Top & Best Cueiro Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cueiro: How to choose the best for your baby in 2022

The universe of babies is magical, but for first-time parents setting up a layette is not an easy task. There are several unknown names of products that leave anyone’s head confused and an example of this is the cueiro.

Widely used in the past, the cueiro is a piece that warms up and helps babies to calm down, being great allies for parents. It is widely used in babies up to three months and to remove all doubts about this product we created this article.

First, the most important

  • The cuero is indicated to warm and calm babies, but it has several other uses.
  • The best way to put it on the baby is to form a kind of cigar, where only the child’s head is out.
  • There are several measures of underwear and one must choose the one that best suits the size of the baby.

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The best models of underwear: The ideal for each family

The cuero is a very useful product in the first months of the baby’s life. And for it to fulfill its function with excellence it is essential that it is comfortable and soft. But there are several models of this product and knowing which is the best is not simple.

We know this and to assist you in this choice, we have separated the best ones below.

  • Parents’ favorite underwear
  • The most practical model of underwear
  • A great option for big babies

Buying Guide

Anyone who lives with older people has certainly heard about cueiro. This piece of baby layette is very traditional and even today it is indicated by doctors to calm the child and ensure good hours of sleep for him.

What is a cueiro and what is it for?

The cueiro is a product that alone confuses many people, but it is simpler than you think.

With an appearance that resembles a blanket and a diaper, it is basically a square fabric, which can be cotton or flannel, and which serves to cover the child. This has been a part of the baby layette for years and has multiple functions.


The main way to use the underwear is to roll the baby up inside it.

The main way to use the cueiro is to roll the baby inside it, forming a kind of cigar. This way of wrapping the child limits his movements, imitating the conditions present in the mother’s womb. With that, she feels more secure and also comfortable.

But this product can also be used in other very beneficial ways in the daily lives of parents. It can serve as a lining when changing the baby’s diaper in public places and is also indicated for those who like to cover themselves during breastfeeding.

Another use of the cueiro is to warm the baby in colder moments and even to dry it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a cueiro?

The cueiro is a product that combines a series of advantages and that is why it has been used for so many years. The most evident positive point related to him is the fact that he calms the baby and makes him sleep more easily, but that is not all.

By keeping the child warm, the cueiro also manages to relieve colic, which bothers babies up to about three months. This is also a very practical and versatile item, which can be used in several ways.

It is worth noting that there are several sizes of cueiro. This makes it easy to find one that suits the size of the baby who will be using it. Not to mention that it fits in the maternity bag, taking up little space when folded.

The downside is that depending on the situation it can become dangerous. One of the dangers is that the pants will come loose and go to the child’s face and the other is that the child will roll and not be able to return to the correct position because his arms are stuck.

It also heats up a lot, so it is essential to take care that the child is not overheated.

How to wrap a baby’s underwear?

The moment of wrapping the baby up in the underwear is crucial for the baby to have the desired effect and the child’s safety is guaranteed. As much as at first this process is a little complicated for parents, after taking the practice it is done very quickly.

To do this, you must first stretch the tank on a flat surface, which can be the cradle or a bed. The baby is then placed on top of the basket, placing his shoulders on the edge of the product.

Then, one of the child’s arms must be lowered and the cuero is passed over it. Then take the bottom part and fold it over the baby’s body. Finally, you should lower the other arm and pass the leftover cloth over it, thus forming a small cigar.

The cueiro is only suitable for children who are not yet rolling, that is, until about 3 months of age. It should only be used while the baby is sleeping and care should be taken with the legs, as they should not be too tight to avoid hip problems.


What are the differences between cueiro and manta?

The list of layette for babies is wide and in the midst of so many products many people are still in doubt as to whether the blanket and blanket is the same thing. As much as both of these products are similar, the truth is that they are not the same.

The blanket is widely used to warm babies and its main feature is to be made with thicker fabrics. It can be used on babies of different ages, because it is not usually wrapped around them.

The cueiro, in addition to being thinner, is also only suitable for babies up to 3 months. Another difference is that it can be used for several other purposes. This product is also found in square format or already made containing velcro or buttons, which serve to close the cigar after wrapping the baby.

How much does a cueiro cost?

Cueiro is a product sold with different values ​​that vary according to the brand and model. The simplest pants, which are the traditional ones, are the cheapest, while the most modern options end up costing more.

In addition, it can be found in kits that contain more than one cuero and in these options the value is more affordable.

With that, it is possible to purchase this product for a price that starts at R $ 13 and reaches up to R $ 150, on average.


Purchase criteria: What to take into account when choosing a underwear

The pad must be comfortable and suitable for the baby who will use it. Precisely for this reason it is essential to choose a model that is of quality. But in the midst of so many options this buying process is not the easiest.

To help you with this we have separated below everything that should be taken into account when purchasing one of these, check it out.

  • Size
  • Softness
  • Thickness
  • Model
  • Color and print

Next we will explain everything about each one of them.


There is no 100% established standard with regard to cuero measurements and it is possible to find options with different sizes. There are models that measure 80 centimeters in length and width, another 80 centimeters in length and 50 in width and there are also those that are 1 meter long and 80 centimeters wide.

Each baby is born a size and develops in a way, so not all children of the same age have the same measurements. Therefore, before buying a underwear check which size is ideal for your baby, remembering that it should not be too big or too short or too tight.


Softness is one of the most important characteristics of cueiro, since it will guarantee the comfort of this product. With that, the models that are made 100% in cotton are the best, since this fabric is very soft and still allows a good breathability.

The options that have a flannel finish are also interesting, but they get hotter, being indicated only for colder seasons.


For keeping the baby curled inside, the underwear is a product that will warm the child. Therefore, one must pay attention to the thickness that it has in order not to overheat it.

It is made in thicker and thinner fabric variations, thus adapting to all seasons. Thus, for warmer times it is essential to opt for a thinner cueiro, which will not heat up as much. For cold days, thick models are ideal.


In the past, the only underwear models you could buy were traditional ones, but nowadays this product is already made in a more modern version.

Currently, clothes are sold that have the shape of a small cigar and to put the baby just release its buttons or velcro. These options are the easiest to use, as they come practically ready to put the baby inside. On the other hand, the value of this model is higher.

Color and print

In addition to all the features mentioned above, the cueiro is also found in a wide variety of colors and prints.

There are the plain models made in basic colors like white, pink, blue and yellow, and the printed ones, which are more colorful and fun. There are also double-sided options, with one side printed and the other plain. From there, invest in the option you like best.


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