsules that have already been used.

Mini Me

Mini Me is an excellent option for those who are looking for an automatic coffee maker at an affordable price, as this is the entry model of the brand’s automatic coffee line.

The reservoir has a capacity of 800 ml (and water level display), the ideal amount for those looking for practicality, as you will not need to refill the coffee maker frequently.

To select the temperature of the drink and the water level used in the preparation, use the cursor. After the drink is ready, the machine automatically shuts down.

This model is available in two color options to match any environment: black or white with red.


This is the most modern model in the Dolce Gusto line of coffee makers. The design is inspired by the shape of a coffee bean, with smooth curves and an integrated water tank.

With a futuristic design, the Movenza coffee maker can be closed while not in use, and with a simple touch, it opens automatically and is ready to prepare your favorite drink.

This model has a reservoir with a capacity of up to one liter of water, enough to prepare up to 20 cups of espresso. This model has a pressure of 15 bar.


One of Circolo’s distinguishing features is its modern design. This device is automatic, has a pressure of 15 bar and allows the preparation of hot or cold drinks. In addition to the adjustable tray and stainless steel plate, this model comes with a 1.3 liter reservoir.

Another difference is that Circolo comes with LED light that illuminates the cup when preparing the drink, giving a touch of modernity to the appliance.


Lumio is a modern coffee maker with a compact and minimalist design. It has a round reservoir with capacity for one liter of water and a touchscreen panel to select the temperature and quantity of water.

Another difference is that this model has automatic shutdown in just one minute of inactivity (the other machines shut down in five minutes), that is, this is a very economical option.


Drop has a design inspired by a drop of coffee. The hidden water tank has a capacity of 800 ml of water and prepares up to 20 cups of coffee (considering a 40 ml portion).

Due to the high pressure system, Drop leaves a layer of velvety foam, even in water-based drinks.

This model has a touchscreen panel on the top of the machine. Select the blue button to prepare cold drinks or red for hot drinks and do not forget to select the water level indicated on the capsule.

What is the best capsule coffee machine?

If you do a quick search on the internet, you will notice that there are several options for capsule coffee machines, which vary in models, brands, features and prices.

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose. With that in mind, we have prepared a section dedicated to talking about the three main brands of electric coffee makers:


With Dolce Gusto you can prepare drinks in addition to coffee, such as iced teas.

Nespresso has quality recognized all over the world, but the machine is aimed exclusively at coffees, that is, the variety of flavors is concentrated only in this drink.

Dolce Gusto is much more versatile in this sense, as it allows the preparation of other drinks, in addition to coffee. Another difference is that you can also prepare cold drinks.

Another differential of Dolce Gusto is the Thermoblock system, which ensures that the temperature of the drink will be the same from the first to the last cup. The capsules are sold in boxes of 12 units.

Três Corações also prepares different types of hot drinks, but does not prepare cold drinks. You can find eight models of coffee makers, with prices ranging from R $ 200 to R $ 800. The capsules are sold in boxes of 10 units.

When you buy a capsule coffee maker, analyze the cost of each capsule, as this is an item you will always be buying, either to taste new flavors or to replace the capsules that have run out

How much does a Dolce Gusto cost?

The prices of Dolce Gusto coffee machines vary according to the model and mode of operation. The devices with manual operation are cheaper, Piccolo costs R $ 200, Melody R $ 250, Infinissima R $ 280 and Oblo R $ 350.

If you prefer an automatic coffee maker, the Mini me model is the most affordable and costs between R $ 300 and R $ 350, the Genio II machine is also cheaper, costs R $ 350.

Lumio is an intermediate model and costs around R $ 650. The Drop and Movenza machines are the premium models of the brand and cost R $ 970 and R $ 1,060, respectively.

Where to buy a Dolce Gusto?

You can find Dolce Gusto coffee machines on the brand’s official website, on the Arno (manufacturer) portal and on Amazon. If you prefer, you can buy the product in physical stores Fast Shop.

The advantage of buying online is to receive the product at the door, in addition to finding more variety and the best offers.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing Dolce Gusto models

Even with a hectic routine, you don’t have to miss a cup of coffee in the morning and during a mid-afternoon break. But for that, you need a Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine.

To choose the ideal model (there are 10 devices), we have prepared a section to talk about the features that you must analyze at the time of purchase.

  • Operation
  • Water tank capacity
  • Capsule disposal container
  • Design

We will explain each of the items throughout this section.


You will find Dolce Gusto coffee machines with manual and automatic operation.

With the manual machine you will need to adjust the amount of water to be used, the temperature, the time to prepare the drink (which varies from 8 to 38 seconds) and you will need to turn off the machine every time you finish using it.

The automatic machine is much simpler because it adjusts the pressure and preparation time automatically, all you will need to select is the amount of water and the temperature. After preparation, the machine switches off automatically between 1 and 5 minutes.

See a comparison between the two models:

Water tank capacity

The capacity of the water tank changes from one model to another and varies from 600 ml to 1.3 liters:

  • 600 ml capacity : Piccolo and Oblo.
  • 800 ml capacity : Drop and Mini Me.
  • Capacity for 1 liter : Movenza, Lumio and Genio II.
  • 1.2 liter capacity : Infinissima
  • 1.3 liter capacity : Circolo and Melody.

In theory, the bigger, the more practical, but it depends. If you live alone or in a house with few residents, a 600 or 800 ml model will do the job.

But if the machine is in an office, where several people share the use of the device, it is worth investing in a model with a larger reservoir.

Capsule disposal container

It is worth buying a coffee maker with a container for discarding capsules. The Movenza, Drop and Genio II models are the only ones that have an internal reservoir for disposing of used capsules. The other models come with a plastic basket.


But do not forget, it is important to empty the reservoir at the end of the day, because after use, the capsules are moist and this can stimulate the development of bacteria, mold, mold and stench.


You can’t talk about Dolce Gusto coffee makers without mentioning the design of these devices. This has always been a concern of the brand, which strives to offer a functional and beautiful device.If you want a device with a traditional design, bet on Mini Me, Genio II, Piccolo and Melody models. If you prefer a model with a modern design, bet on the Infinissima, Circolo, Oblo, Drop, Movenza and Lumio models.


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