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Top & Best Portable crib Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Portable crib: How to choose the best model for your baby in 2022?

Traveling with babies is incredible, but needs planning and preparation. Thinking about where the child will sleep is one of the main points, since not all places have an adequate space for this. Then the portable cradle was created,

Cribs are the child’s resting place and must be safe and comfortable. In its most diverse variables, the portable cradle appeared to help parents keep their children well anywhere, whether on trips, at grandparents’ houses and even sleeping together in their beds.

In this article we will help you to know more about this product, its specifications, differences and most important characteristics. Once you know everything about it, you will be fully able to make a good choice.

First, the most important

  • Before buying any model of portable crib, you should check if it is approved by Inmetro, this is the first step to find out if the product is safe for your baby.
  • The structure of the portable crib must be firm to avoid accidents as much as possible and the fabric in which it is produced needs to be non-toxic, hypoallergenic and breathable.
  • Portable cribs are not very expensive and can be found with starting prices of around R $ 50. For the amount of advantages that this product offers it is an excellent cost-benefit.

The best portable crib models

Are you determined to buy a portable crib for your baby? So, to help you select below the best options available on the market from the reviews of parents who also purchased this product. Keep reading to get to know them.

  • The most complete portable crib option
  • A portable crib acclaimed by dads

Buying Guide

Especially for first-time parents, shopping for the baby on the way is a challenge. Offering the best and safest product for the child is one of the biggest concerns and the crib is one of the essential items for this phase.

To reduce worries and make work a little easier, this Buying Guide will introduce you to everything about portable cribs. At the end of the reading you will feel ready to choose the ideal model for your family.

What is a portable crib?

Portable cribs were created to be used in the most diverse situations. As its name suggests, it is a bed for the baby that you can take wherever you want, as it is portable.

If you are going to travel and the place does not offer a common crib, this is one of the situations in which it can be used.

Or if your baby spends the day at someone’s home and you want a safe space for them to rest, the portable crib is also a great option.

Even if you’re going to nap in your bed and want to keep the baby close!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the portable crib?

The great practicality of this type of product is precisely the fact that they can be taken anywhere.

In addition, another positive point is that they exist in several sizes, and can be used both in newborns and in children up to about two to three years old.

But it is not just the fact that they are portable that makes this product so attractive to parents. They are relatively inexpensive and offer a lot of comfort for the child.

Although they are less resistant than ordinary cribs, they are perfect for trips or to be left in a second home that the child frequent a lot, like Grandma’s house, for example.

But be aware, this type of crib should not be the permanent one for your baby. For having a thinner mattress, its use should be sporadic.

Also, before purchasing, check up to what age the portable crib can be used. There are models for babies from zero to three months only.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages below:

What are the different types of portable cribs?

The models of portable cribs found for purchase are even very similar, what change are details. The vast majority are produced in cotton, a breathable type fabric, which promotes greater safety to the product.

For those who like to go to the pool and beach, there are already some cribs that are made of fabric with ultraviolet protection, a very positive difference to keep the child protected from the sun.

All portable crib models come with a mattress to accommodate the child and a side frame that keeps the child lying down without access to outside spaces. There are options that also have pillows.

For those that can be used on larger babies, there are models that have clasps or clips to suit the different phases of the child.

Another variation of portable cribs is whether or not they have a mosquito net to prevent insects from approaching the child. These types are usually closed by a zipper and are ideal for those looking to use the product in outdoor activities or in spaces with many mosquitoes.

What are the differences between portable cradle, collapsible and pigpen?

If you ever stopped to do a search to buy your portable crib, you probably came across the removable cribs and were in doubt about the difference between them.

The big difference between both types of cradles is that the collapsible has a larger size than the portable, thus taking up a little more space and requiring a little more work to be assembled.

The demountable ones often have wheels and are more structured than the portable ones.

In addition, the portable cradle is simpler than the collapsible one, which can have several additional accessories such as side bags, mobiles and even changers.

However, you must pay attention to this point because the more accessories, the more difficult it can be to assemble, and it can also make the product heavier and more complicated to take to other places.

There are even some parents who claim that these cribs should be as simple as possible to fulfill their function.

