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Top & Best Baby stroller Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby stroller: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about baby strollers, one of the most important items when it comes to setting up the layette for your child. For this reason, care and attention must be taken when choosing.

This ride article serves as a crib while you and your baby are out and about, so it should be safe, comfortable and functional. Some models are quite versatile and can be adapted to different styles.

A distinguishing feature of modern baby strollers is the convenience of opening and closing. Some models are so easy to handle that you can do it all with just one hand, a huge advantage for moms and dads loaded with stuff. Learn all about these carts throughout this guide.

First, the most important

  • The baby stroller can be used on strolls on the street or even indoors, for the baby to take a nap during the afternoon while being close to the mother, so that she can move the stroller and rock it.
  • There are different styles of baby strollers: for one, two or even three children; 3 in 1 strollers (Moses crib, stroller and comfort baby); models with several reclining options; with 3 or 4 wheels; among others.
  • An important factor that changes from one cart to the next is the way they close: in an umbrella style, lighter, practical to open, close and easy to transport and the envelope style, which folds horizontally and is larger.

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Best baby stroller models: We recommend

Now we will present the best models of baby strollers. To build this ranking, we chose models from different brands, taking into account the quality of the product and the features of each model.

  • Baby Stroller + Comfort Baby – Infanti
  • Baby Stroller – Peg Pérego
  • Baby stroller – Chicco
  • Baby stroller – Galzerano
  • Umbrella Baby Stroller – Infanti

Buying Guide

The expectation for a baby is one of the most important moments in the life of a woman and her partner, it is not for nothing that anxiety begins soon after the couple discover the novelty.

In the phase that precedes the birth of the baby, the family begins to assemble the layette, and the baby carriage is one of the most important items. But, with such a variety of styles and models, choosing the ideal one can be a challenge. We want to help you with this task.

What is a baby stroller and where to use it?

The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing a baby stroller is to think about how it will be used in your daily life. This accessory, like any other, should adapt to your lifestyle.

If you are going to buy a model for out-of-home rides, see what types of terrain the cart wheels are suitable for (grass, dirt, concrete) and consider their stability.

If you are going to use the stroller quite often, choose a model that is more practical to handle (open and close) and guide.

There are 2 types of closures for the cart: umbrella or envelope style. The first is practical to open and close (with just one hand), but it is a simpler model with few accessories.

The envelope-style cart closes as if you were folding it. This model has several accessories and is generally bigger and heavier than the others, taking up more space at home and in the car.

Also take into account the cart size, weight and width. The stroller must fit in the trunk of your car, in your home, and must pass through the doors inside and outside your home.

To find out if the model has adequate dimensions, check the dimensions of the cart when open and closed. Regarding the seat, it must be at least 28cm wide.

The height of the handlebars is also an important factor, some models are fixed and others have the height adjustable to the size of the person who is driving. If you are too tall or too short, opt for a stroller with adjustable handlebars.

Pay attention also to the parts, which must have smooth and rounded edges and never have points, to avoid accidents. It is also nice to opt for carts where the parts are removable, to facilitate cleaning.

Once you have decided on the model that fits your lifestyle, check if it has the seal of Inmetro, the body that inspects whether the objects are safe or not.

We have listed the main advantages and disadvantages of the baby stroller. We do not consider a specific model, but the general characteristics of this accessory, check out:

Which stroller is recommended for each age?

There is a stroller model for each stage of your baby. For newborns, the ideal is the 3 in 1 stroller (Travel System), as it provides more comfort and safety for the baby.

In addition, it comes with the right accessories for this stage of life: Moses crib and baby comfort.

If your baby is 2 years or older, it is recommended to choose a 3-wheeled stroller, as it is more stable and comfortable for any type of walk (in squares, parks, shopping malls, etc.). As babies are already able to stay erect at this age, this model guarantees more safety.

For children aged 3 or more, the use of the stroller is no longer as important, as the child can walk alone. However, you can continue using it, as long as you respect the maximum weight limit that the cart can support.

How much does it cost and where to buy a baby stroller?

The price of a baby stroller varies for several reasons: model, brand, material, features, and method of closure. You can find carts from R $ 300 to R $ 5,000.

There are options for every taste and budget. The carts brought in this guide range from around R $ 450 to almost R $ 3,000.

You can buy a baby stroller at baby supply stores.

But, you don’t even have to leave the house to buy a stroller for your baby. You can buy in virtual stores like Amazon.

On Amazon, for example, you can find models from different brands and you can see the rating and the evaluation that consumers made of that product, to be sure if it is good or not.


What types of baby stroller?

There are several types of baby strollers, they differ in size, weight, style of wheels, indicated uses, mode of closure, among other characteristics. There is an ideal model for each family.

The most popular are: the Travel System, umbrella, envelope, 3 or 4 wheels and the model for twins. Although they have different names, these models are well known and we will explain each one of them, check out:

Travel System Cart

This model is equipped with a comfort baby that can be used in the car or fitted to the base of the stroller, and can come with a Moses basket.

Also called a 3 in 1 stroller, this model is practical and can be used by newborn babies. What changes in it is that, because it is composed of 2 or 3 pieces, it occupies much more space in the house or car.

See what a Travel System cart looks like:

Three-wheeled cart

One of the main characteristics of this model is that it is quite safe, as the rear wheels are larger with inflatable tires (similar to those of bicycles), which guarantee stability in any type of terrain.

It is ideal for dads who like to take walks, light runs or trails, as it allows the practice of the sport together with the baby’s company. When the terrain is very difficult, just slope to support the weight of the cart on the rear wheels, be careful not to tip it over.

Umbrella style trolley

Also called an umbrella, the umbrella-style cart is the most practical model, as it has quick and easy closing and when closed it is very compact. But this model is also the one with the least accessories.

