Burigotto baby stroller

Top & Best Burigotto baby stroller Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Burigotto baby stroller: Discover the best 2022 models

Today we want to help you with an indispensable trousseau item. And for that, we will talk about different models of Burigotto baby stroller.

The stroller accompanies the baby from birth to two or three years old. Eager to choose the best for your children? Stay with us until the end to learn everything about the brand’s models.

First, the most important

  • Burigotto currently has eight baby stroller models on its website. They have characteristics that meet the different needs of parents and babies.
  • The baby stroller is an indispensable item for strolling with your children. It can be used from birth until the baby is 15 kg.
  • To buy a baby stroller from Burigotto you will pay between R $ 500 and R $ 1,500.

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Best Burigotto baby strollers: One for every budget

There are eight models available on the brand’s website. They have different styles, as well as prices vary widely. Check out some options of Burigotto baby stroller:

  • Burigotto travel system baby stroller
  • The smallest Burigotto baby stroller
  • One of the cheapest models of the brand

Buying Guide

Preparing the baby’s layette? Of course, the cart cannot be missing. Burigotto is a company that manufactures different products and has several models of baby strollers.

We have prepared this complete Buying Guide on the brand’s models so that you can decide which one best suits your needs. Follow us to the end.

What are the Burigotto stroller models?

Currently, Burigotto has eight different baby stroller models on its website. They are so varied that they were designed to meet different needs, thinking of each type of mom and dad.

Thinking to facilitate your search, here we summarize in this list the characteristics of the brand’s models. Check out:

    • AT6 K: This model houses from newborns up to 15 kg. It is robust, has an adjustable and removable hood, with a viewfinder and reversible cable. Its backrest reclines in four positions. It has front protector and tray, storage basket and drink holder. It has a lock for fixing the Touring Evolution SE chair. It is a model with One Hand system, that is, you close with only one hand.
    • Cozy: A stroller for children from 6 months up to 15 kg with multiple backrest adjustment positions. It has its umbrella type closure. It has a hood with extender and removable front protector. This cart also has a storage basket.
    • Duetto: Designed to house twins, it is also useful in very close siblings. It is indicated for over 6 months up to 15 kg, in each seat. It has independently adjustable and removable hoods, as well as reclining backrests. The leg supports are adjustable in two independent positions for each child. It also has two storage baskets. Passes through doors from 80 cm.
    • Ecco: This cart has an adjustable and removable hood, frontal protector, reclining backrest in four positions and a wide basket of objects that is easily accessible. It is compatible with the brand’s Pramette nest. It has super elegant design, with chassis matching the fabric. It houses newborn children up to 15 kg.
    • It: Burigotto’s smallest baby stroller, it is ideal for newborns up to 15 kg children. It has three-dimensional, ultra-compact closure. Its chassis is made of aluminum. It has an adjustable hood and a window, front protector, storage basket and backrest adjustment in multiple positions.
    • Rio K: This is another fixing system model for the Touring Evolution SE chair. It has an adjustable and removable hood, reversible handle and reclining backrest in four positions. Its storage basket is wide and easy to access and has a frontal protector.
    • Soul: Model suitable for newborn children up to 15 kg, this is a complete Modular Travel System. It has an adjustable hood and a window, a height-adjustable handle, a reclining backrest in various positions, a reversible seat, a removable front protector, an adjustable footrest and a storage basket. It has adapter for Touring Evolution SE chair. Its aluminum chassis makes it light, it is super easy to open and close and very compact when closed. It can still be used as a crib.
    • UP !: This is also a compact model, fits anywhere and can be used from birth. It has an adjustable hood and a window, a backrest with multiple adjustment positions, removable and articulated frontal protector, a storage basket. It has an aluminum chassis and is only 55 cm high when closed.


Why invest in a Burigotto baby stroller?

Investing in Burigotto is investing in a quality brand that has been operating for over 70 years manufacturing products that meet the needs of babies in the most diverse areas of life.

Most strollers of the brand serve babies from birth until the child reaches 15 kg, following their growth. Few models are indicated only after 6 months.

The good thing about Burigotto is that there are quality options for all budgets, tastes and needs. They manufacture from simple models to the most elaborate, with prints and more vivid colors.

In addition, on its official website you will find a complete list with address and telephone number of the numerous technical assistance points spread across 19 states in the country.

Compare: the smallest or most complete branded cart?

Of all the available models, the two that most attract parents’ attention are the Soul and It. Soul models because it is a Travel System stroller, being the most expensive and complete by Burigotto. It stands out because it is the smallest model of the brand, highly compact. Compare the two styles:

How much does it cost and where to buy a Burigotto baby stroller?

The good news is that the Burigotto baby stroller will certainly fit your budget. That’s because the brand has eight models that vary both in features and price. Therefore, you will pay between R $ 500 and R $ 1,500 for a model of the brand.

You can find it in the most varied baby layette stores around the country, although the options are limited. On the brand website you can find the nearest point of sale.

But if you are looking for variety of models and color, buying online is more suitable. Visit sites like Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: Find out how to compare Burigotto stroller deals

Burigotto is a renowned and quality brand. Investing in one of your baby strollers is a guarantee of satisfaction, but for that, you need to choose a model that meets your expectations. Check out our tips:

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Style
  • Design

Check below the topics mentioned in detail for further understanding.


The first tip that we consider valuable is to check the dimensions of the cart, especially if the model is compatible with your trunk. It is not uncommon for certain carts to not fit on certain models of trunk, which would be a real headache.

Check that the cart fits in your trunk.

Still on the dimensions, for those who have little space at home, a very robust baby stroller can end up hindering, considering that many people also use the model indoors to house the baby in the first months.

Reflect on your needs and bet on a cart size that is compatible with your car, home and lifestyle.


Like size, weight also matters in some cases. Especially for those who like to travel frequently. And even for moms who usually hang out with their babies a lot, especially alone.

Having to handle something heavy, when you already have a baby and his belongings to carry can discourage your strolls and cause the stroller to be forgotten.

In this case, prioritize models with aluminum chassis, they are usually the lightest.


The style of the cart has to do with your need. Want a compact model just to take the baby for a walk? Do you prefer a stroller that serves as a Moses basket and keeps up with your child’s growth?

Everything needs to be taken into consideration, since the brand produces very robust models and others that are extremely light and compact. Defining your need for use and expectation with the Burigotto baby stroller will help you choose the right model.

Remember to check the indicative age. Of the eight Burigotto models, two are indicated for use from six months only, and the other six can be used from birth. All support children up to 15 kg.



Last, but not least, the design. Criterion that references the beauty of the piece, but also its functionality.

The models vary a lot in style, color and there are even printed options. Here is a very personal question. Choose the one that best suits your family.

Regarding functionality, it is worth remembering that dark models dirty less often.


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