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Top & Best Baby Album Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby Album: How to create the best in 2022?

Photos are the best way to record moments. With them it is possible to recall special occasions and keep the memory alive. And it is thanks to this that they are the main component of the baby album,

Ideal for eternalizing the baby’s phases, this type of album is a way to store the child’s best moments. And it is found in several versions and if you are looking for one of these you have just arrived at the right place, because in this text we will talk about this very special item.

First, the most important

  • The baby’s album can be in scrapbook or photobook format and both are excellent options for gathering the child’s most special photos.
  • It is possible to find options for boys, girls or unisex in the most varied themes such as animals, flowers and more.
  • One can create targeted baby albums. Examples of this are those that have pictures of up to one year of the child or those that focus on birthday parties.

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The best baby albums: Our recommendations

There are several options for baby albums and from there there are bigger models, others smaller ones, some that are specific to a certain sex and so on. Among them, some models stand out and we gathered them all here, check it out:

  • Our readers’ favorite option
  • The best for girls
  • The most complete option

Buying Guide

It has never been so simple to eternalize babies’ moments. Access to smartphones and even professional cameras is getting easier and there are several professional photographers specialized in this activity.

To organize all these memories there is the baby’s album and it is possible to compile notes and photos of the child’s most special moments. And for you to get to know this type of product in depth, we created this Buying Guide.

What are the types of baby albums?

If in the past photo albums were simple products, a few years ago that changed a lot. Currently it is possible to choose from a multitude of baby albums and thanks to that it is not difficult to acquire the ideal option for your taste and need.

The most common are the models that have scrapbook format. This option resembles a notebook or book and has spaces for writing notes and inserting photographs.

Another model of the baby album is the photobook. This version is composed more of photos than phrases and can be totally personalized, being possible to choose the order of the photos, their size, organization in the sheets and the like.



Laura AlzuetaPhotographer and Founding Director of the Newborn Photography Association (AFRN)

“Baby or newborn albums are the construction of the child’s affective memory.”

Is it still worth having a paper baby album?

In the age of technology one of the things that has been left out is the development of photos. This habit has been lost over time and, therefore, many parents are in doubt whether or not it is worth creating a physical baby album.

As much as this model takes up space and generates expense to be assembled, this is a good option for those who like to touch the photos and want to bring them together in something more tangible.

In addition, in scrapbook templates it is also possible to insert messages and notes that refer to important moments. This makes the album even more intimate and full of meaning.

Another positive point of the physical baby album is that it will last for many years and can always be easily accessed to remember the good times. And if you still have doubts about it, then check the table below that contains all the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

How to put together a baby album?

Most of the time it is the parents themselves who put together the baby album and as much as this is a very nice job to be done, it is not easy. This is because in order for the album to be beautiful one must take some precautions and calmly analyze everything that will be placed on it.

The first step in this is to determine the style of the album. If it will be a birthday, up to one year, up to three years and so on. Then separate the most important thing you want to put in it.


Only put photos with good resolution in the album.

If it is a model where it is possible to include annotations, organize the most fundamental data. Then decide how many photos will be placed in the album and whether they will be professional, homemade or both.

If they are homemade it is important to pay attention to the quality and only put photographs that are in good resolution in the album so that it looks beautiful.

The last step is to plan the story you want to tell on the album. If it is aimed at up to 1 year of the baby, for example, you can start with an ultrasound image.

Then you jump to the day of birth and chronologically just insert the photos of the most special moments until the 1 year anniversary.

Which photos cannot be missing from the baby’s album?

You can count on your fingers parents who have few photos of their children on their cell phones or computers. That is precisely why it is so difficult to choose which ones will be placed on the baby’s album.

The positive point is that this product is found with a wide range of models and thanks to that there are options that fit more or less photos. But be aware that, regardless of the size of the album, some photos cannot be missing.

They are called wildcards and are the ones that almost every family has and that are considered the most important, such as:

  • Ultrasound
  • Birth day
  • The first bath
  • The first feeding
  • Maternity visits
  • Day to go home
  • Going to the pediatrician for the first time
  • Special tours
  • The first steps
  • The celebration of each month of life, the so-called
  • Baptized
  • Feet and hands
  • Baby wrapped in towel or blanket

What information should be on your baby’s album?

Many baby albums come with spaces for important information about the child to be entered. In some of them these areas are specific, while in others the placement is free and where the parents wish.

But what can not fail to be written on the album? The main notes that should be made are regarding the date of birth, weight and size of the baby when he was born.

One can also describe who visited the maternity hospital, the day they went home and when they took the first step or lost the first tooth. It is also worth inserting funny or remarkable stories in the child’s life so that when the album is seen they are remembered.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing baby album options

When choosing a baby album, you should analyze several factors to make the ideal purchase and be able to create the best collection of photos of your little one. To help you with this we have gathered below everything you should consider before purchasing a model, check out:

  • Size
  • Number of photos
  • Material
  • Thematic

Now we will detail each one of them so you don’t miss!


The first step in choosing a baby album is to think about the size that this product should be. There are several variations in this regard and there are larger and smaller models.

This factor is not directly related to the number of photos that fit in the album, but rather to their measurements themselves. The smaller models measure 10 centimeters in width and 15 centimeters in height.

The medium ones are about 24 centimeters high and the largest models are those that are more than 30 centimeters high. In this regard, it is important to check where the album will be kept and what size will not interfere with handling and day to day.

Number of photos

Another essential factor to be taken into account is the number of photos that fit in the album. There are options that can fit 30, others that fit 50 and some that can hold up to 100 photographs.

In order not to make a mistake at this moment it is important to make a pre-selection of the photos that you want to put in the album before purchasing a model. That way, it is possible to get a sense of what is ideal.


The material on which the album is made must also be analyzed. Many options have hardcover. This makes the product more durable and less susceptible to damage, and it can be made of fabric or paper.

Inside there are models created with a simple sheet and others with photo paper. The photo paper ones have a more sophisticated appearance and give a different touch to the album. So, check this information in the album description and make your choice.


The universe of baby albums is unlimited and thanks to that there are many options that can be chosen. There are models for up to a certain age and others that are specific to birthdays or baptisms. Some are even geared specifically towards girls or boys and unisex.

In addition, when it comes to illustrations, they are not lacking. There are flowery versions, others with animal prints and so on. From these options, just decide which moments will be placed on the album and choose the theme that suits you best.


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