Top & Best Portable exchange Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Portable exchanger: How to choose the best in 2022

today we are going to talk about the portable changing table, an essential item to make changing diapers a safer and more comfortable time for your baby and practical for you.

This accessory is suitable for those times of emergency, when you are out of the house with your child, need to change it and do not find a specific place for it. After all, although many places offer changing rooms inside bathrooms, we know that this reality is not a rule.

Therefore, it is essential to prevent and always have a portable exchanger inside the bag or cart. Because it is such an important piece, we will explain below how to choose the ideal model, we will also show you the best exchangers on the market.

First the most important:

  • A portable changer is mainly made of waterproof fabrics, making it easier to clean the product.
  • It is essential that the portable changer provides comfort to the baby.
  • The measurements of a portable changer vary slightly, it is important to check them to confirm that they match the baby’s size.

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The best portable heat exchangers

There are many options for exchangers on the market, so much so that we often can’t even differentiate them. Therefore, we will show below the best options available and the characteristics of each one.

  • Yellow portable changer Momis Petit
  • Papi portable changer
  • Portable Fiber Exchanger

Buying Guide

The portable changer should never be missing, because in addition to promoting comfort for the baby and practicality for the parents, it also ensures that the diaper change is done in a hygienic way. Are you interested and looking for the ideal changer for your baby?

So check from now on what are the most important points to be analyzed at the time of your purchase. Thus, you will acquire a quality product to help you at different times and places.

What is a portable exchanger?

The portable changer is an indispensable item to carry in the bag when you have a baby. It is a piece that mom or dad can use to change the baby when they are not at home.

In general they are padded and made of water-resistant materials and are, thus, two important elements are preserved, hygiene and baby comfort. Not to mention that some also have pockets, making it easier to carry diapers and baby wipes.

What are the advantages of using a portable exchanger?

It is common to find bathrooms with changers or even spaces developed just for this purpose. In this way, parents can exchange their children smoothly.

However, not all environments have this option, especially those that do not receive children frequently, such as restaurants or friends’ houses. At these times it is extremely uncomfortable, for both parents and babies, if the exchange is made on top of an inappropriate object or even on the father’s or mother’s lap.

That is why it is so important to always have this item when you go out with the baby. Not to mention that many parents find it unhygienic to change their children in changing tables used by many people, such as those in shopping malls. In this case, the portable exchanger can also be used, just place it on top of the traditional exchanger.

How to use the portable changer?

The portable exchanger must be charged in closed mode, inside the bag, in the hands or hanging from the cart. As most have pockets, parents can use the hygiene items inside. So at the time of exchange everything will be at hand.

When using the portable changer, simply open it and spread it out on a flat surface. Then lay your baby on it, change the diaper and clean it if necessary. After this process, just close it again and save it for the next time you need it.

Who is recommended to have a portable changer?

This item is suitable for all parents and can be purchased right after the baby is born.

Thus, when the father or mother decide to take a walk with their children in a place that does not have a specific space to exchange their children, this product will be at hand.

How much does a portable exchanger cost?

There are many points that interfere with the price of portable exchangers. Those with waterproof material, are padded, have spaces to store objects and have a bag format tend to be the most expensive, something around R $ 140.00.

But it is possible to find cheaper exchangers if they have the same characteristics, but are created in the traditional format. In this case the value tends to fall to R $ 40.00 or R $ 70.00.

The most affordable ones end up not having all these elements, it may be waterproof, but not padded, or vice versa. So, you can find this item for up to R $ 23.00 reais, an excellent cost-benefit, isn’t it?

Where to buy a portable exchanger?

The portable changer can be found in pharmacies, department stores and children’s accessories stores. In addition, some markets may also offer this item.

The best thing is that all these types of stores have websites for shopping on the internet, which greatly facilitates the life of those who have a hectic routine. A good example is Amazon, which has numerous portable exchangers with different features and prices for all budgets.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing a portable exchanger

A portable changer is useful in many situations, so it is always good to have a copy at home. However, there are some criteria that you must analyze when buying.

Below, we will show you what they are, so you will be able to choose the one that best suits your need.

  • Fabric
  • Padded
  • Recommended age
  • Size
  • Pockets

Below we will explain each of these items better, so that you better understand the importance of each one.


Some exchangers are developed from impermeable material, making it much easier to sanitize the product, requiring only a cloth with alcohol to clean it. What’s more, this type of fabric prevents moisture from entering.

On the other hand, we have changers made with 100% cotton which, although they do not prevent the entry of moisture, are more cuddly, making the baby more comfortable. Unlike the waterproof exchanger, this one needs to be washed with soap and water.

There are also portable changers, these are a mix between waterproof material and the cutest fabric. In this case, the part that is in contact with the surface when changing the baby is made of resistant material, while the inner part, where the baby will lie down, is made of soft fabric. Here, cleaning should also be done with soap and water.


Some portable changers, regardless of the fabric, are padded. This ensures that the baby feels more comfortable when changing diapers or clothes. After all, he will not feel the hard surface on which the exchanger will be resting.

Most padded changers are made of 100% cotton fabric, however it is also possible to find it in the waterproof or mixed version.

Recommended age

Open changer measurements are related to the baby’s age, so it is important to be aware of this information. As most companies specify the measurements instead of talking about the age indicated, it is interesting to know the average size of babies at each age.

Babies between 0 and 3 months have an average of 55 to 61 cm, babies between 3 and 6 months have about 61 to 67 cm, while those between 6 and 9 months have more or less 67 to 72 cm and babies with 9 at 12 months they tend to be between 72 and 78 cm. Therefore, at the time of purchase check the changer measurements and see if it matches the baby’s size.


Even though they are portable, when they are closed, the sizes of the changers vary. This has to do with the material, the number of pockets, the shape and whether they are padded or not.

Changers that are padded, for example, tend to be more bulky and thus end up taking up more space. In fact, the most suitable is that this type of exchanger is carried inside the bag.

In addition, the changers with more than two pockets also tend to be larger, after all the idea is that it is possible to carry baby’s personal hygiene items. If you want a smaller changer to be carried in your hands, it is preferable to opt for the ones that have bag or wallet formats and are thinner.


Pocket changers allow parents to concentrate baby hygiene items in one place. This makes it easier in several ways. First, in this case it is not necessary to even take the bag, if it is a quicker ride, after all everything the child needs will be in the changing table.

Now if you need to take a bag, this item ensures that less space is used, after all you just have to put everything in the changer, roll it up and put it in a corner of the bag. Super practical, isn’t it?

and the best thing is that when changing the diaper, all the necessary items will be in the same place. There will be the diaper, the baby wipe to clean the baby, ointment for diaper rash if necessary, among others.



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