Top & Best Baby monitor Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby monitor: Discover the best model in 2022

your internet review site. If you have recently had children or are planning a pregnancy, a baby monitor can help you keep an eye on your children.

Developed to help you keep an eye on babies, the first baby monitor models allowed you to hear the little ones all night long even if you weren’t in the same room.

Today the technology has integrated cameras and viewfinders, making baby monitors even more useful, offering even more functionality. If you are not an expert, this may confuse you a little. Then follow our review to better understand the product.

First, the most important

  • It is possible to find models that offer sound transmission only or more modern models that also offer video function.
  • It is important to always check the batteries or the level of charge of baby monitors so that they are always working correctly and so that you do not have unforeseen circumstances.
  • On models with a camera, it is important to verify that he has the option of a night camera so that you can watch your child at night.

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Ranking: The 5 best baby monitors on the market

If this is your first purchase or if you intend to exchange your baby monitor for a more modern and more functional model, take a look at our ranking with some of the best baby monitor available on the market:

Buying Guide

Today’s parents are increasingly busy, dividing themselves between work, household chores and raising their children. To accompany the little ones from babies to when they are older, baby monitors offer an indispensable help.

Consult our buying guide to understand a little better about the different models and the different features that technology offers us today to help raise our children.

What is a baby monitor?

Baby monitors were developed to allow parents to pick up their children’s sound even though they are in other rooms through a transmitter and receiver.

The first model was developed in 1937 by Eugene F. McDonald, an American founder of Zenith Radio and only allowed the transmission of sound through radio waves.

Today it is already possible to find baby monitors with receivers that have LCD displays that allow transmission of image and sound digitally over WiFi and with numerous features, such as night vision, temperature control and even transmission of voice or lullabies.

This way, it is much easier for parents to get a sense of their children’s every move, even while they are resting or doing other household chores.

What are the different types of baby monitors?

There are two main models currently available on the market: analog models and digital models.

The essential difference between them is the way in which the information obtained is transmitted, which can be by radio or via WiFi. In general, analogue babysitters have the ability to capture only audio, while digital babysitters allow the capture of audio and video. simultaneously.

If you are in doubt about which model is right for you, check out our comparative table below so that you can choose which model is ideal to help care for your children.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a baby monitor

WiFi connection, allowing you to see and hear your baby through your cell phone, computer or tablet, is just one of the advantages of the baby monitor.

But although they help a lot in the observation and care of your children, baby monitors do not only have advantages.

Although they are increasingly present in our homes and are excellent allies to ensure the safety of the little ones, it is necessary to pay attention to some details so that the transmission continues with quality and that possible accidents do not happen.

Some models may interrupt access to video audio depending on the distance between the mother and the baby. To make sure that a baby monitor fits your needs and budget, see our table below.

Can I transport my baby monitor?

Yes, it is possible to transport your baby monitor. And we’re not just talking about the receiver, which in itself was designed to always be with you. In addition, it is also possible to move the transmitter with some ease.

Most models – especially those with a camera – can be attached to the wall, but they can also be easily accommodated on other surfaces, so you can take the transmitter wherever your baby is, whether in the bedroom at night or while he plays in the playpen during the day.

Despite offering a lot of mobility, it is important to check the product’s coverage area to make sure that you do not run out of signal while moving around the house.

How much?

Analog and simpler models, which transmit only audio can be found in a range of R $ 120 to R $ 500.

If you prefer to opt for digital models with audio and video transmission options, they range from R $ 80 to R $ 2,500, depending on their functionality.

The models shown in this review can be found in a price range of R $ 110 to R $ 2,200, becoming options for all needs and pockets.

Where to buy?

You can find baby monitors in stores specializing in baby items and in stores with electronic items. You can also find them on the internet on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Buying online you do not need to beat the leg looking for the ideal model, since on the internet there is a lot of variety and also the best offers. All models featured in this review can be found on Amazon’s e-commerce site.


Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a baby monitor?

If you are setting up a trousseau or even want to give a gift to a friend who will have children soon, you have certainly discovered how useful an electronic nanny can be.

To choose a model that fits your needs perfectly, review the criteria given, as they will help you understand which baby monitor will be the perfect one for you:

  • Sound system
  • Camera type
  • Image quality
  • Transmission type
  • Transmission area
  • Sensors
  • Charging source
  • Additional features

Check below in detail each of the selected criteria to choose the perfect baby sitter for your child.

