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Top & Best Fisher-Price stroller Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fisher-Price stroller: What are the best 2022 models?

The baby stroller is an item that helps moms and dads in many ways. It can be used from birth and follows the child’s growth until he reaches 15 kg. Today we want to introduce you to different models of the Fisher Price cart.

Here you will have access to the best information to choose the right cart for your reality. Stay with us until the end to learn everything about the brand’s models.

First, the most important

  • Fisher Price emerged in the United States in 1930. It is already 90 years of experience, which make it one of the largest children’s companies in the world.
  • The brand has six different models. No matter what type of cart you are looking for, the brand has one to meet your needs.
  • Prices range from R $ 300 to R $ 2,000. It depends on the style of the stroller you are looking for, umbrella models are usually the cheapest.

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The best Fisher Price carts: For all needs

Thinking to facilitate your search, we have gathered different models here so that you have options to choose from, regardless of your budget and need. Check out:

  • Fisher Price Moses style stroller
  • Three-wheeled stroller with baby comfort
  • Fisher Price umbrella style stroller
  • Three-wheeled stroller with baby comfort

Buying Guide

Strolling with the baby in the stroller is one of the most anticipated and enjoyable moments for both parents and children. So, this is one of those items that is used a lot since the child is born until it creates independence, around the age of two or three.

Follow us through to the end so you can decide which Fisher Price stroller best suits your needs.

What are the different types of Fisher Price strollers?

The baby stroller is an item that requires medium to high investment, so choosing a quality brand is essential. After all, no one wants their product to break down or lack assistance if needed.

Fisher Price is a worldwide reference when it comes to children’s products. Beginning its history with the production of toys in 1930, today the brand makes several essential products for the baby’s layette, such as the stroller.

In the table below you can see the different Fisher Price models, with their main characteristics. Look:

What are the advantages of buying a Fisher Price baby stroller?

The biggest advantage of investing in the brand is quality assurance, and Fisher Price is already consolidated worldwide.

Fisher Price trolleys are manufactured with an aluminum frame to make them light but resistant. This makes it easier to transport and also the lives of parents, who generally need to carry items other than the stroller.

The brand also invests in producing models that have easy closing, some with just one hand.

There are six well diversified models that meet different needs. No matter your style, the brand has the right cart for you.

These advantages have a price, which is usually medium to high compared to other brands.

Why can it be interesting to invest in the Fisher Price Moses style stroller?

The Fisher Price Hero TS stroller has some differentials that deserve to be considered if you are looking for a versatile model to be used since the baby is born.

Because it is in Moses style, the stroller serves as a kind of cradle for the baby to rest. Many parents even put the stroller next to the bed so that the baby can sleep safely in the parent’s room in the first weeks of life.

This generates savings in a double sense, of money and space. That way you don’t need to invest in a mini crib, for example, spending less and freeing up more space in your room.


The Moses basket can be used for the baby to take his naps during the day.

Due to mobility, even at this early stage in the baby’s life, the Moses stroller can be used for the baby to take his naps during the day, in any room in the house where the parents are, and can supervise the child at all times.

In addition, another super advantage of the stroller is that during the strolls, as it is reversible, parents can choose to leave the baby facing them or facing forward.

It is a model that offers an excellent cost-benefit and many advantages for those who want to invest in a stroller that will accompany the baby from the first day of life.

How much does it cost and where to buy a Fisher Price stroller?

Fisher-Price baby strollers are not the cheapest on the market, but they are also not the most expensive.

You can buy your most affordable model, Umbrella Boogie, with R $ 300. Your most expensive stroller, the Expedition TS, costs around R $ 1,900, but comes with baby comfort.

Baby layette stores often have Fisher Price models for sale. However, it is on the internet that you will find more options and also the best offers. We recommend Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Learn how to compare Fisher Price cart deals

Before making your purchase, we want to ensure that you choose a model that meets your expectations. We have selected criteria for you to analyze the best offer. Check out:

  • Dimensions and weight
  • Style
  • Closing type
  • Compartments

Read below the topics mentioned in detail for further understanding.

Dimensions and weight

Size and weight are an important feature that many people forget to check before purchasing. First, it is important to check if the cart, when closed, fits in your trunk. Still on the dimension, for those who live in a small place it can be more complicated to store a very robust model.

About weight, generally the lighter the better, so that parents can transport the stroller without major difficulties. An important unit of measurement especially for those who usually go out alone with the baby and have many things to carry.

Tip: The weight of Fisher Price strollers ranges from 5 to 15 kg, check the descriptions to ensure you are buying exactly what you are looking for.



The style has to do with the parents’ need. The Fisher Price cart can be traditional, umbrella, Moses basket or three-wheeled. Each model meets a demand.

If the baby is already bigger and you are looking for a small and light stroller for short turns, the umbrella may be enough. The three-wheel model is already more suitable for those who want to ride on any type of terrain. Now if you are looking for a very versatile model, the Moses is perfect.

Reflect your needs before making your choice, this guarantees the satisfaction of your purchase.

Closing type

The ease of opening and closing the cart is something important to consider. If you can test in a store, it can make a difference in practicality on a daily basis. In case it is not possible, nowadays you can see videos with tutorials that make this demonstration.

The simpler it is to open and close the better, especially if you can do it with just one hand.


The cart compartments are important for long walks. An object basket can carry the baby’s bag and ease the parents’ shoulders, for example.

A place for the baby to place the cup or bottle also makes it much easier. Also, check if the cart has pockets or any other compartment near the handle.

The compartments can make the stroller bigger and more robust, but they also tend to facilitate organization during the tours.


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