The pigpen, also very well known, is not so recommended for nights of sleep, but for games and naps.

The pigsties are also easy to transport, but are only suitable for babies who are not yet walking and should not be used as a crib.

They are ideal for those times when the parents need to do something and the child must remain safe in a limited space.

Therefore, it is not worth buying one of these thinking that you can use it in place of the portable crib. The structure of the mattress and the pigpen itself is not suitable for this and can impair the child’s development.

But, if there is any doubt, we list below the main differences between these three products:

How much?

The price of a portable crib is very affordable and you will probably not be scared when you buy one. The value varies from an average of R $ 50 and can reach up to approximately R $ 180.

We note that this issue of price is not so associated with higher quality or the presence of mosquito nets, for example. This is a variable more associated with the brand of products.

Where to buy?

Physically portable cribs can be purchased at children’s stores.

On the internet there is a greater variation of options, since several websites offer the item. You can find it in department stores and also in those that are specific to products for this audience, such as:

    • Amazon


“Babies should sleep on their backs, not on their sides or on their stomachs. The risks of sleeping on your side are similar to sleeping on your stomach. This position is unstable and many babies roll over and lie on their stomachs and suffocate. ”- Magda Lahorgue Nunes – Pediatric Neurologist


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Portable Crib Models

So far we have helped you to know a little more about the portable cradle and at that moment we will list below the main points for you to analyze before finalizing your purchase.

  • Safety
  • Structure
  • Side opening
  • Material
  • Portability
  • Differentials

Now check each of these criteria in detail. That way you can buy the best portable crib for your baby in 2022.


This is one of the biggest concerns of parents regarding the products that will be used in their children.

When we talk about this item, the first question is whether the crib you are thinking of buying has the Inmetro seal.

Inmetro is the regulatory institute that conducts tests and analyzes whether or not a particular product is safe for that particular purpose, so never buy a baby cot without this guarantee.

In addition, it is important to analyze whether the portable crib mattress is attached to the structure so that it does not move as the baby can move.

If you are going to use any type of pillow for your baby while using the portable crib, remember that the ideal type is the anti-suffocating one, which has small holes for breathing.


As you have seen portable cribs are easy to take everywhere, but they should not have an extremely malleable structure, ideally the base of the product should be rigid.

Another issue related to this is that even having the correct structure, this type of cradle can turn depending on the child’s movement. So it is always good to keep an eye on while the baby is inside.

With regard to mattresses, those that come with this type of crib can be thinner and harder than those recommended by specialists.

The ideal density for children up to three years of age is the D18 and to ensure the baby’s comfort and correct development, some parents buy one of this custom-made model and place it inside the crib.

Side opening

There are models of portable cribs that have the sides all closed and higher, this prevents you from easily visualizing what is happening inside it.

The models with screens on the sides provide greater ventilation and are more indicated precisely as a safety measure. However, it is important to remember that these sides, whether made of any fabric, must be firm.


A product produced for children must be suitable for them, right?

We explain to you that most portable cribs are made of cotton and this is an excellent material because it has the properties of being breathable, which is very important for children’s cots, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. There are also those that are water resistant.

If you find any model made of other material, you should research beforehand if it will not hurt your child.

In addition, it is important to know that it is possible to wash the components of portable cribs, thus avoiding the accumulation of dust. In fact, most can be washed in the dishwasher, just check the instructions on how to do it.


Anyone looking for a portable crib wants it to be easy to take everywhere, right? So analyze the measurements, the weight of the product and whether it is easily foldable.

In the video below it is possible to see in practice the size of a simple portable crib with mosquito net, its assembly, disassembly and how to take it everywhere:


All products, however simple they may be, always differ from one another.

Portable cribs, for example, can have two major variations: the presence of mosquito nets and be made of fabric with ultraviolet protection.

The fact that it has a mosquito net is interesting because both for outdoor locations and for homes that have a lot of insects it will keep your child protected.

With regard to protection against ultraviolet rays, this is essential for families who frequent a lot of outdoor environments and who like camping. We know that exposure to the sun is positive, but always maintaining caution and appropriate times.


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