Top & Best Baby layette Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby layette: What can’t be missing in yours in 2022?


Even those who have never gone through a pregnancy know that babies need different products that are essential for their daily lives. For this, many parents buy a baby layette and that is what we will talk about today,

Clothes, hygiene items, stroller, car seat, towels, blankets and crib are just some of the products that are usually present in the layette lists. Each of them has its guaranteed use, making life easier for parents and promoting better care for babies.

And if you are going through this moment, you still have doubts about what to buy has come to the right place. In this text we will give you all the information about the baby layette and at the end of the reading you will be ready to go shopping!

First, the most important

  • The baby’s layette consists of all the items that will be essential for the child in his first months of life.
  • Among the products that can not be missing are bodies, diapers, pants, overalls and hygiene items.
  • The amount to be spent on the baby layette is very variable and depends directly on the choices of each parent.

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Ranking: The 5 best products for baby layette

In order not to spend money for nothing it is essential to purchase quality products for the baby layette. Knowing this, we sought the best available on the market and separated excellent options, check and make your choices.


Buying Guide

Especially first-time parents know that with pregnancy a completely new world is known. Choosing the products that will make up the layette is a task that leaves many people with their hair standing on end and full of doubts.

However, this should be a pleasant and peaceful phase and it is to help you with it that we have prepared this Buying Guide that will answer all questions on the subject. At the end of the reading you will know exactly what you should have in your baby’s layette. To do this, just continue with us.

What is a baby layette?

The baby layette consists of all the products that will be used by parents and the child in their first months of life.

It comprises not only clothes and diapers , but also electronic and everyday items that will serve as an aid to care for the new family member.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of making a baby layette?

The baby layette is the best way to prepare for the arrival of the new family member, avoiding the need for several trips to stores right after birth in this moment that is so new and full of adaptations.

This is his great positive point. It is possible during the 9 months of pregnancy to gradually acquire clothes, furniture and all other products that can be used in the first months of the child.

In addition, when making the trousseau one enters a period of immersion, where one gets to know the functionality and what are several items.

On the other hand, there are many errors during the purchase of the products of the layette and those who make purchases for a long period usually have a loss with a chosen product.

Another disadvantage of making a complete layette is that it requires a considerable amount of money, so many people tend to purchase the most essential products and, as the need arises, make purchases after the baby is born.



  • Prevents the need to shop right after the baby is born
  • Presents several products to parents


  • It is common to purchase items that will be little used
  • It is necessary to spend a relatively high amount to make a complete layette

What products cannot be missing from the baby layette?

There are several products that are known to be essential for the first months of the baby and, therefore, they are always present in the layette lists. Thus, the main ones are:

    • Clothing items : Bodies with short and long sleeves, socks , overalls, jackets, pants, hats and gloves, in case the baby is born in winter.
    • Hygiene and health : Diapers, towels, cloth diaper for the mouth, bathtub, changing table, thermos and hygiene kit containing shampoo, conditioner, baby wipes , diaper ointments , soaps, flexible rods, cotton, nasal aspirator, brush and thermometer.
    • Other products : Crib, cot kit , car seat, baby monitor, stroller, pacifier , baby bottle, teether and bottle sterilizer.

Is it worth buying the baby’s trousseau abroad?

Many people are in the habit of doing their layette purchases in the United States, especially in cities like Orlando and Miami, but is it really worth doing?

Many who have already adhered to this idea say yes and it is known that the price of children’s products in is not very pleasant, but before making a decision about it it is essential to put everything on the tip of the pencil, especially in periods when the dollar is up.

Thus, one should not only take into account the value of the cart and the clothes and it is important to make a sum of all expenses including airfare, hotel, food and transportation.

If you still feel that this is a valid option, then planning is required regarding the date of travel, which must be directly related to the period of pregnancy.

After reaching the 36th week, no doctor recommends a plane trip and this is also a period when the woman is already more tired. Therefore, the third trimester is a good period, as the pregnant woman usually feels better and more willing.

What mistakes should you not make when making a baby layette?

The layette consists of an extensive list of items and it is not uncommon to find parents who point out some mistakes they made when making one for their children, since not so necessary purchases are usually made at that time.