Despite the practicality, this model is not recommended for children to sleep or to stay for long periods outside the home, as it is less comfortable. It is indicated for children from 6 months to 3 years.

It is an excellent option to be your baby’s second stroller, especially when he is older and the strolls are more frequent.

Envelope style cart

The envelope-style cart is one that is folded horizontally to close. Models like this are usually bigger and have several accessories, so they take up a lot of space.

Twin stroller

The twin stroller is very practical, as it comes with 2 or 3 separate seats, which can be side by side or one behind the other (in train style). That way it is not necessary to have a stroller for each baby.

The twin stroller is bigger and heavier than the other models and can have several configurations.

The most interesting thing is that you can use this affection to carry your children of different ages. If this is the case, opt for models with the widest seat.

Mobile trolley

This model allows the chair to rotate 360º, and the baby can face you or forward. It is worth paying attention to how your baby feels more comfortable.

We compare the trolleys with umbrella and envelope closure style, so you know the differences and similarities of each model:

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing baby stroller models

Although it seems simple, the choice of a baby stroller must be made with care and attention, to buy a safe, comfortable model, the size appropriate to your home and car, that meets your baby’s needs and that is suitable for the baby. your lifestyle.

When choosing a baby stroller, consider the following criteria and characteristics:

  • Dimensions
  • Closing types
  • Reclining levels
  • Travel System
  • Stroller and baby weight
  • Security Items
  • Design
  • Accessories
  • Extra features

Although there are several items (we will explain one by one), they are very simple and with a quick search on the internet or in a physical store you can check these and other features and choose the ideal model.


Before buying the baby stroller, you should research the dimensions of that model to see if you will be able to move with it without difficulty inside and outside the home.

To do this, measure the trunk of your car, the cart should fit there when it is closed, but it is important to have a little space so that you can store shopping bags or suitcases.

Make this same measurement with the doors of your home, your building and even an elevator. The chosen cart must pass through these doors easily and be able to circulate in all areas of the house.

Closing types

An important feature when choosing a baby stroller model is the type of closure it has. A model can be less or more practical to handle and transport and what defines this is the closing of the equipment.

There are two types of closures: the umbrella style in which it is vertical when closed and the envelope style, in which the cart is folded in half.

With the umbrella closing system, the strollers are more compact and take up little space inside the house and in the trunk of the car. This model is ideal for those with little space.

Generally, models with an envelope closure style are larger and less compact, but offer more accessories and are called cradles.

See a cart with foldable closure (envelope style) in action:

Reclining levels

The reclining of the cart refers to the extent to which it is possible to change the position of the cart seat. There are models with up to 5 recline positions and others with multiple positions (usually the stroller models).

The most interesting thing about this feature is that you can change the recline of the stroller according to the child’s size and age, from newborns to older children, up to 3 years old.

It is just not recommended that you buy a stroller model with full tilt, as the baby (especially the newborn) should be slightly inclined to be able to regurgitate without suffocating.

Travel System

The Travel System, translated from English: travel system, is a very advantageous resource, as strollers like this come with baby cribs and baby comfort that can be removed from the car with the baby inside and fitted into the stroller, without having to wake it up.

These two items are essential for the baby, especially when he is newborn and can only remain in the same position always, that is, lying down. Under law, the comfort baby must be used until the child is 1 year old.

Stroller and baby weight

It is worth purchasing a lighter stroller model, as very heavy ones are more difficult to carry and push. Consider that sometimes you will only have one hand, because with the other you will be holding the baby.

Baby stroller models weigh between 6 and 15 kg.

The baby’s weight is also a very important factor, as the strollers have a maximum supported weight that should never be exceeded, to prevent the stroller from breaking and causing accidents.

The ideal is to buy a cart that supports a heavier weight than most models. You can also choose to change the stroller as the baby grows, but this option is more expensive.

Security Items

Every baby stroller has safety items to ensure that no accidents happen to your child. The most common is the seat belt, it can have 3 or 5 stitches and be padded or not.

The 5-point belt is the most recommended type, as it helps to separate the legs, firm the shoulders and the hips. This model prevents the child from slipping and ends up falling, or worse, being trapped by the neck.

Another safety requirement is the brakes and locks on the rear wheels, but they can have different ways of driving. The wheels, even, must be wide, to give more stability.

Strollers in the style of semi-automatic closing, such as the umbrella model or the folding model (envelope), need to have safety locks so as not to close themselves with the child inside.


You can bet on strollers with traditional design and neutral colors, without prints, if you are intending to have other children in the future and need to reuse the piece.

In addition to the strollers in conventional style, there are some very innovative models, and with different, even futuristic designs. An example is the baby carriage with 3 wheels.


An accessory present in the cart that helps a lot in everyday life is the cup holder in the holder that can be used as a tray. This accessory makes it easy for you to support water bottles, baby food jars or a bottle to feed the baby during the walk.

Mattresses and mattresses suitable for strollers are important because they guarantee the baby’s comfort during the ride. You can use a set of sheets, seat liner or disposable sheets to protect the seat from stains and dirt.

To distract and calm the child, you can place a mobile on top of the stroller. There are colorful options that play music and in addition to holding children’s attention, they develop babies’ hearing.

It is also important that the mother or father carries everything that will be used during the tour, such as diapers, hygiene products, extra clothes and food. Some strollers come with a bag to carry these items that match the stroller.

Extra features

Baby strollers can have some extra features like a reversible seat, which turns the child seat forward or backward (for those pushing it). Some carts even give “brother” a ride.

Also check if the model you are thinking of buying comes with a bonnet, umbrella and raincoat, or if you can buy these accessories and attach them to the cart. It is also worth having a mosquito net specially developed for strollers.


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