Sound system

When choosing the ideal baby monitor model, it is important to check your sound system, quality, volume and how much it is capable of capturing in closed and more open environments.

Today many baby monitors already have a digital audio system, much more powerful and cleaner, capable of capturing even the smallest noise made by your baby.

In addition to the transmitter, also check the quality and pitch of the sound emitted by the receiver, to ensure that you can hear the environment perfectly even while you are busy with other tasks around the house.

There are also models that you can connect to your tablet, computer, smartphone and even a Smart TV, allowing you to expand the sound and image quality according to your needs.

Some models also allow you to transmit your voice, allowing the baby to hear you even when you are not present, which can be an important factor for your development.

Camera type

More than sound, today there are many models that have cameras, so that more than listening, you can see your baby while sleeping or watch even from a distance while children are playing.

Check the camera’s specifications carefully, which includes assessments such as the distance it can capture clearly, the number of pixels and the transmission of frames per second.

It is already possible to find baby monitors with an HD camera system, capable of transmitting high definition images. It is also important to check the zoom, so that you always have a perfect picture of what’s going on while you’re not around.

Image quality

There is no point in having a high definition camera if the screen on your receiver is not able to process them with maximum efficiency, so check the product specifications well to make sure it will allow you to use the camera’s qualities to the fullest.

Many baby sitters today have receivers with small built-in screens, usually made of LCD. On models with WiFi transmission, you can still transmit sound and images to other devices.

Have you ever thought about being able to take care of your children even from a distance, with perfect picture quality in the palm of your hand on a smartphone or on that smart TV that you had in your room?

Transmission type

There are two basic types of transmission in baby monitors available on the market today: by radio or by WiFi.

Models with radio transmission are those capable of transmitting only sound. When evaluating this product, check the area that the signal is capable of working and the number of channels available to avoid the risk of interference.

In models that have audio and video it is more common that the connection established between the transmitter and the receiver works via WiFi. In this case it is also important to check the coverage area so that you do not run the risk of running out of signal.

WiFi models still have the advantage that your signal can be expanded if you have a router in your home capable of amplifying the signal.

Another great advantage is that in these models it is generally possible that you can access sound and image through other smart devices, such as cell phones, tablets or even TVs.

Transmission area

Whether through radio waves or via WiFi, check the product specifications and what is your coverage area. It can vary significantly between indoor and outdoor locations.

Today most models work with a coverage area of ​​50 to 150 meters, but it is also possible to find more robust models, where the transmission area can reach up to 300 meters, allowing you to always be aware of your children even in a home bigger or while they play in the yard.

In the case of models with WiFi, you can still connect them to a more powerful router if you already have one to distribute the signal more evenly throughout your home.


With the advancement of technology, baby monitors today are increasingly incorporating different types of sensors to offer more than just sound and image to concerned parents.

Cameras with night vision, for example, may have an infrared sensor, so that it switches to the option of night vision automatically when the brightness is not favorable.

Also to noise sensors, which notify you through the receiver as soon as the baby wakes up or starts to cry, allowing you to have complete control of what is happening even when you are busy.

Other sensors that can be found are those that offer information about the environment, such as temperature, humidity, and some models today are able to check even the air quality in the environment where the transmitter is.

Charging source

The charging source is very important to ensure that you will not have the transmission interrupted at night, for example, when it is more vital to always be aware of your baby.

The transmitter can be powered by batteries, batteries (rechargeable or not), or even be connected directly to the electrical network of your home. In such cases, it is important to check the voltage of the device and if it is compatible with the mains.

Receivers are more mobile, as they need to be with you at all times. They are usually powered by batteries or batteries. Today it is already possible to find models with rechargeable batteries that can be powered via USB cable.


Additional features

In addition to hearing and seeing your child, baby monitors today also offer some additional functionality, enabling not only passive activity, but allowing you to interact with your children through the device.

Some models allow you to not only receive, but also to send the sound of your voice in real time or with previously recorded audios, in addition to other types of audio, such as relaxing songs to lull your baby in sleep.

It is also possible to find baby monitors that have some lullabies in the product itself, allowing you to select the ideal song at the click of a button.

This can calm your baby without you having to be present in the environment, an interesting function for dads who are trying to make the baby sleep in their little room.


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