Knowing this we have gathered the main ones for you to be smart, check out:

    • More beautiful than functional clothes : Clothes full of details, dresses with tulle, dress shirts and many other items in the dressing room fill the eyes of dads. However, what is forgotten is that they are very little used and, therefore, it is not worth buying them in large quantities.
    • Too many shoes : Before the child starts walking, shoes are merely accessories, so there is no reason to have a full shoe rack either.
    • Stock : Another common mistake is to purchase many products at once without first knowing if they will be used. For example, there are some parents who buy two or three pacifiers before the child is born and they may not even use it.

How much?

Even if the baby layette products are similar in practically all the lists, it is not possible to define a value that will be spent on it, since this depends on several variables such as chosen brands, number of items, city where the purchases are made and so onwards.

However, if the fear is to spend more than planned, know that there are some ways of not making mistakes and saving and we list them all below:

    • Talk to mothers who have already done a layette and see which products were most used and approved by them.
    • Look for products on the internet as there are often cheaper prices than physical stores.
    • Have a list ready to not buy too many items.
    • Enjoy times of promotions. Many people know that the price of products usually increases before Christmas and drops just after New Year, for example. Then plan to shop at the sales.


Where to buy?

Those who want to shop for baby clothes in physical stores can easily find the items they are looking for in those that specifically sell products for this audience.

In online stores, it is possible to find an even wider range of product options and there are numerous websites that market them. That way, somewhere you can get them are Amazon.

In fact, if you liked any product that is in our Ranking, know that you can buy it and just click on it.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare baby layette products

Now that we have introduced you to everything about the baby layette, the time has come to choose yours and for that we have separated some points that you must take into consideration, they are:

  • Seasons
  • Number of pieces
  • Product size
  • Fabrics and materials
  • Portability

Below you will find details of all of them to make the best choice.

In  abroad

As we have already said, there are many people looking to make their purchases of trousseau abroad, but both options have advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account, products can actually cost a little more, but it is known that purchases can be paid in installments here and there is no need to be absent for many days to make them.

This is the negative point of traveling abroad at this time, since many people who work under contract usually leave their vacation for the postpartum period, managing to spend more time with the baby.

However, it can be very positive to take a couple trip before the baby is born, as afterwards it can take a while to happen. But don’t forget that all purchases abroad are in cash, so it is necessary to have a financial reserve.

Number of pieces

Usually those who make purchases of the baby’s trousseau abroad usually purchase products that will be used by him for about 12 months, but this is not always necessary.

The ideal is to prepare for the first months, which are periods when it is more difficult to leave the house and have time to go to the stores.

The simple and basic pieces are the most used.

So, especially if you are not able or do not want to spend a lot of money in this period, make conscious purchases. Also, remember that simpler pieces will be the most used, as opposed to those more elaborate.

Therefore, we know that baby clothes are very cute and delight anyone, but they are not always functional and have low usage, so always have more basic ones.


Thinking specifically about clothes, it is essential to analyze the season of the year in which the baby will be born and also how the temperature will be in the following months.

With this you will know that it is not necessary to buy short sleeve bodies of the newborn size if the child is born in the middle of winter. This issue can also be analyzed considering the need to buy space heaters, for example.

Product size

Another issue related to clothing items is the size and this is a doubt that plagues many parents.

With that, a good strategy is to leave to buy pieces of size RN and P later in the pregnancy, because you will already have a sense of the measures in which the baby can be born and can calculate more or less for how long he will use these pieces .

Here is also the premise of what we mentioned above and if you are not doing the layette for a very long period you do not need pieces of sizes that are for babies of 9 months or 1 year.

Fabrics and materials

The fabrics and materials in which baby products are made should also be chosen with care. For clothes, blankets, towels and other products of this type the indicated is always cotton, which is very soft and does not hurt the child’s skin.

Already thinking about products like strollers and car seats it is essential that they are made with materials that are also soft, but mainly easy to wash, as it is known that it is common for them to get dirty and accumulate bacteria during use.


Speaking of items that will be used outside the home never forget to check how easy they are to be taken to places.

With the carts this is a very common problem to happen. Some parents invest in products full of differentials and beautiful, but forget to analyze if it is easy to fold, if it is light, how much space is needed to take it in the car and so on.

Another product is the car seat, it must be very safe for the baby, but if it is necessary to change the car with a certain frequency, you should look for a model that is easy to install, thus avoiding any mishap.


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