Top & Best Baby comfort Burigotto Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby comfort Burigotto: The best choice for your baby in 2022

From the first days of life the baby already needs to make use of the baby comfort. When you leave the maternity hospital to go home, or even go to the first consultations of life. This is an indispensable item and still mandatory by law to transport the baby in the vehicle. Today we are going to talk about the baby comfort Burigotto.

Continue with us to learn more about the baby’s comfort brand, its advantages and price.

First, the most important

  • Burigotto has a comfort baby model, the Touring Evolution. It is available in different colors.
  • You can use it with the baseless, part that is sold separately. The use of the base makes it very easy on a daily basis.
  • The comfort baby Burigotto costs about R $ 400. The investment is worth it, since the baby can use it until it reaches 13 kg.

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Baby comfort Burigotto: A safe option for your baby

As of January 2022 Burigotto has only one comfort baby model, the Touring Evolution. It can be used with or without base, and we have separated the best offers for you. Check out:

  • Baby comfort Burigotto Touring Evolution
  • Burigotto comfort baby bed
  • Combo baby comfort + base

Buying Guide

As the comfort baby is a mandatory item for transporting the baby in automobiles in the first months of life, this is an indispensable item of the layette. An essential piece, which brings security and also practicality.

To learn more about the Burigotto model, we created this guide. That way you can decide if this is the best option for your baby.

What are the features of the Burigotto comfort baby?

The brand has only one comfort baby model. It’s Touring Evolution. However, it is available in different color options.

Touring Evolution can be used from the first day of life until the baby is 13 kg. It is an indispensable item to transport the child safely.

It has a three-point seat belt with a padded shoulder protector and has automatic adjustment for the child’s height. The head protector is adjustable in four positions at shoulder height, with protection against side impact.


Its structure is made of engineering plastic, light and resistant.

Its hood is removable and has a support and carrying handle. Its structure is in engineering plastic, light and resistant and its shape is in rounded shell, to rock the baby when being used outside the car, for example.

Its height is 58 cm, width 46 cm and depth 65 cm. It weighs 3.4 kg.

This comfort baby is compatible with Burigotto Soul, Rio K, Ecco and AT6 K strollers.

Baby comfort Burigotto with or without base?

The base of the Burigotto comfort baby is an optional piece, that is, you can buy it separately or use the comfort baby even without it. Although the comfort baby is a mandatory item, the base is a preference of the parents.

The advantages of having the base is that the installation makes it more practical in the car. The base is installed in the vehicle, and with the press of a few buttons the baby comfort of release.

The basis of more stability for the child during the journey, as the baby’s comfort is firmer and rocks less. By making the baby feel firmer, it ends up bringing more safety in cases of impact.

How to install a baby comfort properly?

First, it is important to clarify that the comfort baby must be installed in the rear seat. The only exception is when the baby needs to be transported in a truck, so it is allowed to be carried in the front seat.

However, in both cases the baby should always be positioned on his back and never forward. This is a safety measure that better protects the baby in case of impact, preventing injuries to the back and neck.

Before placing the baby comfort in the car, seat the baby well and, of course, fasten the baby’s own comfort belts. Gently place the part inside the car for installation.

Regardless of whether or not you have the base, it is necessary to pass the three-point seat belt on the baby comfort, for this it must always be installed behind the driver’s seat or front passenger, next to the doors and never in the middle. The belt must be passed in the specific spaces, which are behind the backrest and on the sides.

For ease, pull the belt tightly to the end and pass the sides first. Then, buckle the seat belt in the car lock. That done, just fit the rest of the belt behind the baby’s comfort.

It is important that the fit is firm and secure, always check that the belt is not left over, making the baby comfort too much.

Try to keep the front seat firmly against the baby’s comfort to make it even more firm. But to make installation easier, you can pull the seat forward and adjust it when finished.

According to the law, the child must be transported in the baby comfort until he is one year old, always with his back to the movement. The comfort baby usually supports up to 13 kg. When you exceed these requirements, it’s time to transition to the car seat.


Failure to comply with the Seat Law, Resolution No. 277/08 of CONTRAN, has the following penalties:
• Fine of R $ 293.47;
• 7 points to CNH;
• Vehicle retention.


How much does it cost and where to buy a Burigotto comfort baby?

The Burigotto comfort baby costs around R $ 400. If you purchase the base, you will need to pay an additional R $ 150. The two pieces are sold separately.

You can look for the comfort baby Burigotto in department stores like Havan. But it will be even easier to find it, in different colors, buying online. We recommend Amazon Brasil, Lojas Americanas or Magazine Luiza.

Purchasing Criteria: Tips for choosing a Burigotto comfort baby

Transporting the baby safely is a requirement of the law. Therefore, baby comfort is an indispensable item that must be used until the baby is one year old. Know how to make the best choice:

  • Fixation
  • Color
  • New vs. Used

Check out the topics mentioned in detail.


As already mentioned, you can use the Burigotto comfort baby with or without a base. The piece is sold separately, but for perfect fit, it must be the same brand.

The fixation is more practical, firm and safe with the use of the base – which is fixed inside the car. Choose the one according to your need and budget.


Although the brand has only one model, they offer Touring Evolution in different colors. This is a choice that has to do with taste and also with the hygiene aspect of baby comfort.

Black is basic, perfect for every baby and less dirt appears. But if you prefer to escape the traditional, there are other options with details in other colors, such as red, gray, beige and terracotta.

New vs. Used

You can choose a new or used Burigotto comfort baby. Buying new you have the guarantee that the piece is well preserved and remains intact and safe for your baby.

On the other hand, it is possible to save a lot by buying a used model. But be aware of the state of conservation.


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